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Corona virus: This photo warms many hearts - police report on controls: group with bizarre jumping jack reaction


The corona virus has a firm grip on Munich. How do people react to the nice weather at the weekend? All developments in the ticker.

The corona virus has a firm grip on Munich. How do people react to the nice weather at the weekend? All developments in the ticker.

  • The coronavirus * continues to spread in the city of Munich. The symptoms of the virus are different.
  • Here you will find the basic facts about the corona virus and the corona news from Germany. You can also find current case numbers in Germany as a map.
  • Here you will find the guide to our corona virus reporting.
  • * helps - and Munich sticks together in the corona crisis: Enter your Munich restaurant or your Munich dealer or a service provider with Corona service here.

Update from 1:03 p.m .: At 6 a.m. on Saturday (March 28), the Munich police started again with checks and operations "to check compliance with the regulations of the current general decree or ordinance". Over 7,000 controls were performed by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday (March 29).

344 violations were reported, of which 324 related to exit restrictions . "As part of the police measures to comply with the current regulations, loudspeaker announcements were made at the rowing regatta due to increased leisure time. It was particularly pointed out that a longer stay at a location is not permitted. ”According to the police, a group of four, however, was not impressed by this and remained on the jetty on the east bank of the regatta course . “When they saw the police coming closer, everyone suddenly jumped up and started practicing 'jumping jacks' on the spot. This sudden sporting activity did not help here either. All four were reported to have violated the Infection Protection Act, ”it said.

Coronavirus in Munich: This photo warms the hearts of many

Update from 11.46 a.m .: A ratchet while walking counts for many people. But this is no longer possible - except with family / household members - due to the initial restrictions. A yodel user in Munich has observed how three seniors have now managed. And captured on a photo. On the left is a couple, on the right another gentleman. The three seem to be at least two meters apart. And to chat in the process.

"Social distancing done right," writes the yodel who recorded the scene. But of course this method also has problems. "They don't hear each other when talking. Now they're shouting at each other, ”notes one user. Another is very clear: “Just go for a walk, not entertain. Advertisement is out. ”In fact, he's right - even chatting with two or three meters is prohibited. How the three try to keep the rules , but still warms some hearts. And maybe they weren't talking at all, they just greeted them quickly.

Update from 10.05 a.m .: A non-profit association from Munich has offered disinfectants to facilities and doctors on Twitter . Heimatstern eV had to hand over numerous boxes free of charge to those who had difficulty getting disinfectants. The association asks for a retweet in its post so that as many as possible learn about the campaign. 511 people (as of March 29, 10:05 a.m.) have already shared the tweet.

For all institutions or doctors who have difficulty getting surface disinfection, here again the note that we still have to deliver a number of boxes (best before date 2022) free of charge.
Please RT! ⭐️

- HeimatsternMünchen (@Heimatstern_org) March 28, 2020

Coronavirus in Munich: Police answer important questions on Twitter

Update from 9.52 a.m .: Tamara Schwab belongs to the risk group. The 26-year-old has chronic myocarditis and reports on her situation on Instagram. For them, the corona virus is not a small virus, "but a life threat".

Update of March 29, 8:53 a.m .: On Saturday (March 28), the Munich police addressed the population with haunting words, as there were still many people on the Isar . She called for staying home - and answered extensive questions on Twitter about what was allowed and what wasn't.

When asked whether a meeting with the best friend was okay, the Munich police replied: "Social contacts outside of one's own household must currently be avoided, including the meeting with the best friend." At the request of another person to religious institutions replied the officials: “ Churches or mosques , as long as they are open, can be visited alone. Church services do not take place. "The officials also intervene in a discussion about the visit of a therapist:" You can continue to visit therapists, unless there is a possibility to make these appointments, for example, via video conference. "

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Karl Markgraf dies in Landsberger Klinikum

Update, 9:35 p.m .: Especially older citizens are at risk from the corona virus. In several countries, special slots for shopping in supermarkets are blocked for this risk group * - a model also for Germany and Munich ?

Update, 9:17 p.m .: Sad news from Landsberg: As the Augsburger Allgemeine reports, Karl Margraf died in the Landsberger Klinikum on Friday night. The 92-year-old had previously tested positive for the corona virus.

Margraf was closely associated with TSV 1860 and worked as an archivist for the Munich football club. He had held this position since 1974 and continued to work until 2004. TSV 1860 Munich addressed the late Margraf with emotional words on Facebook: "We will miss you!"

Update, 8:52 p.m .: The beautiful weather in Munich lured people outside this Saturday. Despite strict exit restrictions , popular places in the city such as the English Garden or the Isar were well visited, as reported by

Other parks in the city are said to have attracted many people.

Coronavirus in Munich: Police with an urgent request

Update, 5:19 p.m .: The Munich police once again addressed the population with haunting words. According to this, there are again numerous people on the Isar. The police are calling to stay at home if possible and to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

We are currently noticing that things are pretty busy in Munich's parks and on the Isar.

For this reason, the urgent request to you again. #Stay at home

Pay attention to the minimum distance of 1.5 meters. # Flattenthecurve # commonformunich

- Police Munich (@PolizeiMuenchen) March 28, 2020

Update, 15:16: The city of Munich has once again informed about the latest numbers of coronavirus infected in the state capital. Accordingly, 235 coronavirus cases (as of Saturday, 1.30 p.m.) were confirmed. A total of 2080 cases have now been reported in the city.

In # Munich, 235 new # coronavirus cases were confirmed today, Saturday, March 28 (as of 1:30 p.m.). This means that a total of 2,080 infections are currently reported in the state capital. Current information at #StayHome #FlattenTheCurve

- City of Munich (@StadtMuenchen) March 28, 2020

Corona virus in Munich: police with thousands of controls

Update, 2.30 p.m .: The police were also busy on Friday. Over 6,000 controls were carried out between March 27 (6 a.m.) and March 28 (6 a.m.). 251 violations were reported, of which 228 affected the exit restriction.

On Friday, at 6:35 p.m., an officer in Englschalking was so badly injured on the hand that he was no longer able to serve afterwards, the police wrote. The officers had to move into a 31-year-old's apartment, where his partner and a 27-year-old were guests. According to the police, the 27-year-old was unable to demonstrate a legitimate interest. The 31-year-old attacked the emergency services and injured the officials. The attacker is reported for opposition to law enforcement officers, the 27-year-old for a violation of the Infection Protection Act.

Corona in Munich: People flocked to the Isar on Friday - How will it be today?

Update, 11.55 a.m .: A woman from Munich sent us a photo of the Wittelsbacher bridge on Friday at 3 p.m. There was a lot going on on the Isar. Who will then pour everything into the water this Saturday? In this weather, the police are asking you to stay at home as a precaution.

Do the people of Munich stick to it? If you want the exit restriction to be lifted again, you should discipline yourself right from the start and make sure that you stay in your own four walls once more than sitting on the Isar.


People gather on the Isar.

© MW

Coronavirus in Munich: Cinema advertises with special "toilet paper blockbusters" - Can you guess the original title?

Update, 9.43 a.m .: In Munich, some of the institutions deal with the Corona crisis in a humorous way. Humor is also a means of creating a certain distraction in bad times. The Maxim cinema in the state capital turned directly to the corona and used witty sayings against the virus.

"Corona, shit - toilet paper is all" is announced as a "blockbuster". Beneath them hang all sorts of posters in the shop windows that announce further “films” - all titles have been rewritten with the word toilet paper. Do you know which original it is ?. "Fear eat up toilet paper", "Beyond toilet paper", "Find toilet paper", "Greetings from toilet paper" and "Call me by your paper" is written there.

The #Maxim in # Munich has already posted the new #Blockbuster ... so after #Corona with #Klopapier in #Kino

- Brit (@My Wonder Room) March 27, 2020

We clarify:

"Fear Eat Toilet Paper" - Original: "Fear Eat Soul"

"Beyond toilet paper" - Original: "Beyond Eden" or "Beyond Africa"

"Finds toilet paper" - Original: "Finds Nemo"

"Every day the toilet paper greets" - Original: "Every day the marmot greets"

New infection numbers reported - Police have an urgent appeal for the weekend

Update, 9:15 p.m .: The Munich police are still busy answering questions about exit restrictions in Bavaria. According to a tweet from the police , two questions are asked repeatedly - the question is whether “ jaunts ” and “longer stays outdoors ” are still allowed.

The Munich police force replies on Twitter with an infographic from the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior. "Stays outside only for walking or taking a breath, " it says. "Sitting outside for long periods" is also not permitted.

Here are the answers to two questions that we have been asked repeatedly in the past few days.

For almost all other questions regarding the general disposition there is the corresponding answer:

- Police Munich (@PolizeiMuenchen) March 27, 2020

Coronavirus in Munich: Gastro scene with a call for help to Markus Söder and Dieter Reiter

Update, 6:31 pm: The Munich gastro scene sends a call for help to Markus Söder and Mayor Dieter Reiter. The desperate restaurateurs want to draw attention to their situation with a petition.

Corona virus in Munich: catalog of fines for Bavaria published

Update, 5:55 p.m .: Bavaria is fighting the corona virus - now with clearly defined punishments. A new catalog of fines regulates how expensive violations of the exit restrictions become.

Coronavirus in Munich: Police with urgent information about the weekend

5.20 p.m .: The police contacted the Munich residents shortly before sunny Saturday. Because even if the mild weather beckons outside: sunbathing and picnicking is not allowed in public parks and green spaces - not even alone.

This was pointed out by police spokesman Damian Kania early Friday evening (March 27). Such leisure time activities are "a violation " of the valid rules of exit restriction, even if they are not accompanied, he emphasized. Longer stays are not permitted. In an interview with the citizens, the officials had determined that this fact is hardly known. In general, the discipline of the residents of the state capital does not seem to be that far in the face of the weather. "The parks are already very popular on Friday afternoon," warned Kania.

Corona virus in Munich: Reference to "Corona help" donation account

4:41 pm: The city ​​of Munich has a special “ Corona Helpdonation account on its website. With the help of donations made to this account, organizations , private individuals and projects could be supported "quickly and easily".

Aid is urgently needed, the statement goes on to say, “either acute now or at a later point in time to help with late effects ”. It is about the financial support of social organizations and projects (for example the financing of necessary donations in kind or other support offers), the basic supply (for example buying food or hygiene articles) as well as projects of the city ​​of Munich (for example "Help the helpers!"). Further information and account details are available on the website of the City of Munich.

Coronavirus in Munich: Current infection numbers reported - 158 new cases

15:16: The city of Munich has published the current infected numbers for today (March 27). 158 new coronavirus cases were confirmed in the Bavarian capital. In total, there are 1845 infections in Munich.

158 new # coronavirus cases were confirmed in # Munich on Friday, March 27 (as of 1:30 p.m.). A total of 1,845 infections are currently reported in the state capital. Current information at #StayHome #FlattenTheCurve

- City of Munich (@StadtMuenchen) March 27, 2020

Corona virus in Munich: LKA warns - scammers with perfidious mesh

14:16: The LKA warns of current cases in Bavaria and Munich: Fraudsters use the coronavirus pandemic with a new, perfidious trick. Never open your front door.

12.28 p.m .: The Department for Health and the Environment (RGU) once again assured in today's town hall survey that people who tested positive for Corona would be informed as soon as possible. Health officer Stephanie Jacobs commented in this regard as follows: "Every day, our employees work at full speed to contact the people who have reported positive tests to us as quickly as possible."

And this is the procedure : The RGU receives reports of corona cases tested positive from the testing laboratories. The department then contacts the infected person, arranges for quarantine , ascertains the state of health and provides the necessary information.

However, negative test results for people who have had a test carried out by their general practitioner or by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bavaria (KVB) will not be given to the RGU. Negative test results are therefore only communicated through the family doctor or the KVB. All citizens are again explicitly asked to take this into account.

Coronavirus in Munich: Police with appeal: "Still stay home ..."

10.11 a.m .: The coming weekend promises plenty of sunshine in the Isar metropolis. This has prompted the Munich police to make an important announcement . "Please stay at home anyway and only leave the apartment for good reason," said a spokesman on Friday morning.

On trips to the hotspots of the city and those of the surrounding area, it was not to be expected that the specified minimum distance of 1.5 meters could be maintained. So far, one is extremely satisfied with the behavior of the population, said the spokesman. This tendency would be reduced to absurdity if everyone ran to the Isar in fine weather.

A nice weekend is just around the corner and you want to get some fresh air? Are you looking for seclusion in the mountains and on the lake? The problem: quite a few others too.

We therefore urge you to avoid long distances! #BleibtsDahoam

- PolizeiOberbayernSüd (@polizeiOBS) March 27, 2020

Coronavirus in Munich: Citizens should avoid unnecessary trips

Bavaria's Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann (CSU) also called on the citizens in the coronavirus crisis to refrain from trips to the mountains at the weekend. “It is not the point if people think that they have to drive into the mountains in excess of 50 or 100 kilometers. I strongly advise against it, ”said Herrmann on Friday in the Bavarian radio (Bayern 2“ radioWelt am Morgen ”).

Even if the weather was fine on Saturday, it should not be used as an occasion for such trips, the Minister warned. For counties like Miesbach and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, day trippers are a burden, among other things for the mountain rescue service. "It is a burden when you have to save someone who bends their feet in such a situation," said Herrmann.


Joachim Herrmann warns the Bavarian population to be reasonable.

© dpa / Sven Hoppe

9:18 a.m .: If you are hit by exit restrictions and bans on contacts in the corona crisis , you could try online laugh training . The laugh club at Munich's Westpark now meets every Sunday at 11:00 in the video chat , a spokeswoman said on Friday. "I know of a lot of people who have their blankets on their heads," she said.

According to the information, there are currently 25 to 35 participants per session, and the number increases every day. But the so-called laughter yoga has nothing to do with "Hihihi" and "Hohoho". "This is the big mistake that many have in laugh training," said the spokeswoman. Instead, it's about breathing exercises and smiling - the natural laugh would come of its own accord. The instructor is the certified laugh trainer Cornelia Leisch.

8:05 a.m .: A Munich doctor may have been infected with the corona virus. But the authorities leave her and her friend in doubt. "It can't be," the women complain now.

OB Reiter sends a moving Corona message from Munich: "Currently there is no reliable forecast, but ..."

Update March 27, 7.35 a.m .: Mayor Dieter Reiter is standing on a completely extinct Marienplatz when he turns to Munich on Thursday. "I don't know that here. They all know why, ”said the SPD politician in a video that he shared on his Facebook page.

With regard to the corona virus , "no trend reversal is currently discernible," says Reiter and comments briefly on the current number of cases (see yesterday's update, 3:23 pm). "The number of contacts is in the thousands," continued Munich Mayor. However, he hoped that with the end of the measures taken (ie the curfew) a turnaround could be seen.

OB Reiter sends an emotional corona message to all of Munich

Reiter thanks the Munich people for their "Bavarian serenity". “How you carry it all is remarkable. Panic buying has also normalized. Thank you for your cohesion and your commitment, ”says the SPD politician. He would particularly like to thank those who "now work a lot more than usual": "Applause for you and keep going"

Reiter closes his appeal with a serious and at the same time hopeful assessment: "There is currently no valid and serious forecast (...) But we will survive this crisis in Munich."

Corona crisis in Munich: Another dead confirmed - Moving actions started all over the city

Update, 7:02 p.m .: The Corona crisis affects us all. Everyone has to get used to the new conditions and adjust their life accordingly. For many, it is still feasible despite the limitations. Others, such as the homeless or the needy, are particularly hard hit. Several have now started campaigns and set up so-called “ gift fences ” all over the city. The needy can help themselves here. Mainly food and material donations can be left here to show solidarity with the weakest in our society in times of crisis. The portal "With pleasure Munich" has now drawn attention to the campaign.

Check out this post on Instagram

Yuhuu. After you pestered us with questions about gift fences yesterday, we have great news today! The first hardworking bees have probably already been on the move and have installed the first gift fences for needy fellow citizens - you can find them so far at Wittelsbacherbrücke, at Zenettiplatz, at Hexenhaus at Columbusplatz, at Giesinger Grünspitz, at Münchner Freiheit and at the playground at Glockenbach! ⁠ –⁠ You can read more about this in our current article on our homepage! Link in the bio:) ⁠ –⁠ –⁠ #mitvergnuegen_zuhause #stayhomeclub #flattenthecurve ⁠ ⁠ #mvm #muenchen #munich #instamunich #igersmunich # 089 #munichstagram #visitmunich # munich #munichlovers #munichichunw19 #sun #ununichovich corona #covid ⁠

A post shared by With Pleasure Munich (@mitvergnuegen_muenchen) on Mar 26, 2020 at 4:40 pm PDT

Coronavirus in Munich: Another death confirmed

Update, 3:23 pm: The city of Munich once again provides information on the latest developments in connection with the corona virus in the state capital. Accordingly, 111 new cases were confirmed on Thursday , March 26 (as of 1:30 p.m.). These figures include four people who have already been cured and, unfortunately, a third confirmed death . An 88 - year-old from Munich with previous illnesses died of COVID-19 in the internist clinic Munich South. A total of 1,687 infections are currently reported in the state capital . A clear fluctuation can be seen in the recent course of the figures. Relatively speaking, only 65 new cases were reported on Tuesday, and yesterday 195 new 195 cases were found.

Update, 12.19 p.m .: On Wednesday (March 25th) and on the night of Thursday, the Munich police carried out a total of 6000 checks to enforce the new rules and measures relating to the coronavirus crisis in Bavaria. 10 violations were identified during these reviews. 104 of these concerned the exit restrictions.

Corona in Munich: Police column drives to an alleged house party - and is surprised

An assignment in the Tegernseer Landstrasse in Obergiesing was particularly striking. The police were summoned there for an alleged house party. Several patrol cars set off. In the apartment, the officials finally met only two drunk people from Munich (both 49 years old) who were listening to music. One of the two was resident in the apartment, the other one was sent home by the officials with an order to leave. He is now awaiting notification of a violation of the Infection Protection Act.

Corona in Munich: starting rule - you are not allowed to go home to friends

To understand the ad, it is sufficient to look at the website of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, where the most important questions about exit restrictions are listed. The answer to the question of whether visiting friends at home is there:

“Everyone is encouraged to reduce the physical and social contacts to other people outside of their own household to an absolutely necessary minimum. Therefore, this is unfortunately not possible to friends in Hau. You also shouldn't invite friends over or make a date to play sports together. ”

Corona in Munich: 33-year-old with disgust action on Instagram - advert!

Update 10:32 a.m .:

The corona crisis and the resulting exit restrictions in Munich seem to drive some people to the stupidest actions with boredom. A 33-year-old now even receives an advertisement for a so-called "Corona Challenge", for which he was filmed on Instagram. With the resulting pictures you can get really bad.

Corona crisis in Munich: Will the Oktoberfest be canceled this year?

Update 9.58 a.m .:

It is still a long way until September. But the question already arises whether the Oktoberfest 2020 can take place in the face of the corona pandemic. The largest folk festival in the world is on the brink.

Because of the Corona crisis, a cancellation or a ban on the Oktoberfest is currently the more likely option, according to government circles. A decision had to be made between Easter and the end of May. The city is formally responsible for the Oktoberfest - given the ban on events by the Free State, a festival with hundreds of thousands of guests would also be legally excluded.

Exit in Corona times: Munich police with an important tweet

The news of March 26, 7.41 a.m .: What is allowed, what is not now? There is still a lot of uncertainty and ignorance about the Corona rules in Munich, as a tweet from the police shows. In contrast to other federal states, there is a fundamental difference in Bavaria. In Bavaria, you can only move in public alone or with people from your own household. This also applies to visits to neighbors, as the Munich police explain when asked. Two acquaintances are not allowed to meet in an apartment or go for a walk together.

No, that is also not allowed. Sports, walking and exercise in the fresh air are permitted. However, only alone or with members of your own household and without any other group formation.

- Police Munich (@PolizeiMuenchen) March 26, 2020

The corona pandemic is the worst-case scenario for the economy. Now five traditional Munich houses are raising the alarm: In an open letter, they are begging politicians for help.

Video: Corona Falls in Germany - Current Figures

Corona in Munich: Aiwanger with a hammer statement

The news of March 25, 10:12 p.m .: Everyone's life is currently shaped by profound restrictions. Many are therefore wondering when normality and more freedom can be expected again. Hubert Aiwanger , Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, has now caused a sensation in a special program on the corona virus with a statement: “Of course you have to keep an eye on the exit . We already looked at it when we started and said: 'Of course we won't last for months' - but my assessment is that sometime from mid-April we must have scratched the curve . ”

What exactly that means was not explained in the program. However, many of these words should give hope.

Coronavirus: Chief physician at Schwabing Clinic reports on conditions

7:05 p.m .: He had the first coronavirus patients in Germany: Clemens Wendtner , chief physician at the Schwabing Clinic , told in an interview what the current situation is in his clinic and the entire state capital. Accordingly, there is an increasing dynamic: “At the end of last week, I would have told you about 13 patients in the normal ward and six in the intensive care unit. We now have almost 50 people with Covid-19 here , nine of them in intensive care. ”

The chief doctor also told the newspaper: "We only have serious cases here."

Nevertheless, Munich is well prepared for the increasing number of infections: “We currently have no problem in Munich. Here the patients can choose which center they want to go to. ” Wendtner is only concerned about the surrounding hospitals . They would have the same cases, but less material.

Coronavirus: Markus Söder speaks live on TV tonight

5:55 p.m .: Tonight the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder will speak at ProSieben about the Corona crisis from 8:15 p.m. Other experts are also invited to the special program “Germany asks about Corona”. We report in the live ticker.

How justified are our fears for the future in times of the corona pandemic? A Munich chief doctor describes his view - and appeals to everyone about living together.

Coronavirus Munich: New jump in the number of infected - unexpected consequence possible

2:48 p.m .: Today Wednesday (as of 1:30 p.m.) 195 new corona cases were confirmed in Munich . The total number of infected people in the state capital is 1,576.

195 new # coronavirus cases were confirmed in # Munich on Wednesday, March 25 (as of 1:30 p.m.). This means that a total of 1,576 infections are currently reported in the state capital. Current information at #FlattenTheCurve

- City of Munich (@StadtMuenchen) March 25, 2020

From Monday to Tuesday yesterday, only 65 additional cases were known. The highest increase to date with 202 newly infected people was the curve from last Thursday (March 19) to Friday (March 20). For the graphic of the city of Munich, please note: the figures for Sunday and Monday are collected on Monday.

1:54 p.m .: The ongoing critical situation caused by the corona pandemic is also having an impact on folk festivals and markets in Munich. A traditional event is canceled, another top event is postponed.

1:15 p.m .: Because of the Corona crisis , the population of the Munich region could stagnate this year for the first time in years. "The population grows mainly through immigration from abroad," said the managing director of the planning association for the outer economic area of ​​Munich, Christian Breu, on Wednesday. "I expect stagnation or even a decline in 2020."

The reason: For years, the growth of the population has mainly been driven by economic development and the associated new jobs . But when the economy is largely at a standstill, fewer jobs are created. "Regardless of the Corona crisis, we are at the end of an economic cycle, the influx has already slowed in 2018," said Breu. Between 2009 and 2018, the population of Munich and the eight surrounding counties increased by over a quarter million to 2.9 million people according to the data published on Wednesday. "We are a very strong region," said Breu.

12:02 p.m .: It is a rather unusual note - but because of the corona crisis , the vote next Sunday is not an ordinary OB runoff election in Munich : there will be a special emptying of the post throughout Bavaria beforehand. Eligible voters can drop their election letters for the local run-off elections into any letter box in the Free State until 6 p.m. on Saturday.

"Corona parties" in Munich: Police have to go out after emergency calls - several ads

11.33 a.m .: The police have dissolved two smaller parties in Munich due to violations of the Infection Protection Act . Yesterday, around 11:35 p.m. Tuesday, a witness had alarmed the police emergency number. He announced that a party would take place in a house on Landwehrstrasse . A patrol of police inspection 14 (Westend) met six people in the apartment in question. They heard loud music and drank alcohol . Four people (aged 20 to 30 years) were only visiting the apartment. You have been given a reprimand. All those present were reported for violating the Infection Protection Act. Narcotics were also found in a 20-year-old; it was displayed.

Also on Tuesday (around 10 p.m.), the officials were made aware of a meeting in a house on Schwabinger Emanuelstrasse . Two women, aged 22 and 45, opened the officers deployed. Both are registered in the house, but in different apartments. They were not related and just wanted to visit each other. Both were reported for violating the Infection Protection Act. In addition, the officials noticed a suspicious smell in the apartment. Small amounts of marijuana were found in both house residents. They were also reported for violations under the Narcotics Act.

11:03 am: In Bavaria , 7289 people have now been tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus . There are 41 deaths , said State Secretary Gerhard Eck (CSU) in Würzburg on Wednesday morning. Because of the corona crisis, Eck temporarily switched from the Interior to the Ministry of Health for three months.

Coronavirus Munich: Aiwanger promises unbureaucratic help - and later tests

10:32 am: Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger has promised small companies quick, unbureaucratic Corona help . At the same time, however, he warns of fraud in the applications .


Bavaria's Minister of Economics Hubert Aiwanger promises rapid emergency aid

© dpa / Peter Kneffel

First of all, there will be no check as to whether the corona crisis is really the cause of the financial crisis, the deputy prime minister told Bayerischer Rundfunk on Wednesday (Bayern 2, "radioWelt am Morgen"). "My goal is that everything that is now requested will be paid for in the next eight to ten days."

However, there will be an examination later, the politician of the free voters announced. "When we have air to breathe again in a few months, we will, of course, take a closer look to see if there were any good luck knights who are now duping us. Then they just have to pay back. "

9.24 a.m .: There was a fire at Viktualienmarkt on Tuesday. A lot is happening there at the moment - not only because of Corona and the upcoming renovation.

Another fatality: Corona pandemic causes precarious situation in Munich - FC Bayern stars jump in

8.54 a.m .: The volunteers of the Münchner Tafel are currently doing hard work. The corona pandemic is causing staff shortages. Now the volunteers get notable support. Under the motto "Helpside", the basketball players at FC Bayern Munich are jumping in.

FCBB office employees who have been in the home office for around two weeks will be putting their effort into setting up and handing out items at the wholesale market every day for a week from today. The German internationals Danilo Barthe l and Paul Zipser as well as Alex King will also help on Thursday.

Emergency in the #Corona crisis: Bayern Basketball helps with the # MünchnerTafel #FCBB # MünchenIstUnserCourt #CoronaPandemie

- FC Bayern Basketball (@fcb_basketball) March 24, 2020

"This facility with its many volunteers is very important for Munich and we have to be careful not to forget it and the needy in the course of the corona situation," Zipser is quoted on the FC Bayern website.

7.57 a.m .: Older and vulnerable people should have their own shopping hours - that is what Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter wants in times of the corona crisis of supermarkets and discounters. Special shopping hours should be reserved for this group of people. According to the Austrian model, Reiter suggests the period between eight and nine o'clock.

In a letter published in the Rathaus Umschau , the Munich OB appealed to the companies: “At the moment it is more important than ever to pay attention to the particularly vulnerable risk groups and to protect them by all means. In the spirit of solidarity and cohesion, I would therefore also ask you to check whether you would like to make a corresponding recommendation to your customers in your branches or even consider further considerations, such as offering your own time slots exclusively for these people. "

Coronavirus in Munich: Unknowns steal 22 sacks of flour from a pizzeria

Update March 25th, 7:00 am: That the people hamster food because of the corona crisis is nothing new. Something as banal as flour is felt as a luxury good. Criminals probably had this idea when they stole 22 sacks of flour on Tuesday night in the pizzeria "Da Battista Paninoteca Focacceria" in Obersendling.

Tina Uthoff, a Munich teacher and mother of a twelve-year-old daughter, currently has completely different concerns. She has been committed to free learning and child-friendly education for years. She doesn't like the current school situation in Germany. With her petition, she now wants to influence the teachers' association and the Ministry of Education and start a rethink.

Coronavirus in Munich: Another fatality - No more parking lot controls?

The news from March 24, 8:43 p.m .: As the city of Munich informs, traffic monitoring and parking lot controls are being reduced these days. The aim is to "support professional groups that have a special responsibility". District administration officer Dr. Thomas Böhle : “This is not to be understood as a free ticket to incorrect parking. In this way, we want to ensure that, for example, medical professionals can drive to and from work and back home and park there without extensive exemptions. In addition, we want to ensure that emergency services and people who support the elderly with errands, for example, do not get a parking ticket. ”

Corona virus in Munich: crisis shapes the image of the state capital

First report from March 24, 2020 : Munich - The corona virus has had the city of Munich under control for many days: almost empty streets, hardly any cars on the way, closed shops. Despite initial problems, people seem to abide by the rules set up to fight the virus . The number of infected people continues to rise. A Munich doctor has now revealed where the risk of becoming infected with the virus is greatest.

Munich: Two corona deaths in the state capital - number of newly infected surprised

On Tuesday (March 24th), the city of Munich announced , like every working day, the numbers of new infections. According to this, 65 people were newly infected on March 24. If you compare this figure with the increases of the past few days, the curve goes down, at least on Tuesday. A day earlier, the number was 274.

The city ​​also announced that there were now two deaths . It is a 79-year-old man with previous illnesses and a 56-year-old, also with previous illnesses .

65 new # coronavirus cases were confirmed in # Munich on Tuesday, March 24 (as of 1:30 p.m.). A total of 1,381 infections are currently registered in the state capital. Current information at #FlattenTheCurve

- City of Munich (@StadtMuenchen) March 24, 2020

Munich: Corona virus is an incredible challenge for the economy

For many people , the current time means a lot of deprivation and, above all, patience. Other people have to fear for their existence. The corona crisis also represents an unprecedented economic challenge.

Many entrepreneurs are on the brink - but the Bavarian state promises everyone immediate help. Others are currently hit even harder. For example, a Munich couple .

Coronavirus: Munich couple is stuck - in Morocco

As reported by , a Munich couple is stuck during the crisis in Morocco : - in a caravan traffic jam. Elmar Hoffmann (71) and Petra Hoffmann-Dax are in a return journey wave in the Spanish exclave Ceuta , as the paper reports. "At some point I stopped counting the cars," the wife told the newspaper.

Due to the closure of the EU borders, the road to Spain is tight, which is why the Munich campers made it through with the camper . When the way to Europe will be clear - unclear. The call to the embassy has so far been of no avail: "They can do little," said the Munich native.

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Source: merkur

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