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Moral harassment, sexism: at "Stage 2", the time for sanctions


Three dismissals and one reprimand were requested against members of the sports department of France Televisions following an audit launched by

Three exclusions from the field and a yellow card. In the sports department of France Télévisions, many had not seen it coming. Three journalists will be dismissed, and a fourth will receive a reprimand, following an internal investigation which revealed facts of moral harassment, and sexist behavior, in particular at "Stage 2". The newspaper L'Equipe, which revealed this information on Friday, July 31, was at the origin of the earthquake by giving the floor at the beginning of April to Clémentine Sarlat, co-presenter of the show in 2018. “I was going to Stade 2 crying, ”revealed the latter, claiming to be the victim of almost total isolation when she returned from maternity leave.

The names of those sacked have not been publicly disclosed, but they do reflect the weight of a tradition that emphasizes permanent and brutal hazing, and the taste for sexist jokes, although no case of sexual harassment is appeared in the investigation, launched after the testimony of Clémentine Sarlat.

A culture of "very permissive male locker room"

The external audit firm which carried out it heard from 115 people from the sports department of France Television, all categories combined. The presentation of its conclusions to employees on June 24, via the Zoom application, requiring telework, was shaken. “It was quite violent. Everyone was in shock. It went well beyond the case of Clémentine Sarlat. The restitution of the climate of all these years has been terrible, ”says Antoine Chuzeville, sports journalist in the group and SNJ union representative.

Sports at France Télévisions are 60 journalists including… seven women. Who drooled over it. An image reporter who has retired evokes "a world exclusively of guys, in which a woman has inevitably bad character ". A culture of "very permissive male locker room". The only one who seems to have partly escaped it, Céline Géraud - who did not respond to our requests -, presenter of "Stage 2" from 2013 to 2017 and former European champion in judo, had her record to put ippon the dominant males of the service.

A spirit symbolized by Pierre Salviac

“Stage 2”, his ruthless universe. Since its creation in 1975, the show has been an exclusively male club where rooming live with your neighbor on the set, sometimes violently, in front of millions of viewers, is a Sunday game. Big mouths, passionate, without limits. There would remain a perfume - not always delicate - of this spirit symbolized by Pierre Salviac, great voice of rugby, able to refuse a journalist of images on a report, he who had tweeted, during the election of François Hollande, on Valérie Trierweile r: "To all my sisters, have a good fuck ..."

If he left France Télévisions ages ago, this figure remains guardian: "I often hear about Pierre in the team ... There is a nostalgia", testifies a journalist. For better or for worse. "It's been thirty years that it is much harder for the sisters than for the colleagues", summarizes Antoine Chuzeville.

"It took Clémentine Sarlat to make things happen"

Anthology. A summer when young women on fixed-term contracts propose a subject on women's boxing, the editor-in-chief's response to the whole team: “No way. Women are not made to fight but to be caressed ”. “Menopausal bitch” could be thrown behind a colleague's back. Or, in front of her, “We see your panties, Aubade”. With editors laughing loudly.

In 2013, a leaflet for parity distributed by the SNJ did not meet with any echo. “The management didn't care. Sexist attitudes were never punished, remembers Antoine Chuzeville. We let sisters cry in their office after degrading thoughts. Some preferred to leave. It took Clémentine Sarlat to make things happen. How many precarious freelancers have kept the reflections and humiliations they have received for themselves. My last report of mistreatment dates from July 2019… ”.

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Habits die hard. So the layoffs, wanted by Delphine Ernotte, the boss of France Televisions just renewed for a new mandate, and who advocates "zero tolerance" in terms of discrimination, struck the spirits. Too strong? The National Union of Journalists, which has nevertheless worked for these reports, evokes "very targeted sanctions, some disproportionate". Why only one editor-in-chief sanctioned out of the 16 in the sports department, some grumble, when several were the first to laugh at these very dubious jokes?

I salute the courage of @ClemSarlat in breaking the law of silence. Victims must dare to speak out and stalkers stop acting with impunity. Thanks to @DelphineErnotte for taking the necessary steps. Public service must be exemplary!

- Élisabeth Moreno (@ 1ElisaMoreno) August 1, 2020

Management takes refuge behind the fact that very few people have had access to all 115 testimonies. The Minister in charge of Equality between men and women, Elisabeth Moreno, thanked Delphine Ernotte "for having taken the necessary measures", this Saturday on Twitter. The sports editorial staff are on edge, some cry foul, others are afraid to sound like scales. “Stage 2” celebrates its 45th anniversary. A birthday at the “Festen”.

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