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Happy Haifa: Two new restaurants in the city - Walla! Food


Haifa continues to grow interesting places, and this time it does so with Mambo Milan - an Italian culinary bar serving traditional Italian dishes in a modern ...

Happy Haifa: Two new restaurants in the city

Haifa continues to grow interesting places, and this time it does so with Mambo Milan - an Italian culinary bar that serves traditional Italian dishes in a modern setting, alongside plenty of wine and cocktails; And also Pooh 26 - a new Pooh Soup restaurant in the Talpiot market, which also offers some fun Asian dishes, a party in Haifa!

Mambo Milan

Pasta Carbonara of Mambo Milan (Photo: Israel Alps)

Mambo Milan (Photo: Israel Alps, PR)

Sintra Bar is a successful meat bistro in Haifa, and the group behind it holds some other successful places in the city such as the Tongue Bar on the estate, Mr Ban Burger and Sintra Bar Express. A few weeks ago, the group decided to make a move and open a new restaurant, this time following the Italian direction, which is a bit lacking in Haifa. Mambo Milan opened about a month ago, and is a kind of Italian culinary bar that serves traditional Italian dishes in a modern setting, alongside plenty of wine and cocktails.

The alcoholic orientation can be seen as soon as you enter the restaurant and see the huge bar located in the center, which also bursts out into the patio with a glass ceiling that enters the outside. The Mambo Milan menu offers quite a long list of entrees on Italian cuisine including focaccia (NIS 18-38), crude crude (NIS 58), nice bruschettes with beef tartar or NIS 55-58, pumpkin risotto (NIS 52) or Pencanella salad (NIS 54).

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Pizza Pepperoni (Photo: Israel Alps)

Mambo Milan (Photo: Israel Alps, PR)

From there, the menu proceeds to two pillars of Italian food - pizza and pasta. There are simpler pizzas such as margarita (NIS 52) or margarita with toppings of your choice, or rural caponeta pizza with eggplant, onions and anchovies (NIS 62) or spinach bar pizza with spice, squash, green onions and garlic confit (NIS 64).

As mentioned, there are fresh pastas produced in the group's plant, including carbonara (NIS 72), Pepardella Tail (NIS 88), or pumpkin tortellini (NIS 68). The menu ends with a respectable list of main dishes such as veal scallops (NIS 98), roast or whole fish fillets (NIS 98-108), seafood in a pan (NIS 118), or writer's chicken breast (NIS 68).

At the moment, the restaurant is only open in the evening, but later it will open for lunch.

Mambo Milan, 127 Moria Boulevard, Haifa, Sunday Hours 17: 00-24: 00, 077-2302550

Fu 26

Asian Market Restaurant (Photo: Yarin Mansour)

Fu 26 Restaurant (Photo: Yarin Mansour, PR)

Talpiot market is one of the most interesting culinary centers in Israel in recent years, its Haifa personality is characterized by the mix of old and new and alongside the old booths and indoor market complex, several intriguing food institutions were born, including of course Hamara Talpiot of Ilan Peron who was the pioneer of the trend, followed by places like Eric Granot’s Brewery, Talc Coffee Market, the Cultural Foundation Foundation also known as HQRN, Laundry Coffee and more. These days, Ilan Perron is also looking for a new place for fish sandwiches to be added to the market's amazing offerings.

What connects all of these places is the truly unique Talpiot market DNA that you can definitely also feel at a new place opening this month, PO 26, the new PO Market Soup restaurant. Poo 26 connects two people, on the one hand it presents an Asian menu based on Vietnamese soups under the baton of Gana Lifshitz, and on the other presents a wide wine world, with an emphasis on white wines by wine man Eyal Mansour. In Poo 26, the whole menu is made from scratch - make the Sam Sams themselves, make all the dough and cook for 20 hours. For example, the faux soup is made from the bones of beef bones that cook for 15 to 20 hours, to which rice noodles and decomposed meat are served, and alongside it the best Vietnamese tradition is served a green dish that glows umbrellas with basil, mint, sprouts, pickled garlic, lemon and more, each adding to the soup Things according to his personal taste (NIS 64).

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But there are not only soups in Poo 26, there are also some kinds of dim sum, with shrimp (NIS 39) or with beef and mushrooms (NIS 38), and there is also a steamed bun filled with decomposed beef (NIS 42). Apart from the food, there is also an impressive wine menu, where you can order all the wines in the glasses, taste and experiment with white, red and orange wines, and there is even one special champagne. However, this is a running menu that is likely to change, Mansour, Lifshitz and their partners are still exploring, experimenting and testing the concept, according to them.

The new restaurant is located on Sirkin Street, which has already become the centerpiece of the market, with a collection of eclectic chairs and tables as befits a market restaurant, delicate evening lighting of grills, and soybeans and chopsticks on the tables in accordance with the Asian concept. Because of the complex preparations that require work from the early hours of the day, PO 26 is only open in the evening, and Friday at noon.

PO 26, Sirkin 26 Haifa, hours of operation Sunday to Thursday 18:00 until the end of the meal, and Fridays 13:00 to 17:00

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