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[Continuous Update] Hong Kong Stocks Turn Down to Rise in Mainland Stock Market


The number of deaths caused by the new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) in the United States has continued to rise, coupled with poor economic data, adding to investor anxiety, and the Dow has dropped nearly a thousand points. On the other side, the Hong Kong stocks closed at 22610 at night

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Written by: Huang Jie

2020-04-02 11:56

Last updated: 2020-04-02 11:56

The number of deaths caused by the new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) in the United States has continued to rise, coupled with poor economic data, adding to investor anxiety, and the Dow has dropped nearly a thousand points. On the other side, the HSI opened 247 points lower.

The market sentiment has weakened again, and investors are concerned about whether the rebound has ended. "Hong Kong 01" today (2nd) continues to pay attention to the market trend.

[11:53] Half-day high stocks in the mainland stock market have reached 10,000 points

The mainland stock market closed higher for half a day. The Shanghai Stock Exchange closed at noon at 2743 points, up 9 points or 0.3%. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange closed at noon at 10004 points, up 25 points or 0.5%. The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index closed at noon at 3685, up 10 points or 0.3 %, GEM business last reported at 1882 points, up 18 points or 1%.

The Hang Seng Index rose 10 points to the latest 23,096.

[11:14] Individual stock market trends in Asia Pacific

The Asia-Pacific stock market showed no improvement. The latest Nikkei index was 17913 points, down 151 points. The South Korean KOSPI index was 1704 points, up 19 points or 1.1%. The Australian ASX 200 index was 5157 points, down 100 points or 1.9%. The index was last reported at 9663 points, down 44 points or 0.5%.

The Hang Seng Index narrowed its decline, regaining 23,000 points to 23,005 points, down 80 points; the H-Share Index was last reported at 9,405 points, without any ups and downs.

[10:40] Hong Kong Telecom rose by nearly 4% against the market

"True" dividend-paying stocks Hong Kong Telecom (6823) rose 3.8% to 11.08 yuan. The company announced that it has officially launched 5G network in the early morning of April 1, becoming Hong Kong's first mobile communication service operator to provide true 5G services. Taking into account today, the stock price has made 3 consecutive days.

[10:12] BOC Aviation has lost more than 5%

Trump said the government is considering grounding flights to the country's most severe area of ​​the new crown pneumonia epidemic, a move that is a further blow to the aviation industry. Bank of China Aviation Leasing (2588) was under pressure this morning and once fell by more than half. It is now reported at 46.95 yuan, down 2.4%.

[09:31] Mainland stock market opens lower early

The mainland stock market opened lower this morning. The Shanghai Stock Exchange recently opened at 2720 points, opened lower by 14 points or 0.5%, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange opened lower by 41 points or 0.4%, and the latest reported at 9910 points. The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index opened 19 points or 0.5% lower. The index opened lower by 5 points or 0.25% and was last reported at 1860 points.

[09:50] HSBC has lost 38 yuan

HSBC (0005) intensified its decline and once fell below 38 yuan, as low as 37.8 yuan, the latest report was 38.25 yuan, down 4.3%.

[09:42] Hong Kong stocks' decline has expanded to over 300 points

The decline of Hong Kong stocks expanded, with the latest report at 22770 points, down 315 points; the H-Share Index at 9318 points, down 86 points.

[09:36] HSBC's downtrend continues to stay at 38 yuan

HSBC (0005) yesterday announced the cancellation of dividends, the stock price fell this morning, as low as 38.1 yuan, the latest reported at 38.2 yuan, down 4.4%; also announced the cancellation of Standard Chartered (2888) latest reported at 39.1 yuan, down 2 %. [09:21] HSI opens 247 points lower

The Hang Seng Index opened 247 points or 1.07% lower at 22,838 points. The H-Share Index opened 138 points or 1.47% lower at 9,266 points.

Among them, HSBC (0005) continued to open 2.9% lower at 38.8 yuan; Tencent (0700) opened 1.1% lower at 370 yuan; AIA (1299) fell 1.86% to 68.4 yuan.

[08:40] Japanese stocks fall more than a hundred points

The Nikkei 225 index extended its decline and now fell 130 points or 0.72% to 17,934 points.

[08:05] Japanese stocks open lower

The Nikkei 225 index opened 0.75% lower today and is now at 18025 points, down 39 points or 0.22%.

Goldman Sachs expects US GDP to recede in second quarter

More than 200,000 cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed in the United States, and the market is worried that the blockade and economic stagnation caused by the spread of the epidemic may take longer than expected. Investment bank Goldman Sachs further cut its second-quarter economic forecast on March 31, predicting that the US's second-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) will fall by 34% month-on-month, and that the unemployment rate will rise to 15 by mid-2020 %.

US stocks closed down overnight, the Dow fell 973.65 points, or 4.44%, to 20943.51 points; the Nasdaq fell 339.52 points, or 4.41%, to 7360.58 points; the S & P 500 index fell 114.09 points, or 4.41%, to 2470.50 points.

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