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Yakimono Rothschild Celebrates 20 | Israel today


The mythical restaurant, which paved the way for the flowering of Japanese cuisine in our districts, celebrates two decades and launches a new tasting menu for restaurants

The mythical restaurant, which paved the way for the flowering of Japanese cuisine in our districts, celebrates two decades and launches a new tasting menu

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In the mid-1990s, when I was a confectioner at the Tadmor School, Little Tel Aviv was the culinary prosperity we are so accustomed to today, housed on Yardi Street on the corner of Hayarkon Street, while the still undeveloped Tel Aviv port - the Yakimono restaurant.

It was a small, modest-looking restaurant, devoid of any design and concept. Yakimono at that time was simply a great Japanese restaurant. So excellent that I will never forget the first tasting experience from the on-site menu. That taste left a strong impression on me. Challenged the palate, opened avenues to new worlds I did not know and first defined Japanese cuisine in Israel.

She was a pioneer and paved the way for the flowering of Japanese cuisine in our districts.

Avi Cohen, the founding restaurateur, moved the small, modest institution to his abode on Rothschild Street 20 years ago, where Yakimono has been operating very successfully ever since.

The legacy inherited by Cohen is a blessing to his successors, restaurant owners Alexander Cohen, Shirley Cohen and Natalie Cohen of Liniac, his daughters. And yes, Shlomi Lotan, the mythological director, goes on and on in the big, elegant space. Balance on the highest quality ingredients, fine and delicate adjustment of a very limited number of dishes to the Israeli palate, but at the same time the presentation of authentic Japanese cuisine in all its shades.

Over the years, Yakimono's next generation has begun to open up customer circles and add to those who have been loyal to them for two decades, a young and new audience. One of Yakimono's great and innovative initiatives is a tasting menu that offers a range of flagship flags at a very attractive price. The menu showcases Yakimono's qualities, glorifying and glorifying her name even after over two decades of activity.

The menu is renewed this year in honor of the birthday of the new Japanese emperor Naruhito, starting on February 23. The reigning Japanese Emperor's birthday is a national day in the Japanese Empire and is called the Tanu Tanjawi.

The Emperor's Birthday and the 20th anniversary of Yakimono Rothschild are a great reason for the launch of this tasting menu, built this time with the clientele who chose his favorite dishes over the years from a variety of tasting menus previously served.

This year, Yakimono also launches a rich dessert menu, a collaboration with pastry chef Yoav Dekelbaum, and a new Japanese beverage menu that is of course tailored to the selected dishes.

The dishes on the tasting menu include: Sonomono - Japanese pickles, chickpeas and sprouts, seaweed and cucumbers and a selection of dim sum in six units: Horsenso Maki Mushroom - Spinach, Tori Maki Moshi - Chicken, Gioza - Chicken, Sakana Usozokori - Mince Slices of Sashimi Root, MAGORO PEPPER - Peppered seared tuna slices and slices of lemon in soy and ginger sauce, Koroma Abbey - jumbo shrimp in cold wasabi sauce. Sushi Gummy Mori - Sushi Balls Wrapped in Gray Malt in Chef's Sauce, Rainbow Special - Rolls with Chopped Fish Selection, Miso Aboriginal - Nigiri Dorad Revital Roasted in Miso, Gonkan Sakana - Seaweed Nourish, Chopped Fine Fish, Oshinko and Green Onion, Nigiri Tuna, Tuna, Spicy, Shirumi Nigiri Zushi - White Fish Nuggets with Miso Yuzu and Gonkan Salmon - Salmon, Tempura Shrimp, Creme Wasabi

Yakimono also launches a new dessert menu, a collaboration with the successful confectioner Yoav Dekelbaum from the Emek Hefer industrial area, which includes six different desserts: Chocorto sake - rich chocolate with sake decorated with green tea chocolate, yuzu boro - yuzu cream pellets and lemon pistachio cream Peanut Watermelon, Chocorto Koishi - Dark Chocolate Mousse Pebble Wrapped in Milk Chocolate Ganache with Salty Toffee on Pistachio Caramel, Tropicaro Koishi - White Chocolate Pebbles Filled with Mango Mango, Pineapple and Passiflora on Almond Caramel, Tapioca Briola Accompanied by ginger jam and pavlova fruit - meringue, sorbet on 3 flavors Seasonal fruit passion fruit sauce on a bed.

The menu is served to a couple of diners and above.

Price: NIS 195 per diner.

Source: israelhayom

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