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Rap without a voice: the challenge of rapping in Mexican sign language


The Los Pinos cultural complex in Mexico City will give the first rap workshop for the deaf.

Sign language allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate. But not only that: it is also possible to listen to music as complex as rap with the movement of the hands. Rapping in sign language is a phenomenon that has become popular on the internet. A video of Holly Maniatty, the sign language interpreter working with Eminem has accumulated 4.1 million views on Facebook since January 16.

Although it is a hypnotic spectacle, in Mexico there are no such famous examples of rap in sign language. To encourage people with hearing impairment or deafness to approach this style, an intercultural rap workshop will be held on February 23 at the Los Pinos cultural complex. "We want to promote the connection between rap as an identity as a form of expression," Sergio Ferrer, known as MC Sonido Antisistema, tells Verne .

He will be accompanied by Antonio Zacruz, a Mexican sign language interpreter who defines himself as an inclusive scenic creator. The theater artist also took eleven years on stage using the Mexican sign language, mainly in plays. "It's a complex job, because the metaphors and the pun are not typical of sign language, but we are going to do several exercises to achieve it," says the artist to Verne .

Although there are several rap pieces in Spanish sign language, there are very few in Mexican sign language, which was declared official in the country in the General Inclusion Law for People with Disabilities in 2003. “These are signs that many Sometimes they are very literal, ”explains Zacruz. "But art goes beyond a language, but together we can do it in different ways," he says.

In Mexico, people with deafness are segregated and discriminated against. According to INEGI, more than 5 million people live with a disability and of these, almost 700,000 suffer from some degree of hearing impairment. “Few people with this disability approach music, although some people like to feel the vibrations,” says Zacruz. "I think it's positive that they turn to rap as a new kind of poetry and with new metaphors to express themselves," he says.

Let's never forget when Waka Flocka thought the sign language translator was dancing and so he started dancing with her

- Best Videos 🎬🍿 (@ 30SECVlDEOS) February 17, 2020

Let's never forget when Waka Flocka thought the sign language translator was dancing and then started dancing with her

For the MC Antisystem, it is about working new forms of expression for everyone, whether or not they have some degree of deafness. “From brainstorming, vocalization, tongue twister. whoever wants to express himself is free to do so, ”he says.

This rap workshop in Mexican Sign Language is part of the Rumbos for inclusion conference that will take place on February 22 and 23 in Los Pinos, the former presidential house of Mexico. In addition to this workshop, there will be a ballet of people with motor disabilities, a tianguis and painting exhibitions, among other activities. The calendar of activities is available on the site page in this link.

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