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Covid-19 patient reports long-term effects - this complication worries doctors


Covid-19 is not a harmless infectious disease - patients and doctors report long-term effects that can also seriously affect young people.

Covid-19 is not a harmless infectious disease - patients and doctors report long-term effects that can also seriously affect young people.

  • Cough and the loss of the sense of taste * characterize acute Covid-19.

    Like a flu-like infection, the illness can be over after a short time - but there are also reports of people who do not feel completely healthy again for weeks or even months.

  • The reason for this: Coronaviruses not only attack the airways, but can also damage blood vessels, nervous system and organs.

    This can even lead to life-threatening courses.

  • But even if the coronavirus infection is over, it can take a long time to feel completely healthy again.

    Doctors and patients report


Contact restrictions, lockdowns, concern for relatives and for your own health: the coronavirus pandemic is a burden.

What also worries: Nobody knows how their own body would react to an infection.

Mild courses that resemble a cold to severe Covid-19 that must be treated as an inpatient: both are theoretically possible.

Researchers around the world are concerned with the question of why some people get more sick with Covid-19 than others.

In a new study, an autoimmune reaction is being discussed as a possible cause.

New studies are also regularly published with regard to possible long-term effects

- but in many cases they are based on only small amounts of data.

Large-scale and long-term studies must then follow to substantiate the study results.

But reports from doctors and patients also paint a picture of the possible Covid-19 manifestations and consequences: "The patients who come to us are often still badly marked,

have symptoms of paralysis, have maximum performance restrictions, have psychosomatic problems and are supposedly considered recovered in statistics, but they are in no way.

So these patients are certainly not healthy and fit for work, ”said Dr.

Jördis Frommhold, specialist in internal medicine at the Median Klinik Heiligendamm in a focus interview.

Although there are no concrete figures regarding the long-term effects of Covid-19, doctors estimate that they hit ten percent of people after a mild Covid-19 course.

In moderate to severe cases, it could even be every second patient.

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Physical weakness long after coronavirus infection

Young patients, like Jennifer Pingen, are not immune to long-term consequences.

The young woman fell ill with Covid-19 in May 2020 and had to be hospitalized for months.

But even months after the illness, she struggles with problems.

“You can't manage the normal little things in everyday life, for example cleaning the kitchen, or simply dusting the apartment, or using the vacuum cleaner, cleaning the floor: you can't do that alone anymore, you need support.

And when you consider that you were out

and about

all day before, were fit, went to the gym, did a good workout,

that is a very severe limitation, ”said Pingen in an interview with

Post-traumatic stress disorder as a possible long-term corona consequence


Ralf Schipmann, chief physician at the Martinusquelle Clinic in Bad Lippspringe, is observing an increasing number of psychological problems in Covid 19 patients, which can also extend to the period after the illness: "The psychological stress in corona patients is very noticeable, they are quite Elementary experiences: fear of death, fear of loss, grief, the feeling of being left alone, not being able to talk to relatives.

And that sometimes leads to so-called post-traumatic stress disorders, where professional help is then necessary ”


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