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Running? You must stop basing yourself on distance - Walla! health


What is the first thing you do after a run? very true. Check the distance you wanted (and upload a screenshot to Instagram). But this fixation with miles has an Achilles heel - literally

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You must stop basing yourself on distance

What is the first thing you do at the end of a running workout?

very true.

Check the distance you wanted (and upload a screenshot to Instagram).

But this fixation with the number of miles has an Achilles heel - and we mean it in the most literal way possible


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Tuesday, 27 October 2020, 10:35

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Anyone who has run (or followed someone running on social media) knows that in the end this exercise amounts to a number - the running distance.

The fact that nowadays everyone is running with a phone or a smartwatch has also made this quantification more available and simple than ever.

Anyone who finishes a run immediately checks how many miles he is running, as a means of assessing the effectiveness of the workout (and more often than not, also to caress his ego or pat his shoulder).

But in a new study published these days, researchers claim that measuring by this criterion alone creates a misleading picture.

And those who are really interested in preventing injuries and improving their level of training, should take into account a variety of other factors that measure the level of pressure exerted on the body while running.

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"If a tall person and a short person go out to run the same distance together - the short person may take thousands of steps more than his tall friend," says Max Fact, a biomechanics expert who led this study at the University of Memphis, as an example of the problem of distance measurement alone.

Friends, honestly?

No one but you cares how many miles you run. A woman looks at a smartwatch (illustration: shutterstock)

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Alex Hutchison of the journal Outside, which published the study, wrote that "the measure of stress on the body from the same run is not the same for the two runners and this difference has great significance."

According to him, the most interesting part of the study is the one that addresses the risk of injury.

A weighting of various factors will give a more complete picture of the stress exerted on the body and the risk of injury.

Muscle caught during a run (illustration: shutterstock)

The researchers compared different scenarios - running on a soft track in padded shoes, the same running - but in a state of fatigue, running training in thorn shoes and more.

Their purpose was to demonstrate that running conditions affect pace, running time, total number of steps and the force with which the foot lands on the ground.

"At this point, it could be cool if the researchers created a formula that would allow these factors and other variables to be weighed and give an answer in the form of, for example, the chance that someone would fuck his Achilles tendon while running," Hutchison wrote.

The current study does not yet provide such an available formula, but the researchers who conducted it say that innovative methods being developed these days should actually provide runners with more accurate data and smarter monitoring.

And yet, they, too, recognize their short-sightedness in weaning runners from the habit of basing themselves on the distance they wanted - there are things that science will not be able to do either.

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