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Concern about coronavirus infections in the massive farewell to Diego Maradona


There were crowds and incidents with the Police near the Casa Rosada. Health authorities and infectologists think.

Irene Hartmann

11/26/2020 4:45 PM

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Updated 11/26/2020 4:59 PM

The coronavirus pandemic, overshadowed by Wednesday's devastating loss, runs behind the unattainable and Olympian Diego Armando Maradona.

But the pathogen that came driving the burning car of this demonized 2020

grows when it is sung


And this Thursday he appeared there, hidden but guessable among the thousands of people who sought to reach Plaza de Mayo to fire the 10. Not to mention his presence in the physical entanglement of the clashes that occurred with the Police.

The coronavirus was laughing in aerosols invisible under the sun.

This was confirmed by several infectologists consulted.

Also, Health authorities of the City and Buenos Aires.

They pointed to what is


(that human masses proliferate infections when Covid is still circulating), but they qualified it with the


, that ancient concept, so useful for ancient philosophy: the famous




The need for the inescapable.

The inevitable


Invoking these concepts, from the Buenos Aires Health portfolio they were sincere with a "and, yes ...


, whenever there is massive concurrence in this type of situation, yes."

Clashes with the Police, at the wake at Casa Rosada, after the death of Diego Maradona.


It is understood by “concern” that,

in a week to ten days, there is a regrowth

, that is, an increase in the daily detected


, which for some time now has been slowly decreasing.

Whether or not it will occur, as well as its magnitude, is unpredictable.

But nobody rules it out.

In the Ministry of Health of the province of Buenos Aires they indicated

that, "from now on,

any concentration of people is not recommended



In addition, they remarked that "we are in the best moment of all. Although the city of Buenos Aires has very few cases, it is not ideal ... but

not much can be said because the context exceeds everything

. It is like with the antiquarantine marches The same situation, although the meaning is different ".

In the Buenos Aires hospitals they looked at the scenes of the riots in Plaza de Mayo this Thursday

with concern and crossed fingers


This is the case of the infectious disease specialist at the Pirovano Ricardo Teijeiro hospital, who pointed out that “

what is happening

is worrisome

, since this type of situation can lead

to coronavirus



It is not recommended at all and should be controlled, although the difficulties are understood ”.


also spoke with Arnaldo Casiró, head of Infectious Diseases at Hospital Álvarez: “We are telling people that for the New Year's Eve Parties they only meet with a chinstrap, social distance and in the open air, and then we see these scenes.

It is a

total incongruity.

I am very sorry for the death of


, a unique player on the field.

But, knowing that there were going to be popular movements, perhaps

the farewell should have been organized elsewhere

and with less risk ”.

A crowd gathered in front of the Casa Rosada to try to enter Diego Maradona's farewell Photo Juan Manuel Foglia

In other words, “one thing is what people do on their own, something that one cannot handle.

But if a

state space

is offered

and the situation overflows, the message ends up being confusing.

How do you tell people now not to organize massive New Year parties? "

Two other infectious disease doctors who were widely consulted in the pandemic asked to speak

off the record

, that is, not to be named.

It's understandable: no one wants to be singled out for giving sermons at a time like this.

Of the


we are tired and the shock of the death of Maradona is a fresh and painful wound.

But they still considered it important to comment.

The first explained that, without a doubt, "any accumulation of people,

as long as there are still cases of Covid

, is a situation that increases the risk."

The second, a doctor from a Buenos Aires hospital that, due to its location bordering the Province, receives many patients from the Buenos Aires suburbs, was tough and eloquent.

Considering the context in which we live, he evaluated that the funeral had 

monstrous dimensions.

People crowded next to the Casa Rosada, with the intention of saying goodbye to Diego Maradona.

Reuters photo


negative symbolic value

that for me '

going outside the norm within the Casa Rosada

' is enormous.

I imagine a more Solomonic decision such as '

I help you do the burial and work for the distancing

', perhaps on a field ”.

As for infections, he was emphatic: “

Paying the cost of the agglomeration

was, I think, unavoidable.

Pay the political cost and the discredit of the indications that they will have to continue giving, no ”.

Finally, the consulted doctor needed to “divide”, in order to give a complete opinion: “My medical opinion is that it seems

absolutely inconvenient

for me to make this statement at this time.

My citizen opinion, that it was

absolutely inevitable

that a mass funeral would take place.

My political opinion, I find it


that they organize it in Government House.

But it is my opinion and nothing more ”.


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Source: clarin

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