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Salary: This is how much Germans earn on average


How much do Germany's employees earn? Statistics reveal how high the average income actually is. With a nasty surprise.

How much do Germany's employees earn?

Statistics reveal how high the average income actually is.

With a nasty surprise.

The salary of employees in Germany could not be more different: While some are at the subsistence level month after month despite their job, others earn 10,000 euros a month and more.

But what is the average income in Germany?

Average income in Germany: This is what employees earn

According to the Federal Statistical Office, full-time employees earn an average salary * of

3,994 euros

per month (as of 2019).

Special payments in the form of vacation, Christmas bonuses or bonuses were not taken into account here.

In the context of a ZDF documentation, however, 2,990 euros

referred to as the

average income


In principle, it is difficult to determine how high the average income of Germans actually is, as the value is constantly changing and several studies come to different results.

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What does average salary mean?

To find the average



all salaries are added up and divided by the total


This results in an average value that should promise orientation in the jungle of salaries.

In fact, however, the average salary should be treated with caution as very high and very low salaries can greatly distort the average.

In 2014, only a third (37%) of all full-time employees actually earned more than the average.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, two thirds (67%) had gross earnings below the average.

Extremely high salaries had raised average earnings "upwards".

Gender pay gap between men and women

Women and men still earn different amounts, because there is a difference of

around 600 euros

between them


Men should receive 3,964 euros, while women can expect an average of 3,330 euros.

Salary of specialists and managers

While the average salary * of all employees is around

3,994 euros




and managers earn

significantly more on average


How much exactly and in which industries, with which subjects, you will find out in this article. 

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Average income of Germans by federal state

In 2018, determined the



for apprentices and graduates


The values ​​give an idea of ​​what job entrants could expect.

Those who have been in the job for a long time can expect more money:

federal state

Starting salaries after training (gross annual salary)

Starting salaries after a university degree (gross annual salary)


33,509 euros

51,517 euros


32,704 euros

50,278 euros


31,628 euros

48,624 euros


31,527 euros

48,469 euros

North Rhine-Westphalia

30,071 euros

46,230 euros


29,227 euros

44,933 euros


28,558 euros

43,904 euros


28,528 euros

43,859 euros


27,809 euros

42,753 euros

Lower Saxony

27,117 euros

41,688 euros


26,100 euros

40,126 euros


23,226 euros

35,708 euros


22,858 euros

35,141 euros


22,641 euros

34,807 euros


22,403 euros

34,442 euros

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

21,847 euros

33,587 euros

Source: (status: 2018)

Important note: These values ​​are by no means binding and only give approximate salaries.

Salary after training

In which professions will

the best starting salary


after training


And where do young professionals earn the least?

A study found that out.

You can read the result here.

Your opinion is asked

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  • In 2020, more net than gross could be left of the salary *.

    The outlook for employees, trainees and retirees.

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What is the salary of engineers?

You can read everything about salary on our topic page.

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Source: merkur

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