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"Survival": Little's brilliant move | Israel today


After Nava left for Israel, Smadja arranged for him a ruse that she could hire • Chapter 11 of "Survival" on the Machete | TV

After Nava left for Israel, Smadja arranged a ruse for him to work for, and also: Why did what David told Ella was the best thing that could have happened to her? • Chapter 11 on the machete

Welcome back to the tribe "Atonement, what will our life be like?" No, it's not a mistake, it's the name they gave to a tribe within a tribe founded by Israel and Little within the great "capra". You are sure to practice.

Where's Nicole? After Nava's retirement, Israel and Little find themselves in the minority, which causes them serious stress, but then in a surprising twist - Semyon comes and apologizes. Just like a district girl on a dating site yesterday yelled at you but today she wants to keep all options open "Semyon makes sure his alliance with Israel is still breathing. Why? Why? Israel, a street tiger like him, doesn't fall in love. He does flow with Semyon, but makes it clear that he doesn't trust him, and rightly so - Samyun's twisting game is starting to get a little transparent."

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And apropos of transparency, at the opening of the Immunity Mission, Guy declares that "Nawah sacrificed herself after realizing that Israel was going to be ousted." Because why let "anti-aging" endeavor to understand the strategy of the rival tribe in front of them, when you can just wave them over the next thing they have to do (annex Israel)? Perhaps this has to do with the fact that the members of "Anting Anting" have never enjoyed a particularly brilliant image?

And, as usual on the mission, "Capra" leads and "Anting Ant" away from behind, probably again thanks to my son being in the most strategic position on the mission, but what to do - he just doesn't hear (remember or not, he's dealing with a hearing problem). It was heartbreaking and almost cruel to see them screaming at him with their whole throats, frustrated and unable to hear and take the blame, perhaps out of habit. He obviously has a lot of responsibility for the failure, but so does the rest of his tribe. Haven't you come up with a successful strategy? It is your responsibility. Of course, that didn't stop them from explaining to the camera why my son was responsible for the failure. Honey, we missed it.

But oh - how a wheel turns: David opens these! As part of the popularity index, it emerges that the model has reached almost last place, and David, who has risen slightly in rank, tried to explain to everyone why these were rated so low ("less conducive"), even though he was not asked at all (though this may be wonderful editing). Those shocked are responding diplomatically, but only for now. By the way, this is the latest social ranking:

"Gagging gag"

1. Regev Hood 2. Assi Buzaglo 3. Alina Levy 4. David Dvir 5. Ella Ayalon 6. Benny Baruch.


1. Ido Kozikaro 2. Semion Graffman 3. Habib and Jordan Gerbi 4. Little Smadja 5. Israel Oglovo.

Koji made an impressive leap from last place to first and also in the bonus mission dedicated only to his tribe (the winning tribe), he finished in first place. This is not at all surprising given that the task was roughly tailor-made for a man of his size, and we would not have been required to do so, had he not been awarded a double vote on the council. Assuming that Semyon does vote with Israel, this double voice creates an equality of votes between "Capra" and "Atonement" and undermines Israel a bit more. However, as the episodes go by, the feeling becomes that it is a challenger that will continue to stand out throughout the season. He is violent and sensitive to episodes and especially sensational. In short, we are betting on him strongly for union.

And back to the "anti-aging" and the sense of insult to those after making allegations against her by David. As usual, she responds as a child, we choose not to dwell on her statement about David's age (disgusting statement, okay?), But let's say that what David said about her was in her favor, without a hint of cynicism. Growing up can be a simple, painful and tearful affair, but maybe if it feels on the island what it's like to be on the injured side and not on the hurting side, it will make her think twice before she goes off on my son again. Hey, we said "maybe".

And from there to the oblivion cabin or the negotiations or whatever, that starts to get on our nerves. We have no idea how or if she ever comes back to the game, and so far the effects of her oaths have been to stare at the grains of the hourglass and pray to humiliate her faster. It is also annoying to experience the impeachment of the Climax with a certain challenger, and then to discover that he has just moved to another point on the island and continues to meet with the other survivors as if nothing. Episode 11, it's time we know what exactly goes there and why it's good.

After an awkward, seminal moment in the encounter between Zohar and Assi, as he supposedly ousted him, tribal representatives were asked to replace a clan member until after the impeachment mission. We admit that our automatic response was to scream at the television "What are you doing ?!", when Littel unveiled everything that was happening to them and even offered to send Israel to the other tribe, one of Capra's strong contenders. But after we breathed, we came to the conclusion that Israel's connection with the rugs and the buzzgloves could actually benefit him and probably also to Little herself later on. Nice move.

We reinforced this theory after Littl told Capra members about the expected exchange, and Semyon quickly made it clear to the era, Jordan and Koji that sending Israel was not accidental, and that it was a deal. Little did not bother to maintain too much discretion, and accompanied Israel on the way to the second tribe. Why don't you sign up for "We've gone to the Alliance!" And we will close the story.

• Israel must relax

After two violent episodes last week, "Survivor" decided to calm the spirits a bit and so we got two exciting moments under the auspices of the tribal exchange: Israel who came to "Anting Anting," and in his full-on defense, mistakenly admitted he did and even shared a story about Regev's burnt disc that smuggled into the yeshiva as a teenager Haredi (In relation to the previous chapter's crimes, burning this disc is almost an act of kindness). Regev was excited when he said "we talk to the eyes" and came out of a real soul as he forgave Israel quickly. Towards the evening, this positive moment also matured into the beginning of an alliance between Israel, Assi and Regav. It will be interesting to see what will develop from there.

For my son, who was wandering to Capra, things seemed to work out well; on the one hand, Little was feeding him and on the other, Koji was having a pajama party with him. What is wrong? Well, judging by the glimpse of the next episode, things are going to deteriorate very soon, but we didn't expect anything else.

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They really said that:

"Whoever hears you made a minimum-maximum, you don't know what" (Little to Israel, demonstrates minimum content in maximum words)

"Somehow, testosterone lands in men" (Israel, five units of biology)

"The last person who fits this show, it's me" (Benny, complains about the casting of the season)

"Chaser" (Kozhi, after sipping a 1.5 liter bottle in a few moments)

"Talk to me a little about my impeachment" (Zohar Lassie, in a moment of nostalgia)

"At the same time, I had speculation with Ido, he didn't want to accept you" (Little, yes, that's not how ... well, leave me right, speculation ...)

"Have you left me fruit?" (My son, the apple fell far from alliances)

"Do you know that tall people are usually very good people" (Koji, do you know that survivors are usually very fat people)

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