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Alejandro Vandenbroele reported to the IACHR the Ministry of Justice and the Executive for "putting him at risk"


The repentant of the Ciccone Case claimed in international courts for the leaks of the Witness Protection Program. He mentioned Juan Martín Mena, the secretary of Justice.

Lucia Salinas

02/27/2020 - 10:21

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The accused collaborator, Alejandro Vandenbroele, went to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDDHH) to denounce the Government of Alberto Fernández, noting that "from the Executive Branch, Ministry of Justice and encumbrated sectors of the judiciary they put at risk and violate my rights (...), fundamentally the right to my personal integrity ", upon knowing your reserved file data when I was part of the Protected Witness Program.

While the federal Justice investigates if Alejandro Vandenbroele, designated frontman of Amado Boudou, received money from the Government of Mauricio Macri to confess in a case related to the Ciccone Case (the former calcographic) and thus, harm the former vice president, the owner of The Old Fund denounced a mishandling by the State regarding the program that should "guarantee security and safeguard " of its physical integrity.

These concepts were reflected in his resignation last week, to the Program that depends on the Ministry of Justice. There he denounced irregularities of the current management in the reserve of "confidential information", pointed against officials of the area of ​​Justice and maintains that the Government put "security in evident form" its security.

Under these terms, Vandenbroele resigned from the Protection Program last Friday. He had entered it in November 2017, when he decided to collaborate with one of the files linked to the Ciccone case. For this reason, Amado Boudou was sentenced to five years and 10 months for bribery and incompatible negotiations.

Now, he filed a complaint with the IACHR where the government of Alberto Fernández argued, "from the Executive branch and the Ministry of Justice and sectors encumbrados of the Judiciary, they seriously jeopardize and violate my rights (...) fundamentally the right to my personal integrity since my personal and confidential file was disclosed in the Witness Protection Program. "

In the letter to which Clarín agreed , he said that he does not have adequate judicial remedies to "protect me from the State's action at this time, having denounced before the judge who accepted my regret the situation described but I fear an onslaught impossible to be repelled by him ".

Therefore, he asked the international organization to intervene so that, with this action, "this situation may cease on the part of the Argentine state and require the adoption of other measures or state actions to preserve my physical, moral and freedom integrity."

After a newspaper article of the El Destape site was known telling details about his reserved file and exposing the possibility that he has received money from the government of Mauricio Macri to harm his confession to the former vice president of Cristina Kirchner, the former head of The Old Fund - a 60% shareholder in Ciccone - decided to quit the program.

Following the publication of the website, which told about the acquisition of a hotel by Vandenbroele and that it would have been the remuneration by the Executive Power to its declaration as an imputed collaborator, two cases were initiated in Comodoro Py. The first to know if an alleged payment was linked to the content of the confession, and the other investigates the leakage of information of a reserved nature, like all the files of the people who make up the Protection Program.

The second investigation pursues the information circuit that, for the previous authorities of the Program, was leaked by the current Government in the case of "reserved files".

The lawyer and businessman defended himself against the accusations, he pointed out that as well as compliance with what was imposed by the program that requires the reservation of the address, the restriction of the use of cell phones, social networks, among other aspects to preserve the integrity of those He is part of it, considers that he also complied with what was demanded by the Law of the Collaborating Tax, regarding “providing information, accurate, verifiable and credible data on the causes involved”.

Consequently, he stated that his statements were "corroborated" and that they were of "utility for the clarification of the events investigated in said files and other related matters, all of which was ratified by the prosecutors and the intervening judge." It was Judge Ariel Lijo who approved the collaboration agreement that Vandenbroele signed with prosecutor Jorge Di Lello.

The owner of TOF went to the IACHR and there he presented six aspects that support his statement:

1- First, he indicated that there was an "Filtration and illegal media dissemination of my legacy belonging to the protection program - which is strictly confidential" -. In this regard, he indicated that this "compromised my security exponentially and subjected me to an attempt at public derision in order to generate a procedural benefit among convicted persons belonging to the political space of the new government."

2- On the other hand and in the second instance, he remarked that there was an "inaction and lack of response from the witness protection program to said dissemination and dissemination, despite my repeated requests."

3- Continuing with his proposals, he added that the public statements of members of the executive branch and members of the judiciary - especially the president of the Council of the Magistracy, Dr. Alberto Lugones - on his condition of repentant "payment and / or trout" it constituted "a clear prejudice and coercion towards the prosecutors and intervening judges in an open case in which the content of the leaks is investigated.

4- To sustain his accusation, Vandenbroele said in fourth place that the return to the orbit of the National Executive Power (Ministry of Justice) of the Witness Protection Program was created due to the repeal of the decree signed by former President Mauricio Macri eleven days before leaving the Casa Rosada. "This exposes the witnesses who testified against members and / or persons of the political space of the current government to the dangerous and unprecedented situation of being supposedly protected by the accused or related persons," he said.

5- Fifth, he focused on the public statements of the Secretary of Justice of the Nation, Juan Martín Mena, "made on February 20 in which he expressly takes a stand against me, my conduct and the legal actions of the program of protection to date ".

6- At the conclusion of the six points he presented, the lawyer added that "the dismissal of the authorities of the Witness Protection and Collaborated Tax Program by Dr. Mena dated February 21 and for the designation of authorities related to his political space. "

Source: clarin

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