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OB election in Munich: the runoff election has to decide - Dieter Reiter or Kristina Frank?


The OB election in Munich is decided in the runoff election. Can Kristina surprise Frank again? All developments in the live ticker.

The OB election in Munich is decided in the runoff election. Can Kristina surprise Frank again? All developments in the live ticker.

  • There was no absolute majority for a candidate in the Munich 2020 OB election .
  • Dieter Reiter (SPD) must now run against Kristina Frank (CSU) in the runoff election .
  • Due to the Corona crisis , voting was only allowed by postal vote * .

Update 10:26 am: On the day of the 2020 runoff election for the post of mayor in Munich, a lot comes together. It is the first choice in the history of the city, which takes place as a pure postal vote. Due to the curfew imposed due to the Corona crisis , the streets remain largely empty and the polling stations closed. It remains to be seen how the postal vote experiment will affect voter turnout and whether the corona crisis will have unexpected effects on the election.

Update of March 29, 2020, 8:14 a.m .: In Bavaria , the run-off elections will take place two weeks after the actual local election . Because of the corona crisis , the eligible municipalities can only vote for the first time by postal vote. There are run-off elections in the five largest Bavarian cities of Munich , Nuremberg, Augsburg, Regensburg and Ingolstadt.

Since the Mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter (SPD ), was clearly ahead with around 48 percent in the first round, he can hope in round two for a success in the Bavarian capital against the CSU candidate Kristina Frank . There are run-off elections for 16 mayor and 18 district council posts, and there is also a large number of mayoral elections.

OB election in Munich: the runoff election has to decide - Dieter Reiter or Kristina Frank?

First report from March 28, 2020:

Munich - Not much was missing, but it wasn't quite enough: Munich's Mayor (OB) Dieter Reiter (SPD) won 47.9 percent of the votes cast in the OB election on March 15. This means that he has to go to a runoff * on March 29 with his competitor Kristina Frank (CSU) . The OB candidate came to 21.3 percent . The Greens candidate Katrin Habenschaden narrowly missed the runoff vote - at 20.5 percent , she was very close to Frank. This was a surprise, because according to surveys, damage to property was considered the candidate with the greater chance of forcing Dieter Reiter into the runoff.

Whether Reiter or Frank emerged victorious from the runoff election would also have an impact on possible coalitions in Munich City Hall - especially since the newly elected City Council * has so many new members.

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Dear Munich, thank you very much for your great trust! #dieterreiter # communal election2020 # reiter2020 # munich #muenchenliebe #munich

A post shared by Dieter Reiter (@ dieter_reiter_089) on Mar 16, 2020 at 2:49 pm PDT

OB election in the shadow of the Corona crisis - turnout was 49 percent

Despite the Corona crisis * , 544,489 people took part in the election, which is a turnout of 49 percent - almost nine percentage points higher than in the local elections six years ago. * has prepared the Bavarian results of the OB elections in an interactive map * . This background article on the data project * explains how * collects and processes the data in the Bavaria 2020 local elections .

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THANK YOU! I would like to thank my voters for the trust they have placed in me. I would also like to thank the election workers who made this election possible for our city in a difficult situation. And it is a matter close to my heart to thank my team and all supporters. All of this would be unthinkable without you! I would also like to express my respect to my opponents Dieter Reiter and Katrin Habenschaden for a fair election campaign. Now it's my turn in the runoff. My party and I will continue to fight for responsible policies in the next few days. More than ever, Munich needs a sense of proportion, reliability, balance and togetherness. #kristinatrittan # Lord Mayor # Munich

A post shared by Kristina Frank (@ kristina.munich) on Mar 15, 2020 at 2:07 pm PDT

These are the results of all candidates * who participated in the OB election 2020 in Munich from the first ballot on March 15:

Political party


Voting shares


Reiter, Dieter



Frank, Kristina



Damage to property, Katrin



Wiehle, Wolfgang


Free voters / FW Munich

Mehling, Hans-Peter



Dr. Hoffmann, Jörg



Ruff, Tobias


The left

Lechner, Thomas



Progl, Richard


The party

Weixler, Moritz



Beyhan-Bilgin, Ender


Munich list

Höpner, Dirk



Dilba, Stephanie



Oraner, Cetin


Runoff election between Reiter (SPD) and Frank (CSU) - due to corona crisis with special regulation

There were municipal elections in a state of emergency - due to the corona crisis * Bavaria-wide special rules now apply to the run-off elections *. Many election workers reported sick, which is why teachers were required to act as election workers at short notice - a decision that Dieter Reiter also brought in harsh criticism *. Basically, there was a fierce debate * as to whether these local elections should have been held despite the spread of the novel corona virus *.

Video: Voters cancel - officials are committed

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Source: merkur

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