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The Senate rejects motions of no confidence on Bonafede. Minister satisfied: 'Now to work'


The government passes the test at Palazzo Madama. The motions of the center-right and Bonino were rejected. Italia Viva also voted against: "We must reject the culture of suspicion," said Renzi. The Minister of Justice defended himself in the Chamber: "All pseudo-doubts have been cleared of Di Matteo. The image of a government that would have opened the doors of prisons to the most dangerous prisoners has been falsified. The releases occurred on the basis of laws in force for 50 years (ANSA)

The Senate Chamber has rejected both motions of no confidence against the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede. As for the document presented by the center-right, 131 votes, 160 against, an abstention. While for the motion presented by + Europa, the contracts were 158 no, yes 124 yes, 19 abstained

"I am satisfied, now at work" , comments the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede. "I have always rejected the idea of ​​justice divided between justicialism and guaranteeism - he added -. The polar star is the Constitution. It is important that the majority have found synthesis". 

Emma Bonino of + Europa attacks: 'It is the minister of suspicion , it does not help Italy'. And from Twitter Matteo Orfini: 'No to distrust but the management is bad'. The leader of Italy Viva Matteo Renzi underlines: 'It is the most difficult intervention of my life'. League secretary Matteo Salvini: 'We will also vote on the Bonino motion'.  Bonafede in his speech: 'The pseudo doubts cleared of the Di Matteo affair'. Matteo Renzi: 'Let's vote no, reject culture of suspicion'.
Nourished the presence of the government in the Senate chamber. Next to the Guardasigilli at the government benches are Roberto Speranza, Luigi Di Maio, Dario Franceschini, Federico D'Incà, Vito Crimi, Riccardo Fraccaro and Teresa Bellanova. Also in the Chamber there are numerous senators.


The story concerning Nino Di Matteo "has now been nothing short of examined in all its parts". And "all the pseudo-doubts have been largely cleared." The Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede told the Senate , reiterating that the choice of the head of the Dap was discretionary. On the choice of the head of the Dap who led the Minister of Justice to choose Francesco Basentini instead of Nino Di Matteo there was "no conditioning. I am no longer willing to tolerate any allusion or ridiculous allegation". "The image of a government that would have opened the doors of prisons even for the most dangerous prisoners is totally false," said Bonafede. The judges who released the detainees in recent months have done so under laws "in force for 50 years and that no one had ever changed".

"The League will also vote on the motion of distrust of Più Europa. We need a minister of justice who is able to manage prisons, who ensures that the bosses do not go out of jail, that there is certainty of the sentence": so the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini.

"A motion of no confidence should be read on the merits, I think it is right to reject it precisely because there are no elements of merit. Next to this there is obviously a discussion on the important work that Minister Bonafede will have to do in the coming months, on the reform of different areas of the world of justice and I believe that the coalition, despite the differences in these issues, can work together in a cohesive way ": Minister for European Affairs Vincenzo Amendola told 'Start', on Sky TG24 speaking of the motion of no confidence to the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede in discussion today in the Senate.

"There is no alternative to reject mistrust in Bonafede. But it is not mandatory to do so by pretending to share its ideas. The policies for justice of this government are terrible and must change radically. And it is up to the Democratic Party to ask for it. Indeed demand it": Matteo Orfini, parliamentarian of the Democratic Party, writes on twitter.

"We will listen to the Minister of Justice. The Minister knows well that there are sensitive issues on Justicialism, we continue to think of it in a different way as on prescription. Then we wait for the Minister to give important signals in this direction. On this basis, the our vote in the Senate. " So the Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Bellanova, guest of the broadcast 'Circo Massimo' on Radio Capital on the motion of no confidence against the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede.

"On Bonino's motion, there are elements that I do not agree with, nor will I use FdI's votes to raise the stakes for Renzi. We vote on the second call, let's see if Renzi voted for it first". So Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fratelli d'Italia, in Agorà Rai Tre, on the Bonino motion of no confidence in Bonafede.

"Dear Matteo Renzi, today you have the chance to be coherent. Vote for the Action-More Europe motion of no confidence in Bonafede. You can't go on twirls and penultimatums while Italy sinks. The hour of talk is over. Courage." Action leader Carlo Calenda wrote it on twitter.

Source: ansa

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