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Smartphone owners see a different meaning in the common symbol: "I will never be able to see anything else"


When a strange symbol suddenly appeared on the display of a smartphone, a user had good reasons to be surprised. He shared the funny find online.

When a strange symbol suddenly appeared on the display of a smartphone, a user had good reasons to be surprised. He shared the funny find online.

  • A smartphone user discovered a strange symbol on the display of his cell phone.
  • The true meaning of the sign is clear, but it could mean something else at the same time.
  • Shortly afterwards, the user shared the hilarious discovery on the Internet.

Munich - Who owns a smartphone should often be irritated by some symbols in the top bar. No wonder, because each model has its own graphics to indicate processes such as automatic downloads or updates.

Many a symbol that you see for the first time may seem a little strange. This was the case for example with a user who one day discovered an ambiguous graphic on his display.

Weather: smartphone user discovers hilarious symbol on display - does it really have the meaning shown?

The user published a picture of the display on the Internet, whereupon the photo went viral and was shared several times. He turns to the network with a request, because he desperately needs an opinion regarding the mysterious sign: "Hello, maybe someone can help me: This morning up there on the left in the notification bar had a symbol with a stick figure, that sitting on the toilet (see screenshot). Does anyone know what this is about? "

Yes, how cool!

Thank you for the laugh and thank you for the hint.


- The loose screw (@lockereschraub) November 17, 2017

If you take a closer look, you will immediately see what the graphics are all about: the strange symbol refers to the weather * and is a temperature indication that shows minus four degrees Celsius. At first glance, it could actually be a male doing his business: If you look at the Celsius symbol as a head, the four as a body and the minus as a result of bowel movements, the association of the user makes sense. Incidentally, this may have meant the call for help ironically, since the real meaning is obvious.

Weather: Reactions to the hilarious symbol: Maybe deliberately ambiguous?

In any case, the commentators enjoyed the post on Twitter. One person writes: "I will never be able to see anything else in it again." Another user puts forward the theory that the symbol intentionally combines two meanings, because minus four degrees are "freezing cold".

The weather photo has been going through the net repeatedly since the first tweet in 2017, and was sometimes declared as a photo of a car display, which is also possible. However, smartphone theory is more likely.

Incidentally, a photo taken in a Vietnamese supermarket is also hilarious and somewhat strange. In contrast, an apparently harmless mirror selfie by a young woman caused fear and terror.

If you prefer funny pictures, you should look at this beach photo, which has a crazy detail.

Video: Curious Gorilla Selfie with Ranger - This is how the viral photo was taken

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