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Horoscope for today, Tuesday, September 29, 2020, of all zodiacal signs


Check here your horoscope for today, Tuesday, September 29. What are the stars in store for you today? Predictions by sign by Astrologer Silvia Rioja

In today's horoscope,

Tuesday, September 29, Saturn

, who governs karma and destiny, begins its direct path so that slowly many of your delayed projects begin to take their rhythm and you continue with your destiny.

It is important that you bear in mind that, due to the characteristics of this planet, the rearrangement process is slow.

In it, you should also keep in mind the lessons you learned since May when it began to be retrograde.


Saturn is one of the most important planets for taking charge of making concrete in your life everything that you have earned based on your efforts.

Today it begins its direct path and you will feel this in the issues related to work, professional goals and recognitions that have been delayed or with which you have had problems since May.

These will begin to activate very slowly and, if you were waiting for promotions or a change of position, it is from today that the planet mentioned can make them happen as long as you have put your energy into them despite adversity.

Together with all of the above, you must bear in mind that there are many responsibilities and that you must maintain with seriousness and persistence.

In this process, it will help you overcome and avoid annoying anxiety with this effective salt ritual.

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Saturn, planet in charge of showing the ability you have to be responsible and disciplined, begins its direct path today.

With this move, business and work will work better for you;

above all, those in which you have developed your honesty and have made efforts to make them productive.

Also, if lately you felt hopeless and legal issues were delayed, as well as immigration procedures, it is from today that they begin to slowly clear and you will see the light at the end of the road.

Beyond the aforementioned, I advise you to review what lesson you learned with these delays and discouragements in order to move forward better.

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You are a sign that is characterized by its young, happy spirit and many times you have had to resort to this to overcome difficult moments in life.

This you have used even more during the last months in which Saturn was in retrograde.

The aforementioned occurred, above all, in the area of ​​your horoscope in which life requires you to do a process of emotional and mental cleansing to generate transformations within you.

But, as of today, the most definitive changes begin;

slow, but without delay.

This in order for you to build a new base and scale of values ​​on which you will be supported for the next seven years. 

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Saturn has long been exerting a strong influence on your sign, but since mid-May it has had you even more trapped for being retrograde.

In this time, you have felt very stagnant, with frustrations and surely you have kept within yourself the feeling that your life is not moving forward;

above all, in your personal relationships.

But starting today, the planet mentioned will require you to make decisions.

Particularly if you become more attached to or separated from your partner.

The cuts or distances are yet to come;

Remember that you are one of the signs that can go through a divorce in 2020.

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Since mid-May, Saturn, related to karma and responsibilities, has put you to the test with taking care of your body and with your work. 

Surely, the responsibilities of the daily routine and worries about work were strong and you have used your energy excessively, which could have damaged your health.

The planet mentioned, in addition, will have required more discipline to be able to fulfill your tasks and, if you did not know how to manage time, you could have neglected your body.

As of today, it gets direct and it is important that you take advantage of this movement so that you start taking care of your body as a whole sacred temple.

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Today is an important day, as Saturn, the planet that governs destiny and karma, returns to its direct path after almost five months of being retrograde.

As their influence affected the area of ​​your horoscope related to business, love and children, it is in these topics that you will have felt a lack of opportunities.

But with its change of direction, you will notice that slowly many obstacles are giving way and everything is speeding up.

Keep in mind that, although doing business will now be easier for you, those who are slow and safe favor you;

especially if they are real estate.

In addition, you will have more chances to father a child if you are due for your karma.

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In the most recent five months, you may have felt that issues related to your home, your house and your parents have gone through a plateau that did not allow you to make decisions.

This includes having perceived a great need for family life, but without being able to be close to your relatives.

These were times when you have valued having a home life and putting down roots, but found it difficult to achieve.

Starting today, opportunities will slowly present themselves to you to achieve this, as Saturn gets direct. 

Beyond the aforementioned, with the influence in question you should also keep in mind that it is important that you stay close to your parents and that you take better care of their health. 

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For almost two years, Saturn has been generating you more concentration and mental discipline.

It has also made you learn new topics and in an orderly way so that you can then put all this into practice.

But in the four most recent months, it influenced you in a different way.

In particular, making you doubt your process, hindering your learning or causing your thoughts to be negative and without lack of encouragement.

This begins to change as of today, as the mentioned planet changes direction and doors will slowly open for you to continue preparing.

Take advantage of this to know how to direct your life, understand what contribution you want to make to society and stand out.

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In the last two years, Saturn, a planet associated with impediments and karma, made you feel the importance of acquiring material possessions.

To achieve it you worked a lot, but surely you did not get what you wanted.

This may have felt stronger in the most recent five months, as the aforementioned planet began its retrograde path and may have complicated your economy.

Starting today, make a change of address and you will notice that it starts to work better and you will get out of some restrictions.

However, to make your finances firmer, review what you have learned from the experiences mentioned and put it into practice.

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For almost five months, your life took a very slow pace.

Many aspects of your routine were probably stagnant and you had to put in a lot of effort to achieve something.

This was because Saturn was retrograde during the mentioned time;

However, today it changes direction and what is delayed begins to flow slowly but surely, since these are the Saturnian qualities.

As everything has a purpose in the Universe, the stagnation of these months had the purpose of leaving you a lesson so that you can lay a stronger foundation in your life for your efforts and merits. 

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For more than a year, Saturn has been passing through your house of karma;

therefore, many delicate situations in your life were activated for you to make certain cycle closures in your evolution and thus move to a higher level.

The aforementioned was even more mobilized in the last four and a half months, since you could have gone through even more difficult events.

Esyo ranges from loss of money or bankruptcies to final separation from loved ones.

Today the planet mentioned begins its direct path for you to reorient your life according to these experiences and the important lessons learned in various aspects of your life.

Otherwise, everything will get complicated in seven more years.

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Saturn, planet of death and karma, has been generating a cleansing process for a little more than four months.

Particularly from those friendships that should no longer be in your life.

For this reason, some will have stopped talking to you and others will have walked away disgusted.

All this is because they have already completed a karmic process with you and now, that the planet mentioned has started its direct path, only the most loyal to you have remained.

But, in addition, new ones will begin to arrive.

These people who begin to share with you will be those friends of the essence, with whom you will share the same codes and ideals, and who will stay with you for a long time.

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