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What is a burofax and what is it for, apart from to notify you that you are leaving Barça


To the doubts caused by Messi's departure, another one of many fans has joined. Buro-what? .

Leo Messi entered La Masia del Barcelona 20 years ago with an improvised contract on a napkin, and has fired using a burofax. This August 25, the footballer announced to the Barça legal team his desire to leave the club through this communication service, which has generated some extra doubts that already hover over the player. To the "why?" or the "where will it go?" others have been added such as "why a burofax?" or even some more basic ones among foreign fans: "Bureau-what?"

After the news was known that Messi had communicated with Barcelona via burofax, many fans and journalists from abroad have wondered on social networks what this service consists of. Carlos García, deputy director of the Post Office, responds by phone to Verne : “It is a service that serves to urgently send relevant documents and that can serve as legal proof, since not only the shipment is certified and that it has arrived correctly , but also the content of the document, "he explains.

What is the burofax?

- Andres Agulla (@aagulla_espn) August 25, 2020

Hahaha what the fuck is the burofax, what language do these people speak?

- SX (@SANGREXENEIZE) August 25, 2020

The difference with other services such as certified mail, explains García, is that in the case of the burofax, not only is it certified that the message has been received, but what that message is. To understand it better, García gives an example - imagined - of what could have happened if Messi had not sent a burofax: "The team could say that the player has contacted them, but not to announce his dismissal but rather to For example, to know the schedules of a training session ". With the burofax, the issuing company certifies that what has been sent is a message with Messi's will to leave the club.

Due to their validity as evidence in a trial, the burofaxes are usually sent for "everything that may require a third party to prove their legal validity," explains García. Among those uses, it lists: "Contract resolutions, requests for payment, eviction notices, etc.".

Although "burofax" is a registered trademark by Correos, other courier companies also offer a similar service. In the case of Correos, it can be requested both at their offices - taking the documentation to be sent - and online, and the minimum cost is around 11 euros, depending on the number of pages. It usually takes 24 hours to reach the recipient, although it can be longer (if it coincides with a weekend, for example) or less (if it is processed before 1:00 p.m. it can even arrive that same day). In the event that the recipient is not at home, García explains, "a notice is left that they can pick up the burofax at the Post Office for the next 30 days." FC Barcelona and Neymar also communicated by burofax when he announced his departure from the club. If you want to know what shape a burofax has and how it is delivered, photographer Toni Albir (EFE) captured in 2017 the moment in which a Post Office worker took this letter to the player's home.

A postal worker, delivering an FC Barcelona burofax to Neymar da Silva's home in Barcelona. Toni Albir (EFE)

Detail of the burofax of FC Barcelona to Neymar. Toni Albir (EFE)

Foreigners discover the burofax thanks to Messi

This August 25 was the first time in its 168-year history that The New York Times newspaper has used the word “burofax”. The New York Times First Said is a Twitter bot that tweets the words that appear for the first time in the newspaper's history. A few years ago, he tweeted "profitetegui" after Mariano Rajoy said it and appeared in a newspaper chronicle. Today, he tweeted "burofax", which appears in the New York newspaper story about Messi's abandonment.


- New New York Times (@NYT_first_said) August 25, 2020

So, does the burofax only exist in Spain? Not exactly: all countries offer similar services, but only in Spain is it known as burofax. In addition, García explains, burofax can also be sent abroad from Spain. The name of this service has also generated some confusion among fans outside of Spain. On Twitter, many users asked how it could be that, in 2020, someone was sending a fax for a matter as important as the departure of Messi from Barça.

The burofax is always delivered by letter, physically, according to García. However, this service continues to use the fax, although only internally: "When you take a burofax to your Post Office, it sends the documentation by fax to the Post Office from which the shipment will be made," he says. Garcia. This collects the documents sent by fax and sends them to the recipient. The announcement of the end of Messi's 20 years at Barça did not come by fax, but by letter.

Regarding Messi and Barça I have a first question: Why does someone use faxes in 2020?

- Carlos Puig (@puigcarlos) August 25, 2020

Am I the only one wondering why Messi is still using a fax machine ??? 🤔

- 🆔_official (@ starkiidd01) August 25, 2020

"Am I the only one wondering why Messi is using a fax?"

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