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Claudio Caniggia, explosive: the desire to work with Maradona, "de Rossi's holiday", "el boludo elbow" and his stormy relationship with Passarella


The former national team striker also talked about the definition of the Super League and said River is "more consolidated" than Boca

02/16/2020 - 18:23

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Claudio Paul Caniggia returned to the center of the football scene in recent times to closely follow the gymnastics of his friend, Diego Armando Maradona. Away from the ball since his retirement, the former River forward, Boca and the National Team, among others, openly expressed his desire to return to the ring and, in the near future, join the Lobo coaching staff. "I want to work with Diego," he said.

But that was not the only thing that Caniggia said in the program "Soccer without spots", which is broadcast on Channel 26. The Bird walked bluntly. He expressed his opinion about the exciting definition of the championship between River and Boca and expressed the brief experience of Daniele De Rossi in Argentina. He also spoke of his stormy relationship with Daniel Alberto Passarella and recalled with pain the yellow card he received against Italy, in the 1990 World Cup, and which earned him the exclusion of the final against Germany.

Claudio Caniggia and Marcelo Ordás, wearing the shirt that the Bird wore when he scored the goal for Brazil in Italy 1990

“I would like to work with Diego. It is always a possibility. Not only with Diego, but getting involved and getting into something that I like. I never said that I don't want to be as an assistant or whatever is within a coaching staff. I said that if there was something interesting I could get involved and that others could be sure of that. Diego already has his assistants, there is very little left to finish this championship. Let's not talk as if I was offering myself, it could be a possibility , but maybe in the future, ”Caniggia started.

And he expanded: “ Diego is in a difficult situation in Gymnastics . I knew it from the moment he assumed it and it's a challenge. He is used to and likes. He wanted to re-direct, although that was not why he grabbed without caring to go down. I see it well, much more relaxed in spirit. Maybe because he needed to grab a team and he likes to be a coach. Since leaving Mexico he had a period without doing anything and it is good for him to be in the bank, beyond suffering. The daughters told me that I was suffering a lot from the results, but you have to leave it, it is barbaric. What he does is what he loves: workouts, rallies, the game on Sundays. He is used to suffering and knows how to handle it. Never mind".

On the other hand, he said that Maradona should be cheered at La Bombonera when Gymnastics visits Boca for the last date of the Super League. “I think they have to receive it with ovation. Diego arrived when he was 20 years old and they sold him to a fortune. I'm not talking about money, but it meant a symbol of the club and the world. No matter the shirt that Diego is wearing now, for me he was the best footballer in history and I think he should be received for what he is. No matter what happened in the elections, at least it has to be cheered. This leadership out there is not going to make a party for political issues, but a standing ovation and something else deserves, ”he warned

In addition, Caniggia referred to the hand-in-hand between River and Boca in the Super League. In that sense, he maintained that the Millionaire "is more consolidated" than the Xeneize and surrendered to the management of Marcelo Gallardo in the Núñez team.

“It's not that Boca is obligated, but it's only three points apart. River is a much more established team, which always proposes the same game, while Boca is different, it is brewing with a new technician. But with three points of difference anything can happen, even if River is a team that is better. Two months ago River was not in the fight and is now the number one candidate , ”he summarized.


Caniggia also had harsh words for De Rossi, who blamed him for not taking into account how difficult it is to play in Argentine football.

De Rossi was on vacation here . It is obvious that he retired in Rome. His was a little want to play in Argentina for a while. It is not easy to play in Boca if you are 36 years old, arrived with physical problems, was not well and could not recover. It is not easy, he was injured and when he returned there was another player who was better and has ten years less. It doesn't matter if you call yourself De Rossi, in Boca you don't play with the name . He considered that having done so little in Boca, his retirement had been in Rome, ”he shot

In turn, he pointed against Passarella, whom he said was the person responsible for not being able to play the 1998 World Cup in France. And he gave details of the "negotiation" with the Kaiser on the length of his mane .

“Passarella is already there, but it made me lose a World Cup and it is not easy to assimilate that. I'm still angry, really. We don't play football anymore, but I have a lot of anger about losing a World Cup in which I was to play it. It was the same as in '90 but with more experience. He never gave me an explanation. The hair is ridiculous. He asked me once to cut it on the phone. He told me to cut it five centimeters and I thought it was a lot, I told him. It was that I cut it an inch and a half and I did it. After that I played a game of Qualifying and never again. When the final list had to be given, it was not there, ”he recalled.

Also, when asked if he considered that the descent of River with Passarella as president meant a personal revenge, Caniggia said he was not happy that the club that formed him as a soccer player lost the category.

“No, it's not that I was going to have a grudge because of what happened. Going to B? No, no, no ... Lie! It's a joke, I'm serious. If it doesn't look like it's true and I'm glad. I grew up in River. From 15 to 21 my career was impressive in a spectacular club. They are two different stages, I grew up in a club and then I went against it, it's true. But I left them money and Rive let me learn, I grew up with a winning team and with personality. They are two different stages of my career and both were spectacular. I have resentment for other things, but not for that. He was wrong ugly, but I was not happy about River, ”he said.

Returning to his past of Selection, the Bird lamented his absence in the final of Italy 1990, his best World Cup, and acknowledged that it is something that remained as a pending account.

" It was the elbow of the idiot . It will be with that title and it is not right, eye. It is a joke. No, I do not want it to remain that way. This rule does not exist anymore, with two yellow you can play the World Cup final (sic ) But I always said it, this was a move by (Joao) Havelange, who was president of FIFA at the time, because we eliminated Brazil and the local, who were both candidates. There was an order that he had yellow had to take the second one.It was not that I kicked the back, it was a hand that could have prevented the referee from taking out the yellow one.I did not need to take it out knowing that I was the only striker from Argentina.We had three players less in the In the end, because (Ricardo) Giusti and (Julio) Olarticoechea also got yellow, the idea was for Argentina to come unarmed to the final, we all know this, I always said it, it was very difficult not to have been in that final. I didn't even wear the party with Italy because I already knew I missed the next one. It was hard to assimilate that when I returned to concentration. The days until the end were the worst thing that happened to me in my sports career, ”he said.

Finally, he was confident in the work of Lionel Scaloni at the head of the National Team. We have chances to win the Copa América, I'm sure . Scaloni has done a good job. At the time I said that he lacked a little experience but is doing a great job. There have been many changes in recent years, with the technicians who have come and gone and Scaloni must be given credit because it improved the team, ”he concluded.

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