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Defense Minister Bennett: "An epidemic is like a war - health experts should not rely solely on." Israel today


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Defense Minister proposes his own plan to fight Corona, which will be run mostly by the Ministry of Defense and the IDF • The main points of the program: Reducing restrictions and opening the education system, increasing tests to 50,000 a day - under the responsibility of the army, isolating all lightweight Corona patients in hotels and establishing a public body

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett proposes a new plan to curb the Corona epidemic, which is based largely on the Ministry of Defense and the IDF.

Photo: Ministry of Health

In a fierce attack on the health system's recommendations, Bennett recommends transferring the plague treatment to the Ministry of Defense and the IDF. "The decision-making should not rely on medical experts alone. They only see one angle of the image. Even health matters should not be relied on alone, because the epidemic requires a different perception and conduct, and even the opposite of a daily medical routine, an epidemic is different. Is a kind of fusion of medicine with war, "Bennett writes.

In fact, the Bennett plan proposes that no new restrictions be imposed on the economy, and soon after Pesach the educational system and economic bodies in the economy will gradually develop.

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As for the traffic restrictions, Bennett recommends leaving some of the restrictions in place, but preparing for the return of the "Corona routine" as early as Passover. According to the Bennett program, these are the restrictions that should be in the first step:

1. Convalescence prohibition.

2. Prohibition of leaving the house for non-essential purposes.

3. Obligation to wear a face mask.

4. Obligation of heat measurement at the entrance of any business, per building.

5. Obligation to install "Protector" application for all smartphone owners.

6. Symptom reporting obligation.

7. Insulation duty for corona carriers

Schedules in the Bennett program

• Phase I - Continuing "Israel's closure" without business aggravation - from now until after Passover.

• Business restrictions should not be exceeded beyond 3% of employees.

• A gradual opening of the Israeli economy and entry into the "Corona routine" - immediately after Passover.

"Prepare for 10,000 Difficult Patients"

According to Bennett, "The most important step in moving from a closure condition to a corona routine is the ability to conduct about 50,000 tests a day, regularly and regularly. Therefore, I am convinced that the responsibility for establishing and operating the testing system must be transferred to the security system."

As for isolation, Bennett recommends eliminating hospitalization and home isolation and transferring all Corona patients and carriers to hotels. "Most corona carriers should be directed to hermetic insulation in hotels rather than to home insulation that actually infects the rest of the family, and through the community. Out, ”Bennett writes

Bennett urgently needs to increase the capacity of the health care system for hard-core coronary patients who need breathing, and prepare for the admission of some 10,000 severe respiratory illnesses in hospitals.

"The epidemic will end in about a year"

According to Bennett, Israel must contain the plague, with the understanding that most of the population will contract at some point - and recover. "In the state of Israel, as in the rest of the world, eventually the majority of the population will be infected with Corona, recover from the virus, and most of Israel's citizens will be immune. The whole country was alarmed when we saw a three-fold increase in the number of patients, but the truth in those days, the Ministry of Health doubled The daily testing rate, ”explains Bennett. "This means that at this moment, thousands of Israelis or tens of thousands carry the virus, infecting their environment without them knowing it."

Bennett concludes: "We aim for all of this to happen slowly, without a huge outbreak of the severely ill, which will collapse the health care system, leading to a situation where the severely ill are not being treated in hospitals. Gradual repatriation of workers should be allowed, based on age steps. , While doing daily measurements, increase every few days until you reach 60 ".

"Gradually, and under constant scrutiny, the education system needs to be reopened. Finally, the culture and leisure business, including restaurants, can be opened. Each opening will be accompanied by accurate measurements and close control. Finally, we will enter a full Corona routine and Israel will be open again."

Source: israelhayom

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