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Drastic warnings for Bavaria: In these areas, the night becomes particularly restless


Due to heavy rain, floods and floods can occur in certain areas at the start of the week in Bavaria. The night threatens to become uncomfortable.

Due to heavy rain, floods and floods can occur in certain areas at the start of the week in Bavaria. The night threatens to become uncomfortable.

  • The German Weather Service (DWD) has issued several warnings for all of Bavaria.
  • The Warnapp Katwarn has triggered.
  • The first flood warnings are now available.

Update from 2:42 p.m .: Heavy storm and hurricane gusts are expected in the south of Bavaria in the night to Tuesday. Swabia, Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate are particularly affected. The German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Monday.

In exposed locations and in the mountains, hurricane gusts of up to 120 kilometers per hour can even be expected. This wind force can also occur in the lowlands at night. Trees can be uprooted, branches or roof tiles could fall. Objects in the open should be secured if possible. The warning applies until Tuesday morning at 9 a.m.


Bavaria is facing a restless night. The German Weather Service has issued several warnings.

© Screenshot German Weather Service

Avalanche danger in the Bavarian Alps: continuous rain has an impact

The authorities also warn of a significant avalanche risk in the Bavarian Alps. A single skier could trigger snowboard avalanches in the high areas, as the avalanche warning center announced. The reason is fresh snowdrift accumulations, the snow masses of which can slip even with a small additional load. The danger is also great on steep slopes. Avalanches that trigger themselves must be expected there.

The avalanche warning service therefore called warning level three in several Bavarian areas. The Allgäu, Ammergau, Werdenfels, Chiemgau and Berchtesgaden Alps and the Bavarian Prealps are affected. The persistent rain also has an impact. The avalanche danger threatens to increase. If the water penetrates to the bottom, snow cover can slide easily on the smooth surface. A cold front brings fresh snow on Tuesday - which in turn leads to fresh snow drift and thus an ongoing avalanche risk.

Continuous rain in Germany has an impact: Authority tightens warning

Update from 11:23 a.m .: The constant rain in Bavaria shows the first effects. Basements and underpasses are full, brooks swell. This is what happened in the Fürstenfeldbruck district. But there are also floods elsewhere in Bavaria. For the district of Kelheim, the Water Management Office Landshut has issued a " flood warning against the risk of flooding for built-up areas". The levels will rise significantly on Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, the Danube is expected to exceed reporting level 3 there . This means that individual built-up lots or cellars can be flooded or road closures threaten. Use of the water or dam weirs may also be necessary. According to the current forecast, notification level 4 can even be reached on Wednesday. Build-up areas could be flooded to a greater extent.

Large parts of Bavaria already have flood warnings about spills and floods, for example around Bayreuth or Kempten. The German Meteorological Service also warns of constant rain in Bavaria.

Bavaria Weather: German Weather Service warns of storm-like rain

Update February 3, 7.30 a.m .: The German Weather Service (DWD) said on Monday that there could be stormy continuous rain throughout Bavaria. Particularly near the Alps, lakes and rivers could overflow in thaw and temperatures up to 13 degrees.

The flood intelligence service in Bavaria anticipated flooding in the Allgäu and in the eastern Alps. In the course of the morning, according to DWD information for the inflow of the Iller in the Allgäu and on the Upper Danube in Neu-Ulm, warning level three could be reached, which could result in flooded basements and impairments in traffic. Heavy showers are expected in the coming days as well - snow is falling in certain areas .

Severe storms over Bavaria: Katwarn warning issued

Update from 16:39: From Sunday to Tuesday, the German Weather Service warns of an absolute extreme weather situation. Heavy storms and constant rain are coming to Bavaria. It will be particularly hard on the Alpine foothills, but it will also be extremely uncomfortable in the rest of the Free State.

Because of the constant rain, the DWD warns that up to 90 liters of rain per square meter can fall by Tuesday. In traffic jams it could even be up to 120 liters. There are also violent gusts of wind.

Because of the wind, warning of falling branches is given. Because of the rain and the melting snow due to milder temperatures in the Alps, rivers and streams can overflow their banks. Roads could also be flooded and landslides could occur. In the Alps themselves, the risk of avalanches is also increasing due to the weather.

For the rains in the south from today (Sunday, 02.02.2020) to Tuesday (04.02.2020) the graphic here. / V

- DWD (@DWD_presse) February 2, 2020

Update from 3:16 p.m .: In the morning the app triggered Katwarn and warned against extreme weather conditions in Bavaria. The German Weather Service (DWD) has also issued official warnings. Munich is in the middle of the red area. Severe weather threatens with prolonged rain. Between 70 and 90 liters per square meter are expected. The warning applies until Tuesday morning.

In the rest of Bavaria there are warnings of storms (valid until Monday morning) and continuous rain until Tuesday morning. In the districts of Traunstein, Rosenheim, Miesbach, Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, Ostallgäu, Lindau and Weilheim-Schongau, there is also a risk of thaw.


In the morning, the warning app Katwarn in Bavaria warned of extreme weather conditions. The German Weather Service also warns.

© Screenshot German Weather Service

Warning app Katwarn triggers: Bavaria threatens extreme weather conditions

Update from February 2, 8:41 a.m .: The warning app Katwarn for Bavaria has just triggered. An extreme weather situation threatens. For parts of Bavaria there is a warning of prolonged rain. Munich is in the middle of the red area. But the surrounding area as well as Augsburg or the area around Passau are also affected by the warning. This applies until Tuesday.

Stormy night in Bavaria: fire brigade has to deploy on numerous missions

Update from February 2, 8.22 a.m .: It was stormy in the night to today's Sunday. Because of the strong wind and rain, the fire brigade had to deploy numerous times around Nuremberg, for example. According to the information, a number of trees fell over, and there were also some basements under water.

In the city of Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen, the fire department recorded a total of 27 missions due to the weather. Nobody got hurt. In Nuremberg, emergency services were looking for a person who was allegedly trapped under a tree . However, this message was not confirmed.

There are also numerous warnings from the German Weather Service (DWD) for today's Sunday. The DWD warns of hurricanes in the Berchtesgadener Land, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Oberallgäu districts until Tuesday morning . In the districts of Freyung-Grafenau, Deggendorf, Straubing-Bogen, Cham, Regen, Bayreuth and Wunsiedel, the warning of hurricane gusts applies until Monday morning at three o'clock. According to the DWD, there is a warning of storm gusts for large parts of Bavaria. The temperatures are seven to 14 degrees.

Weather warning of storm across Bavaria on Saturday

Update from February 1, 7:01 am: There is currently a warning from the German Weather Service for all of Bavaria. There are gusts of wind.

There are gusts of wind above 1500 m at speeds around 85 km / h (24m / s, 47kn, Bft 9) from the south-west.

Underneath there are gusts of wind at speeds between 50 km / h (14m / s, 28kn, Bft 7) and 60 km / h (17m / s, 33kn, Bft 7) from the south-west. In exposed locations, gusts of wind around 70 km / h (20m / s, 38kn, Bft 8) must be expected.

Update from January 31: In the past few days there was a storm in Bavaria. And it goes on like this on Friday. The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of severe gusts of wind until 6 p.m. The districts of Berchtesgadener Land, Traunstein, Rosenheim, Miesbach, Weilheim-Schongau, Ostallgäu and Oberallgäu are affected.

The warning also applies to Freyung-Grafenau, Deggendorf, Straubing-Bogen, Regen, Cham, Bayreuth and Wunsiedel. In the rest of the Free State there is an official warning of wind gusts until 6 p.m. The temperatures are 9 to 15 degrees at the start of the weekend. According to the DWD , it should remain similarly mild over the next few days. That is why the Bavarian Avalanche Service calls for a "substantial" avalanche danger for the Allgäu, Werdenfels and Berchtesgaden Alps. This corresponds to the third of five warning levels.

German Weather Service warns: gusts of wind and slippery conditions in Bavaria

Update of January 30: Warnings from the German Weather Service (DWD) are also available today. The DWD warns of slippery surfaces all over Bavaria until around 10 a.m. There is no warning for the city of Erlangen alone.

In the districts of Berchtesgadener Land, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Oberallgäu, Freyung-Grafenau, Straubing-Bogen, Regen, Deggendorf, Cham, Bayreuth and Wunsiedel, gusts of wind threaten until 8 p.m. During the day, the temperatures in the Free State climb up to 11 degrees according to the DWD. Because of the mild temperatures, the Bavarian Avalanche Service calls out a "significant" avalanche danger for the Allgäu, Ammergau and Berchtesgaden Alps. This corresponds to the third of five warning levels .

After Katwarn warning: German Weather Service also warns

Update from January 29: The German Weather Service (DWD) has issued several warnings for today’s Wednesday. In the districts of Berchtesgadener Land, Traunstein, Rosenheim, Miesbach, Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, Ostallgäu and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the DWD warns of snowfall . The warning is valid until 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning. In addition, warnings of strong gusts of wind will be given until Wednesday evening at 9 p.m.

For the district of Weilheim-Schongau, snow is also warned and gusts of wind until 9 p.m. For the districts of Landsberg am Lech and Oberallgäu, warnings are not only given until 9 p.m. before storm gusts, but also on Wednesday mornings against slippery snow. But warnings also apply to the rest of Bavaria. Severe gusts of wind are particularly threatening in eastern Bavaria, for example in the Regen, Cham and Bayreuth districts. In the whole of Bavaria, it also threatens to become smooth in the morning.

Video: Bavaria weather - winter comes back on Wednesday

Weather warning for Bavaria: Katwarn warns of Esiregen, sleet and gusts of wind

Original article from January 28th

Munich - whether the long-awaited snow is finally coming? Probably not if you go to the German Weather Service. However, freezing rain, sleet and strong gusts of wind will soon sweep across Bavaria . The German Weather Service triggered the "Katwarn" app. Eight counties near the Alps are particularly affected.

Katwarn warns of " extreme weather " in Bavaria. Hurricane gusts are possible at higher altitudes.

"Katwarn" alarm: German weather service warns of severe storms in Bavaria

The warning comes from the German Weather Service. The German Weather Service warns of high gusts of wind on Tuesday, January 28th .

These can reach up to 85 kilometers per hour. The towns in southern Bavaria are particularly affected. There, the DWD even expects hurricane-like gusts above 100 meters at 100 kilometers or 120 kilometers per hour. "Pay special attention to falling objects," said the meteorologists on the DWD website. The districts of Oberallgäu, Marktoberdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bad Tölz, Miesbach, Rosenheim, Traunstein, Berchtesgadener Land are particularly affected.

The warning applies throughout Tuesday (January 28).

The weather in Germany can be described as the average of many values: temperatures, precipitation, wind strength, hours of sunshine and more. *

German Weather Service warns of black ice in Lower Bavaria and in Alpine valleys

But it is not only uncomfortable on the edge of the Alps, according to the DWD, the situation is to change throughout Bavaria. In Lower Bavaria and in Alpine valleys, black ice is possible due to freezing rain. Thunderstorms can also occur. However, the temperatures remain mild. The DWD expects three to nine degrees.

The next day, Wednesday, January 29th, it will still be very cloudy. Strong gusts continue to move across the country. The sun only shines in isolated parts of Bavaria.

Snow or no snow? Snow forecasts and snow forecasts are often disappointing for some winter fans. Why is that? *

Note: ATTENTION! Information about possible dangers: For example, trees can be uprooted and roofs can be damaged. Pay particular attention to falling branches, tiles or objects. Close all windows and doors! Secure items outdoors! Keep a special distance from buildings, trees, scaffolding and high-voltage lines. If possible, avoid staying outside.

The weather in Munich and Bavaria with the weather forecast for the next few days on

Storm depression "Lolita" claimed the first casualty.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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