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Home remedies instead of pain relievers for headaches - the following hot drink relieves headaches


Do you always drink an espresso when you have a headache? A good idea, because the caffeine it contains helps - if you don't exceed the following dose.

Do you always drink an espresso when you have a headache?

A good idea, because the caffeine it contains helps - if you don't exceed the following dose.

  • There are different types of headache - some have headaches when the weather changes *, others suffer from severe migraine attacks.

  • Drink a lot of water, put peppermint oil on your forehead or coffee with lemon juice: Many home remedies are said to work against the pain.

  • Above all, caffeine is said to drive away headaches.

    Find out here how many cups are unproblematic.

Coffee withdrawal makes you tired and can cause headaches if the usual daily ration is not taken.

This is the result of a US study.

It was investigated how a sudden stop of caffeine intake affects the body.

Test subjects who had taken caffeine capsules for a longer period of time showed clear reactions, as the pain clinic in Kiel informs:

The test subjects felt tired, exhausted and dull during withdrawal - and the caffeine withdrawal also led to headaches for many


The study directors attributed this to the increased blood flow in the brain and also to the increased so-called theta rhythms in the EEG image.

Caffeine constricts the blood vessels, which in the short term leads to faster blood flow and high blood pressure


At the same time, the oxygen supply in the cells increases, ”explains Hartmut Göbel, head of the Kiel Pain Clinic.

In this way, the caffeine found in coffee, cola, energy drinks and tea also inhibits headaches.

But there is one crux: “The problem with this is that the brain notices a constant dose of caffeine and gets used to it.

Therefore, the more caffeine is consumed, the less effective it is, ”says Göbel. 

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Caffeine for headaches: This number of cups should not be exceeded by migraine sufferers

Conversely, this means: Coffee can act like a pain reliever for headaches - as long as you don't consume it in large quantities on a regular basis.

The type of headache also plays an important role.

Caffeine can have a suboptimal effect, especially for migraines.

More than three cups of coffee a day are said to increase the likelihood of a headache attack

, according to a study cited by Deutschlandfunk.

One or two cups of coffee a day was not a problem for migraine sufferers.

Caffeine, yes, but in moderate doses - this is also the conclusion of the Ärzte-Zeitung with regard to Hypnic Headache.

This form of headache, which occurs at night, can be alleviated with a cup of coffee, according to the Ärzte-Zeitung.

In general: “Caffeine can also help against pain.

Caffeine is found in some pain relievers,

and research has shown that caffeine alone can reduce pain.

So you can also use caffeine therapeutically, ”says Charly Gaul, chief physician at the Migraine and Headache Clinic in Königstein, on

(jg) * is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editorial network


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