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"File number XY" (ZDF): Who knows this dead wanderer? Creepy picture of corpse released


The photo of a downed hiker on the greenstone was shown on the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY ... unbekannt". Who knows the dead man?

The photo of a downed hiker on the greenstone was shown on the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY ... unbekannt". Who knows the dead man?

  • Who is the unknown dead man from the greenstone?
  • Investigators are still in the dark months after the discovery.
  • The ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY" now showed the case in its current program.

Update from February 13: After the case of the man who had crashed on the green stone was not broadcast in January on the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY ... unresolved" , it was part of the program on Wednesday evening (February 12).

A hiker witnessed the man falling from the mountain on August 16. The stranger had no papers with him, and even months later the police still do not know his identity. Rudi Cerne presented the case in the current program of "Case number XY ... unknown". A photo of the body was also shown on the show. The man is estimated to be 60 to 75 years old and is approximately 1.65 meters tall.

Man crashes at the greenstone: case not with "case number XY ... unresolved"

First report from January 14th:

Ismaning - It is not uncommon for crimes to be solved by the ZDF program " Aktenzeichen XY ". In the case of a dead man, ZDF initially also planned to ask the viewers of the popular TV show for help. By broadcasting a photo of the dead, investigators hoped in advance for clues to the identity of the dead. In the short term, however, the case had to be cut out of the program, presumably for reasons of time, as Margit Preiss from the press team confirmed.

In the case of the missing Alexandra May, investigators showed a photo of an important necklace. Was the missing person accompanied by two men shortly after her disappearance?

Case number XY: who is the unknown dead man from Greenstone?

Who is the unknown dead man who could not be identified even after months? This question has been asked by investigators since August 16, 2019. You can see the photo of the dead unknown man here. * On this day, the man crashed at the green stone in the Berchtesgaden Alps . The stranger was fatally injured in the crash. Another climber had watched the crash and alerted emergency services.

But even though the stranger was immediately recovered, the mystery of his identity remained. Because identification documents were not found with him. The rescuer only carried a train ticket with him. According to this ticket, he had taken the train from Freilassing to Berchtesgaden .

Case number XY: Investigators planned to show body picture

In addition to the picture published by the police some time ago, the stranger is described as about 70 years old and about 1.70 meters tall. He had gray hair and a gray beard. Police say the man wore dark blue, long trousers, a white shirt, and a gray-beige shirt. He also had a light blue, thick jacket with him.

Case number XY: can the case of the unknown dead be solved?

It is not yet known whether and if so when the photo of the dead man will be shown in one of the next issues of "Case number XY".

At “Aktenzeichen XY”, ZDF and presenter Rudi Cerne presented a cold case from Hamburg some time ago. Even retired investigators came forward.

In April, "Case number XY" again presented unsolved criminal cases. In two cases, the audience wanted to know the perpetrators.

There was also a real thriller in Anzing, Bavaria: In summer, a scooter driver was killed. The driver is still fleeting today. *

Where is Lenina from Lünen? According to the Dortmund police, the girl has been missing any trace since January 16.

A man was brutally beaten up in a Munich park. The perpetrators were able to flee, but were seen attacking the 43-year-old. Now the new episode of "Case number XY ... unresolved" is looking for witnesses.

A warrant was issued against the youth coach of a sports club for sexual abuse. He is said to have made young people send nude photos of themselves.

For the 20-year-old Peißenberger, the court decision must have been a shock. He should be imprisoned immediately for escape. Then he took flight spectacularly. *

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Source: merkur

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