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Conte 'cancels' the League, via Quota 100 and security


Iv, let's undo the damage from populism. Ira Salvini, we will not allow it (ANSA)

Count Two buries the Northern League imprint of Count One.

The chairman of the board ensures that Quota 100 will be archived.

It was a three-year project that is coming to an end and renewal "is not on the agenda", he explains from the Trento Festival of Economics.

And then there are the security decrees, which will be rewritten as soon as possible - "at the first useful CDM" -, with a "broad plan" to guarantee "a protection mechanism for citizens and migrants".

    The acceleration, which has always been hoped for by the Democratic Party, pleases Matteo Renzi: "The abolition of Quota 100 is an important turning point - says the leader of IV - and remedies the damage of the populist government".

Matteo Salvini instead announces barricades and thunders: "They want to return to the Fornero Law. The League will not allow it".

    With a Democratic Party that continues to ask the government to do, do and then do, and a Five Star Movement in search of itself, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte invents himself as a motivator.

    "We must not disunite, fray", he says, also addressing the opposition, but speaking above all to the allies.

Because this is "the crucial phase of reconstruction. We can win the challenge of restarting".

In short, the message is: there is the 209 billion of the Recovery Fund to spend.

We think about how to invest those, and we do not get lost in arguments, we do not jeopardize the majority.

The plans are beginning to be defined, "we will aggregate the individual projects - explains Conte - which will provide a vision of the country, in line with EU guidelines.

    We will have a regulatory structure dedicated to the Recovery plan".

    An operation, adds the Minister for European Affairs, Vincenzo Amendola, to "return to growth, to invest, and to have a macroenomic perspective also of debt repayment".

    To those who think that the government is falling, Conte asks to "be a little more respectful", because it is not a "beauty contest".

"Sometimes - he observes - I seem to live in a dissociated situation in which all the most authoritative financial institutions, the most authoritative newspapers and European colleagues on an international level appreciate our work and even ask us where we are with the recovery fund ", while" in Italy we have questions about when the government falls or if the government is stable ".

    It is certainly not a question of risk-stability, but today the political news records a certain distance between the premier and the secretary of the Democratic Party.

With Zingaretti who fears a new lockdown and Conte who excludes it, with Zingaretti who asks for the "general states of the school" to "give answers to the mobilizations of teachers and students" and Conte who defends the work of Minister Lucia Azzolina.

However, on the majority, the Pd secretary walks the path of the premier.

"The season of the pickaxes is over, we are in the season of reconstruction, and I believe that we have much more to say about reconstruction and rebirth".

It is a pity that we still do not feel "to say that the pitfalls against the Democratic Party or the Government have been put to an end".

On the allies issue, the Five Star Movement appeared more distracted, less reactive.

Partly because he is caught up in internal quarrels, partly because he found himself indirectly drawn into the controversy over the "friend" president of the INPS Pasquale Tridico, accused of doubling his salary.

"I will ask for clarification", said Luigi Di Maio, anticipating the premier's response by a few hours: "I was not informed, I asked for investigations".

    In the week that opens, Conte will have a difficult face to face with the industrialists.

He will meet them on Tuesday, at the Parco della Musica, when he will speak at the Confindustria Assembly.

    It will not be a walk in the park, given the positions of President Carlo Bonomi, who has always been very critical of the government.

And there, before in Europe, the premier will have to 'spend' the Recovery projects well.


Source: ansa

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