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"I work full time for Ibai Llanos": this is the job of editing videos for youtubers


We spoke with those in charge of editing the videos uploaded to YouTube Ibai Llanos, The Crazy Haacks, ByCalitos, ElOjoNinja ...

When Ibai Llanos does a live through his Twitch channel, he usually ends up broadcasting for hours.

Ricard Bergada, 23, is one of those in charge of transforming those hours of recordings into a video of just 15 minutes that, once published on Ibai's YouTube channel, will get millions of views.

His is a job unknown to many, although increasingly important in the internet entertainment industry: video editor for YouTube channels.

About ten years ago, when the phenomenon of youtubers began to develop, they used to take care of all the work necessary to create a video.

"I've always been in charge of the whole process [script, recording, editing ...], I learned as I uploaded videos or watched other people's videos",

youtuber and writer Javier Ruescas, who opened his channel

, recalls


in 2010. "Many of the editing tricks I got from tutorials or from friends who explained to me how they did it," he explains.

However, as the sector has become professionalized, some creators have preferred to leave this work in the hands of professional editors.

The editors are in charge of selecting what content will appear in the final video and which ones will be left out, selecting the music, visual and sound effects.

Sometimes, also to create the headers and the images that appear in the previews of the videos.

How does someone get to work creating videos for, for example, Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg or The Crazy Haacks?

What exactly does your job consist of?

Four editors tell us.

Ricard Bergada (23 years old), editor of Ibai Llanos

Before dedicating himself to editing professionally, Ricard Bergada (@Rickyexp) made videos and humor montages as a hobby.

In one of the most popular ones, he parodied the head of

The Simpsons by

adding Spanish references: the camera that flies over Springfield at the beginning, for example, passed a Mercadona sign until it reached the school blackboard.

And there was not Bart writing the same phrase over and over, but Ibai Llanos giving his popular tactical explanations.

Bergada made this video, like many others, as a hobby and without receiving anything in return.

For months, this


has become his job: now, he is in charge of editing and editing the videos that Ibai Llanos uploads to YouTube.

if '' The Simpsons '' were a Spanish series:

- Ricky (@Rickyexp) November 17, 2019

Bergada explains that this video had nothing to do “directly” with his ending up working full time for Ibai Llanos, but rather his popularity as a humor video editor: “It made both Ibai Llanos and the editor who already worked with him He has become my partner, they will notice me ”, he tells



"When the project started with G2 [the team of


with whom Llanos lives, plays and creates content] they were going to need one more editor, and they contacted me."

This young man from Terrasa, who has finished his Graphic Design studies this year, says that his job consists of creating videos of the recordings that Ibai makes, live, on the Twitch platform.

"We do not have an established schedule, since we depend on the direct ones that Ibai does," he says.

“However, the routine is usually the same: we edit in the morning to be able to upload video in the afternoon, and if there are no live shows, I have other tasks: I make thumbnails (the images that appear in the video preview), I add videos for Ibai's Twitter, etc ”.

To edit the videos, Bergada assures that both he and his partner [Mateo, known as @unosmemiyos] have total freedom and that Ibai usually watches them when they are already published on YouTube.

"He sees them all, but he usually makes comments to us later, and they are usually good," he says.

When Llanos's YouTube channel reached 2 million subscribers in August, it publicly congratulated its editors.

Currently, it has already exceeded 3.3 million.

Bergada explains that currently his job for Ibai editor is full-time and edits only for him.

"I feel very privileged, I consider that I have a good salary and it also depends, in part, on the growth of the channel, and that is an incentive to continue working and for things to go better," he says.

"I am in a very comfortable situation and very happy with this job."

Victoria López (25 years old), editor at La Rezeta

Victoria López is the content director of a team that edits video for more than 20 million subscribers.

He works at La Rezeta, a small company in charge of about a dozen channels for children and adolescents: The Crazy Haacks (3.65 million subscribers), Lady Pecas (1.95 million), La hora del DIY (2.85 million), Karina & Marina (3.38 million) ... “My job consists of doing some of the recordings with the children, editing and also supervising the videos edited by the rest of my teammates, who also record and edit ”, He tells


by phone


López explains that he studied a higher degree in Photography and later a private master's degree in Filmmaking and Television, where he discovered that editing was what he liked the most - he did his internship editing in

La que se avecina


The young woman says that she was a YouTube consumer and that she knew the platform, she had even collaborated on some videos for friends, so she was not surprised by the job offer she received through the master she had done.

“Mónica [Vicente Tamames, director of La Rezeta and mother of the brothers who star, among others, in The Crazy Haacks channel] initially had two external collaborators for the edition, but she was looking for someone to work with her from the office and it will help you with both editing and recording, ”he says.

"I accepted."

This woman from Malaga has been working full time at La Rezeta for two years, and her duties have been changing.

“At the beginning I recorded, edited and Monica supervised the children's videos, but as I gained experience I ended up supervising the edits of the rest of my classmates,” he explains.

The editing team is made up of three people (who appear in some videos) and, according to his account, “there is not one person dedicated to each channel, but we all record and edit all of them, because if someone falls ill or has a busy day , we can all take care of their work ”.

Even so, López has his favorites: “Crazy Haacks are usually very funny, and I have a great time with Daniela [Lady Pecas],” he says.

"We interact a lot when I record her and sometimes I appear in her videos, people have even recognized me on the street."

Victoria López with the youtuber Daniela, 'Lady Pecas'

Javier Urrutia (20 years old), Bycalitos editor

If you have seen a video of the popular format

How much is your outfit worth

on YouTube


in which young people show the camera the clothes they wear and their price, it is likely that Javier Urrutia is behind.

This man from Madrid, known as Jacar on social networks, is one of the editors of Bycalitos, the youtuber that has popularized this format in Spain and has nearly 700,000 subscribers.

Urrutia is currently studying a degree in graphic and multimedia design, although he began working as an editor before starting his studies.

“Since I was little I have liked video editing and I learned in a self-taught way, but until the end of 2014 I did not begin to charge for it,” he tells



"I started doing



for youtubers [headers to present specific channels or videos] and as a result of that I was making contacts," he explains.

In addition to Bycalitos, this young man has done specific jobs for youtubers such as TheGrefg (15.2 million subscribers), Wismichu (9.37 million), ByTarifa (2.13 million), Shooter (6.57 million), Salva ( 5.38 million) Tiparraco (2.13 million) or Alecmolon (1.85 million).

Many of them have relied on him not as an editor of a complete video, but for the creation of special effects, headers or animations of a part of the video.

At the moment, Urrutia does not work full-time as an editor.

"I am studying and it is what I give priority to, but in case of leaving it and getting more serious, accepting more orders, I could make a living from it", he considers.

Currently there is no fixed schedule or routine to edit, “although I do usually put limitations on orders: normally, they send me the material to edit a couple of days in advance, although it depends on the job, and at the latest at 9:00 p.m. the night".

Even so, he clarifies that "it is somewhat flexible, and can vary in order to deliver quality work on time."

Fernando Mariño (23), editor of ElOjoNinja and Electrokidi

Fernando Mariño works editing youtubers and learned to edit precisely by watching YouTube videos.

“If you didn't know how an effect was made, you looked for it, you learned and the next,” he tells



This young man from Madrid says that he started in 2013 as a hobby and, for a year, professionally.

Currently, he edits the videos of two


specialized in the

League of Legends

video game

: Electrokidi (72,000 subscribers) and ElOjoNinja (328,000).

Mariño says that his job "basically consists of summarizing

League Of Legends (LOL) games

in the most entertaining way possible, and leaving them in a 10-minute video."

A game usually lasts between 15 and 50 minutes.

"There are practically always a couple of games to edit, so there is always some work to do, although sometimes there is less because ElOjoNinja or Electrokidi want to take a few days off, which is totally understandable and normal."

This editor, known in networks as Aeroz, says that, in his work, he not only has to be in contact with youtubers, but also with the content managers who work for them.

"They are a fundamental part in the creation of the content, they organize the uploading of the videos, they choose the titles and the thumbnails," he says.

Mariño, who like Javier Urrutia, charges for each piece made, explains that for the moment editing videos is his only occupation, but that he still cannot keep up with it.

"I would love to be able to do it," he says.

"My intention is for this to be a job that lasts a long time, because I love editing and I really enjoy it."

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