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"The Bachelor" 2020: Statue in Munich goes viral - it bizarre reminds of Sebastian Preuss


The Dreamdates caused a big heartbeat among the candidates of the RTL show. Who is in the final now? Read episode eight in the ticker!

The Dreamdates caused a big heartbeat among the candidates of the RTL show. Who is in the final now? Read episode eight in the ticker!

  • There are only two episodes for the "Bachelor" 2020 *.
  • There are three candidates left.
  • Who comes from the candidates to the final after the dream dates ?

Update from February 27, 2020, 2 p.m .: Bachelor Sebastian Preuss is probably the most unpopular Bachelor ever. Most fans agree - especially his behavior towards the candidates is impossible for many. A user from Munich now makes a pretty nasty comparison in the Jodel app - and over 2000 users agree with him on the app's Facebook page. He thinks that a statue from Sebastian’s hometown Munich reminds of the Bachelor’s degree :

A closer look reveals why. The stone statue represents a small child, who grabs a swan who is obviously shrieking loudly by the neck. Clearly a nasty allusion to the rumors that the bachelor had beaten a man with a lively swan when he was 18. Sebastian Preuss said that at the time he only confessed to the act * to be released from custody, even though he did not commit the swan attack at all. However, the victim confirmed the allegations against Sebastian Preuss to our online editorial team. *

Bachelor 2020: This is what the network community says about the dream dates

Update from February 27, 2020, at 9:11 a.m .: What does the network community say about yesterday's dream dates ? They agree once again - it was awesome - irony. Above all, the "donation of time" and the charming note to Diana that she had a bump in her nose were the absolute highlights for many.

"I want to donate a little more time with her" - Anglicism gone wrong #derbachelor

- (@newromantiics) February 19, 2020

Speech error and popel - absolute dream date #The Bachelor

- schnatie134 (@ schnatie1342) February 26, 2020

Another Twitter user summarizes all dates briefly as follows:

#Bachelor #derbachelor I talked to my garden gate during the advertising break. That was more profound than ALL BätchiSeb conversations with his women. And the answers are higher intellectually.

- Bump (@ Beule57693448) February 26, 2020

Bachelor: These were the dream dates in episode 8

10:13 p.m .: Okay, we almost expected it. The bachelor chooses candidate Diana, the pretty Desiree is out of the race. "I'm happy!" Diana is enthusiastic about the decision. And we look forward to the finale next week! For everyone who doesn't want to wait anymore. Warning - spoiler warning!

10:11 pm: "I would doubt his words," explains Wioleta before the decision. But the pretty model worries for nothing. Of course, Wio can go to the finals!

Bachelor (RTL): Who will be in the grand finale of the TV show?

22:04: Well that was clear. RTL torments us with a commercial break, girls hold out!

9:58 p.m .: Now the bachelor has to decide. The pretty Diana, the sulking Wioleta or the exotic Munich girl Desiree?

9:53 p.m .: The sting is deep with candidate Wioleta - the model is now even starting a small argument. Man wio!

9:49 pm: The two of them spent the night separately, but of course the Rosenkavalier picks up his loved one on time for breakfast. And then the delicious information: the 29-year-old actually had to throw up at night.

Bachelor (RTL): Candidate Wioleta may not spend the night at the Bachelor

9:44 pm: The nausea seems to come back after the kiss. The bachelor even wants to cancel the date together. Candidate Wioleta cannot stay with the 29-year-old. A world seems to be collapsing for the candidate.

9:36 pm: Of course there is a kiss despite nausea. Naturally!

9:32 pm: Candidate Wioleta does not seem to take the bad state of the Bachelor so seriously. The pretty model continues to giggle happily. You can see the nausea slowly in the 29-year-old.

9:27 pm: Oh Oh! While Wioleta giggles at the romantic dinner, the bachelor is far from good. The Bachelor's degree is bad from eating.

9:22 pm: The two really seem to be on the same wavelength - already the absolute favorite for us!

9:13 p.m .: And now it is Candidate Wioleta's turn - there is a kiss as a greeting. Naturally. What else.

Bachelor (RTL): Candidate Desiree is kissed - and may stay overnight

9:09 p.m .: It is no surprise that the pretty Munich girl can of course also stay overnight. What happens in the night? Unfortunately, the two do not reveal that.

9.05 p.m .: NA ALSO! There it is, the kiss! And of course, just like with many other candidates in a pool. "She was quite surprised that I am so open to closeness," says the bachelor after the kiss. Uh, no.

9:02 p.m .: Desiree and Sebastian continue to chat after the commercial break - we are not used to such long conversations at Munich!

8:51 p.m .: Even when cooking together, the two do not get closer - is that the end for Desiree? Basti man, attack! Oh - advertising.

8:46 pm: "I would be interested in what these buildings are," candidate Desiree marveled at the joint city tour. Culture? Doesn't the Bachelor finally want to kiss? So far, candidate Desiree has not benefited.

8:41 pm: And now it's the next turn - this time Bachelor Sebastian Preuss meets with candidate Desiree. It's like on the assembly line here!

8:38 pm : It couldn't have been that bad . Of course, the candidate stays at the Bachelor's breakfast - included!

"Bachelor" (RTL): Bachelor teases the candidate - she counters promptly

8:34 pm: When the 29-year-old mentions the nasty bathing scene again, it bursts out of candidate Diana. "Basti, you are annoying!" Oh, if there is no love developing.

8:32 pm: As if the popel scene in the water hadn't been uncomfortable enough, there is still silence at dinner together. "I think it's nice when there is no talk for 20 minutes," explains the bachelor. Well, if that's not a dream date!

8:27 p.m .: The bachelor can also hold in-depth discussions! The 29-year-old tells Diana about his brother's drug past. "Crass," explains the candidate afterwards.

8:23 pm: Candidate Diana gets the first dream date in Mexico. While the two are bathing there is a small nose problem. We prefer not to mention the help from the Bachelor here. Yuck!

"Bachelor": semifinals - the Bachelor starts right away

8:20 pm: “Of course there are women for whom I feel a little more and others for whom I feel a little less. Nevertheless, I give each woman time individually ”- well that's an emotional statement from the Bachelor!

8:18 pm: The opening credits for today's episode already promise a lot of drama, tears and anger. Perfect!

8:12 p.m .: Let's get started! Today's episode can only be a good one.

Update from February 26, 2020, 4:14 p.m .: Which two candidates will the Bachelor choose on Wednesday evening? Many fans have been asking themselves this question for weeks, and tonight the answer will finally follow! Loyal fans of the TV format can watch the respective episode one week earlier via TV-NOW. It goes without saying that a discussion about the current episode is already sparking on social media.

A user is probably burning a certain scene of the episode, especially under the nails. After Bachelor Sebastian Preuss confessed a few days ago to being convicted of an attack with a swan, a detail of the current episode appears particularly bizarre. While the 29-year-old is popping up for a date with one of his chosen ones, a romantically folded towel sits enthroned in front of the mirror. But the towel has been folded in the shape of a swan. Well with this scene we can really look forward to the episode in the evening!

Without exaggeratingly anticipating the upcoming #bachelor episode - this is just my favorite scene. #towel swan

- Udo Frei (@UdoFrei) February 19, 2020

"Bachelor" (RTL): Diana, Wioleta or Desiree - who will reach the final?

Statement of origin: There are only two episodes for the "Bachelor" 2020 - and we are sad on the one hand and a little relieved on the other. Because yes we love trash TV formats like the "Bachelor", "Jungle Camp" or "GNTM" *. On the other hand, we are also relieved that this season will soon come to an end, since Sebastian Preuss * is simply not one of our favorite bachelors - even if Sebastian's mother is now taking sides with him *. But we digress. The dream dates are coming up and they are known to smooch and - yes, we are clever girls to use Sebastian's words - we also spend the night. Or not? But one by one.

Check out this post on Instagram

Dreamdates in sight ☀️ Everything you need to know about the ladies and the new bachelor can be found via the link in our bio ➡️ @ bachelor.rtl #bachelor # bachelor2020 #rtl #rtlde #dating #dreamdates @sebastianpreuss

A post shared by The Bachelor (@ bachelor.rtl) on Feb 25, 2020 at 4:53 pm PST

"Bachelor" 2020: With three candidates it goes back to Mexico

First, Sebastian, Diana, Wioleta and Desiree , the last three of the 22 “Bachelor” candidates *, go from cold Germany back to warm and sunny Mexico . The last three remaining candidates are facing three wonderful dates . Only Leah had to stay in Germany after the home dates, because she was “tinkered” with Sebastian *. But whether the dates are all so wonderful and whether a kiss with Desiree falls?

Check out this post on Instagram

⁣Some moments do not need words ♥ ️ ⠀ On Wednesday it will definitely be emotional ... I am already extremely grateful that a few girls are now part of my life. ⠀ ⠀ Always remember to tell the people who are important to you and above all to show them. ⠀ ⠀ Enjoy your Sunday ♥ ️ # love # sunday # happiness [Photo: TVNOW]

A post shared by Desiree Zurga (@desireezurga_) on Feb 9, 2020 at 2:43 pm PST

"Bachelor" 2020: Dream dates do not run perfectly

The short preview gives a hint: everything will not be so dreamy. Diana seems to have doubts and sits crying on the beach. Even afterwards she doubts whether Sebastian's choice will fall on her at the "Night of the Roses" .

Another date doesn't seem to be going well for Sebastian . You only hear him say: "I don't want her to put her in a bad mood." Does he refer to Diana or someone else ? Because Wios Date does not seem to run optimally either: The preview also shows her crying because she couldn't sleep with Sebastian . Why is not clear yet. Sebastian consoles her, but sees sticking to the problem more as a step back in her “relationship” .

Check out this post on Instagram

"I hope these simple things are what I forever love about life, for then I will be happy no matter where I find myself" - Today I'm going to Cozumel, because Basti and I will spend our dream date there !! I am really looking forward to spending time together for a longer period of time, enjoying the great Mexican weather and simply experiencing a lot of great moments. I think this time will be very special ☀️ And there will be a few laughs too #dreamdate #mexico #cozumel #summerinwinter #escapingthecold #happyme #love

A post shared by Diana Kaloev (@dianakaloev) on Feb 26, 2020 at 1:11 am PST

What's going on there? We have never seen so many crying candidates at the Dreamdates . So honestly. They should just be fun and great. There's something really worm this season, and not just because of inappropriate comments and previous swan attack stories from the bachelor. As a result, the salary of the Bachelor candidates actually borders on “compensation for pain and suffering” *.

Here you will find an overview of all Bachelor broadcast dates * and which candidates are still there *.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network


Rubric list image: © TVNOW

Source: merkur

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