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Academics and economists: securing the army, the Aleppo-Damascus international road, has positive repercussions for the national economy


Aleppo-Hama-Sana The Aleppo-Damascus International Highway is an important vital artery for linking Aleppo and the other Syrian governorates


The Aleppo-Damascus International Road is an important vital artery for linking Aleppo with the other Syrian governorates, for the flow of goods, transit trade, transport of passengers and travelers to Syrian cities, the time is shortened and traffic congestion and traffic accidents occurring on the current road through Aleppo Khanasser archaeological are reduced.

Today, after the Syrian Arab Army units have completely secured the international road to Aleppo, Damascus, through Idlib and Hama, after liberating the areas surrounding the road from terrorism and defeating terrorist organizations from both sides, the joy began to fill the hearts of the Syrians in general and the people of Aleppo, their merchants and industrialists, especially because of this international road of commercial and economic importance.

The SANA camera monitored the opinions of a number of academics, traders and industrialists in Aleppo governorate to talk about the positive effects and economic implications of securing this road and reopening it, where Dr. Hassan Hazouri of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Aleppo explained that the reopening of the Aleppo Damascus road will have very significant positive repercussions on the Syrian economy from Where trade and reduce transportation costs, and thus the opening of international highways, encourage exports because the current road through ancient archaeological sites is narrow and long, and this benefits the city of Aleppo, as it is the capital of the Syrian economy, stressing that the reopening of this road contributes to accelerating the role of The wheel of production and supplies of raw materials is good for citizens.

In turn, Dr. Raed Haj Suleiman, a professor of economics and international relations at the University of Aleppo, said that the reopening of the Aleppo-Damascus road, which was done with the mission of the Syrian Arab Army, would reduce the economic cost of the products that were passing through the archaeological road of Aleppo Khanasser and would revive internal and external exports from Aleppo in addition to shortening travel time Among the governorates, the most important of which are Aleppo and Damascus, and the lower cost of transportation and the value of goods, and thus the possibility of lowering the prices of some products.

For his part, Engineer Omar Ezzat, director of the cargo transport office in Aleppo, indicated that reopening the most important vital artery connecting the Syrian governorates to each other between the north and south will achieve a very large flow of goods in addition to the positive repercussions on prices and transport fares if the goods of companies and public sector institutions that took off in The city of Aleppo, or the private commercial sector, thus achieving an economic recovery movement in the city and the rest of the Syrian governorates, including wheat and flour products.

The industrial lamp, Musabli, pointed out that the reopening of the Aleppo-Damascus international road after the victories of our valiant army will reflect positively on the commercial movement within the governorate of Aleppo and the rest of the Syrian governorates and cities and border crossings to facilitate export and reduce shipping costs, noting the difficulties that traders currently suffer in transporting their goods through the current road. Where time and distance traveled and not ready to transport large loads.

Adel Risha, a member of the Board of Directors of the Aleppo Chamber of Commerce, pointed out the positive effects of securing army units for the Aleppo-Damascus international road on the city of Aleppo from the commercial, agricultural and tourist aspects, reducing product costs, and facilitating the entry and exit of goods to and from the city and the travel of citizens.

Ayman al-Basha, a member of the board of directors of the Aleppo Chamber of Commerce, said that the victory features were clear thanks to the sacrifices of the men of the Syrian Arab Army and one of its important results is securing the international Aleppo Damascus road and liberating it from the abomination of terrorism, and this achieves great repercussions on the economic and social level and facilitating crossing to all provinces including Idlib to which he will return Economic and vital activity and the ease of crossing commercial convoys in a short time and a short distance because the road is an international highway linking Syrian cities with borders with Arab countries.

Omar Kushash and Majed fingerprint Jee pointed out the owners of commercial stores in the seven area of ​​Bahrat to the importance of the return of commercial traffic through the Aleppo International Road after it was secured by the Syrian Arab Army and that its reopening will revitalize the industrial and commercial sectors and reduce the prices of products and thus the flow of exports and achieve economic recovery for the province of Aleppo and the rest Syrian governorates.

Today, the units of the Syrian Arab Army continued to secure the entire Aleppo-Damascus international road, through Idlib and Hama, after liberating the areas surrounding the road and defeating terrorist organizations from both sides of the international road.

In Hama, head of the Hama Chamber of Commerce, Ayman Melandi said that securing the road is a major achievement that will revive the commercial and economic movement in Syria and a strong motivation in the reconstruction process, calling on the concerned authorities to completely rehabilitate the road.

Economist Safwan Al-Attar indicated that the reopening of the road will contribute greatly to reviving commercial traffic and facilitating the transport of goods and supporting the local product, expressing his hope that parallel with securing the road to open the Aleppo airport and resume air traffic again.

The head of the Hama Chamber of Industry, Ziyad Arabo considered that the Aleppo road will have significant positive effects in accelerating the economic wheel and contributing to supporting the production process, increasing commodity exchange, reducing transportation and production costs, and reducing the cost and price of the commodity to consumers.

The academic and economist Hassan Al-Masry pointed out that securing the road and reopening it is of great economic and strategic importance in obtaining foreign exchange, controlling the exchange rate, improving the performance of the Syrian pound, and facilitating the movement of local trade and controlling the movement of foreign land trade.

Amer Kazkaz, a merchant and a member of the Hama City Council, pointed out the expected remunerative financial returns from reopening the road in various fields and the civil, governmental and economic sectors, while the merchant Waheed Al-Aswad called for expediting the rehabilitation of the road in cooperation between the three governorates of Hama, Idlib and Aleppo that this road passes through.

Qusay Razuq - Abdullah Al-Sheikh

Source: sena

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