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Dramatic ruling: "Pray only in units" Israel today


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Against the backdrop of the large number of patients in the sector, Rabbi Haim Kanievsky, the great ultra-Orthodox, ordered not to pray at all. • Rabbi Peerer addressed the public: "Please stay home"

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, the great ultra-Orthodox, ordered an unusual step for the sector not to pray in quorum or in groups, but only in units. This is a very strict directive, which is even strict with regard to the Ministry of Health, which prohibits prayer in synagogues, but also the existence of open-air minors and within two-meter spaces between people.

Rabbi Firer: I appeal to the people of Israel - stay home

The exceptional ruling comes in the face of extremely harsh criticism against the ultra-Orthodox sector, for the fact that many do not comply with the Ministry of Health's instructions, and against the growing number of Corona patients in Bnei Brak. Yesterday (Saturday night) there was a funeral of a well-known rabbi in the Jerusalem faction attended by hundreds of people, contrary to the guidelines and at risk of human life.

Rabbi Kanievsky published a number of dramatic halakhic rulings regarding the treatment of Corona in the ultra-Orthodox world, in response to questions raised by various communities in Jerusalem. According to his directive, anyone who does not adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines is persecuted, anyone has to give the police who disrespect the instructions, answer the phone on Saturday for those who are waiting for answers to the corona test, and anyone who does not strictly obey the doctor's instructions should be strongly protested. In fact, Rabbi Kanievsky stated that if a person underestimated the instructions and caused someone to die, he was "close to the scoundrel", that is, as a person who deliberately killed another.

The rabbi was asked if he could be harmed, if he had to be in solitary confinement and come out, and answered yes. He also replied that it is permissible to give the name of a person who disrespects doctors' instructions and endangers others to the law authorities, including those who run synagogues and institutions such as meetings that do not obey the medical provisions, even if it results in a high fine or even imprisonment. Finally, he was asked what the public could do to stop the terrible plague that so many had died and replied in one word: "to pray."

At the same time, a letter is expected to be issued in the next few hours by Rabbis Rosenberg, Silbershertien and Silman, signed by Rabbi Haim Kanievsky and Rabbi Edelstein, to stop praying in open quarters even in open areas and not even reach the seminary for individual study. "There was no such thing in the Gulf War that everyone was close to the commander," they said.

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In the meantime, Rabbi Elimelech Firer, an authoritarian in the medical field, released a video calling on all Israeli citizens to stay in homes. "I take advantage of this stage and address all the citizens of Israel: Please, stay home. The gathering at home is preventable and it has been clearly demonstrated that it prevents the spread of the virus and thus actually saves human lives. It is a real mental oversight. I would like to obey the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

"On this occasion, I would also like to thank the doctors who work tirelessly, tirelessly, day and night, stand in front, take a risk. And I wish them thanks to being saved from any harm," said Rabbi Peerer.

Source: israelhayom

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