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And only in high-tech are celebrating: a reduction of up to 50 percent in the value of the gift for Rosh Hashanah - Walla! Business


A survey conducted by Sting Systems and Hi-Tech Zone reveals a dramatic decrease in the value of gifts that will be distributed to Rosh Hashanah to employees in the various sectors

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And only in high-tech are celebrating: a reduction of up to 50 percent in the value of the gift for Rosh Hashanah

The economic situation is also evident in the value of holiday gifts, with a decline of 20 percent or more in most industries. And what's going on in high tech? "Due to the cancellation of the summer events, the employees of the industry have a free budget"

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Walla! Business

Thursday, 20 August 2020, 10:11

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    In the video: a briefing by the Corona Projector (Photo: Government Press Office, edited by Tal Reznik)

    According to the annual survey conducted by Oketz Systems, which specializes in the development of technological systems for managing and calculating payroll and smart attendance systems, most industries in the economy have seen a decrease in the average value of the gift that employees will receive on Rosh Hashanah 2020.

    This year, employees in the restaurant industry will receive a gift with an average value of only NIS 130 instead of NIS 250 - a figure that reflects a sharp decrease of 48%. This year, the employees of the beauty salons and spas will also receive a sharp cut in the value of the gift, which will be only NIS 180 instead of NIS 300. A significant reduction was also recorded in the advertising industry (42 percent) - employees are expected to receive a gift with an average value of NIS 210. In the metal industry and accounting firms, there has been a more minor cut (17 percent), with the value of gifts this year standing at NIS 100 and NIS 200, respectively. In the legal industry, there was a decrease of 11% and its average value is NIS 250. In the nursing and guarding industries, which traditionally give employees the gift with the lowest value, NIS 60 and NIS 70, respectively, no decrease was recorded.

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    • The annual survey by Oketz Systems and the High-Tech Zone Consumer Club of high-tech workers reveals the trends in Rosh Hashanah 2020 among the unincorporated companies.
    • A decrease of up to 48% in the value of the gift that employees in certain industries will receive this year compared to last year. Average decrease in all industries by a sharp rate of 19%
    • Only 42% of employees employed in small businesses will receive a holiday gift this year. For the first time in a decade, their rate dives below 50%
    • High-tech is the only industry in which a slight increase in the average gift value was recorded this year

    The high-tech industry is the only industry in which the value of gifts was recorded, at a rate of 13%: from NIS 400 in 2019 to NIS 450 this year. According to Dagan Ronen, co-CEO of the high-tech workers 'high-tech workers' club, "Due to the cancellation of traditional summer events, the industry's employees have a free budget, which has been channeled by quite a few high-tech companies to buy more expensive gifts." According to the club, which provides more than 150,000 gifts to employees this year, only 7 percent of companies have reduced their budget, while 18 percent have increased it. The rest stuck to a pre-set budget at the beginning of the year.

    Only 7 percent of high-tech companies have cut budget. Dagan Ronen (Photo: Chen Galili)

    The Hitekzon Consumer Club provides companies with a special trading site where employees can choose a gift from a range of options. Products sold include WIRELESS and AIRPOD headphones, King clean and Dyson vacuum cleaners, gaming chairs and ninja brand products.

    According to Ronen, unlike in previous years, this year more gifts made in Israel were included in the mix in order to help local businesses. These are many thousands of beanbags, bedding and luxury packages of olive oil purchased and distributed to employees. At the same time, there was also an increase in the number of employees who chose to realize the benefit in the form of receiving a voucher for prestigious chef restaurants. He also notes that unlike in previous years, many employees choose to upgrade the gift for an additional fee with the hit being 65- to 75-inch wide TVs, many of which have been sold in recent weeks. In his opinion, the reason for this is money saved from the cancellation of the traditional summer vacation, which is directed in favor of equipping and upgrading the house as well as the need to make the stay in the home space more pleasant.

    Distribution of the value of gifts by industry according to data sting systems

    PR PR

    Data from the company 'Sting Systems' also shows that this year the percentage of small businesses that will give a gift to employees is 42%. For more than a decade, the company has been examining the average value of gifts given to employees (by industry). According to its data, the proportion of employers among medium-sized businesses that will give employees a gift for Rosh Hashanah stands at 68% while last year, their rate stood at 79%.

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