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"Let's Dance" finalist Luca Hänni in love with a dance partner? - Enigmatic lyrics surfaced


Luca Hänni and Christina Luft bring the dance floor to “Let's Dance” every week. But it is said that the two of them also sparked privately.

Luca Hänni and Christina Luft bring the dance floor to “Let's Dance” every week. But it is said that the two of them also sparked privately.

  • Luca Hänni and Christina Luft hovered over the “ Let's Dance ” * parquet.
  • But even behind the scenes, the two are said to have  hovered together in seventh heaven .
  • The dance dream couple commented on the circulating love  rumors  - but Lucas' new  song continues to fuel the rumors. 

Update from May 22, 2020 : "You are a jewel for me - no one can get to you" - well, such a crush on Luca Hännis' mouth says it all somehow. For weeks, fans have been hoping that he and his  “Let's Dance” partner Christina Luft will officially become lovers. Every gesture and every look is closely examined (see below). In addition, there are now such meaningful words that some are sure to put back on the gold scales.

But before all romance fans now promise too much: This is not the long-awaited admission of love , but an excerpt from Lucas' latest song "Diamant ", which he is already promoting on his Instagram account. "Next to you I can get on with my life again, nothing is as it used to be. There is a diamond next to me, ”continues the lyrics, in which Luca obviously sings about a true dream woman. 

"Let's Dance": Luca Hänni releases new song on time for the finale - is there more behind it?

But maybe there is more behind his rhymes? After all, the time when Luca Hänni releases his new single is a very special one. Not only is it brought to the market on time for the  “Let's Dance” finale , it also falls into a turbulent time privately for Luca. After all, the pop star only recently broke up with his girlfriend at the time and got to know professional dancer Christina Luft for the RTL dance competition in order to sing about butterflies in her stomach again.

You have to bear in mind that the song was certainly written and produced some time ago and that Luca as a professional probably knows how to work according to scheme F, without each line having to allow conclusions about his private life - but still: The The idea that Luca also thinks a bit of his “Let's Dance” partner Christina when he thinks of his “diamond”  will probably please the fans of the two very much. First of all, however, the two have to do their best again today in the grand finale of the dance show - what will come will be seen. But then of all things, Joachim Llambi should freak out because of her mistakes.

Check out this post on Instagram

Hey my dears I have mega news for you, it is time for new music My new single DIAMANTist ready to pre-order, go ahead! Who is happy? Link in the bio #Diamant #new #single #happy # 22May

A post shared by Luca Hänni (@ lucahaenni1) on May 11, 2020 at 11:56 p.m.

"Let's Dance": Rumors of love for Luca Hänni are getting louder - intimate gestures fuel speculation even more

Update April 23, 2020:  On 21 February, the Swiss singer Luca Hänni * and his dance partner learned Christina air in large introductory show the current Let's Dance Relay * officially know, although the two already in rehearsal for the group dance met. The connection of the dance couple developed over the following two months in an up and down, because it often crashed during rehearsals for the performances. On the floor, however, the two gave the outside a picture of a happy (dance) couple. 

I eat a broom when Luca Hänni and Christina Luft are not a couple after the #letsdance season. They fit like an ass on a bucket.

- Frank Henneick (@FrankHenneick) March 6, 2020

Luca Hänni and Christina Luft? "We love each other very much"

At the latest after it became known that Luca Hänni's long-standing relationship had broken down, the rumors about him and his dance partner were fueled from the outside. But the dancing couple themselves are not entirely innocent of the rumors . Deep looks, long eye contact, small gentle touches or gestures, as well as the forehead kiss (see update from April 19) caused a lot of conversation among the spectators. Even without a live audience, the romantic atmosphere was felt by many fans.

The kiss on the forehead of 30-year-old Christina Luft in particular was suspicious for many viewers. What started out as a professional relationship seems to be developing into a romance, according to love rumors . The position of the dancer has already been communicated. "I think everyone is very happy about this, we also love each other very much ," she said recently and added "but at the moment we are leaving it at Rumba ".

Luca Hänni & coach Christina Luft danced pretty good tonight and I loved the costumes. #LetsDance

- Vincent Gehrke (@Vincent_bolt) April 3, 2020

Luca Hänni: What is going on with “Let's Dance” partner Christina Luft?

Update from April 19, 2020 : A look says more than a thousand words, a kiss does the rest: It has been rumored for a long time that Luca Hänni  and  Christina Luft  could do  more than just the training together for Let's Dance (see below). 

Now it is especially Lucas's very intimate gesture in the last episode of the RTL show that fueled love speculation again. So there was a promising smooch on the forehead for his dance partner Christina Luft at the end of her rumba

But while romantics want to see more in it, the former DSDS winner waves the whole thing off in the RTL interview and instead jokingly explains that the forehead kiss needed the most training and sums up with a giggle: "It was a nice ending ." 

Luca Hänni: What is going on with “Let's Dance” partner Christina Luft?

As moderator Frauke Ludowig then deliberately asks whether there is something going on between the two, Luca says: "No, but of course we had to show something nice and that was fun." The "Let's Dance" candidate continues , he and the professional dancer would just get on well and are a great team. Christina Luft agrees, too, and clarifies with slightly blushed cheeks: "We also love each other very much, but at the moment we are leaving Rumba."

"Let's Dance" professional Christina Luft makes meaningful promises

At the moment? Sounds like there might be more coming soon. At least Frauke Ludowig has already made a promise to the still-only dance couple : "You will be the first to find out ", grins Christina Luft and would like to jokingly vow to inform the RTL presenter immediately if they are interested in their relationship -Status should change something. However, it will most likely not be long before the public learns about it. 

Let's Dance 2020 (RTL): Luca Hänni in love? Motsi Mabuse is fueling rumors

Update from April 4, 2020: In episode seven,  "Love Week" was announced. And who could have embodied this better than the "secret" lovers Luca Hänni and Christina Luft ? When the two hover over the dance floor, you can really feel the chemistry. And even in the short opening credits that come before each couple's dance, the two harmonize perfectly. 

And also in episode six the P aso Doble boiled  for the kiss classic "I Was Made For Lovin 'You" by Luca Hänni and Christina Luft -  in such a way that juror Motsi Mabuse got hearts in his eyes and couldn't stop to grin. "It's so cute to watch both of you. I was made for loving you - anyway, ”enthused Motsi Mabuse, who herself recently gave insights into her love life. The judge laughed mischievously at the chorus and showed a heart in the air.

Most recently, Motsi made headlines not only because of speculation, but especially piquant comments about ex-friends.

Has @MOTSI_MABUSE just spoiled that Luca and Christina are together? #letsdance

- Lord Vader stays at home (@ Don_King_87) April 3, 2020

But Luca and Christina keep their faces and just laugh happily at the 25 points. In contrast, the preparations for the show are said to have been less harmonious. "A little war" between Luca Hänni and his dance partner?

After this episode, Ulrike von der Groeben and Valentin Lusin left - wrongly *, as some fans think. 

"Let's Dance": Luca Hänni comments on rumors of love - "It's nice"

First report from March 26, 2020

Cologne - they cling to each other, look deep into each other's eyes, weigh in time with the music. Luca Hänni * and Christina Luf t make the perfect pair on the floor . With their emotional and spirited dances, they light fireworks there every week and have long since danced into the hearts of the audience. But even in matters of the heart, it is said to have sparked between the two. In the interview, the alleged lovebirds have now commented on the silent love rumors.

"Let's Dance" (RTL): Luca Hänni and Christina Luft are considered dream couples

Both dainty, both brunette and both now incredibly good dancers - optically speaking, Luca Hänni and Christina Luft harmonize at least very well. After it recently became known that the former DSDS winner had just split up with his girlfriend, the fans would like to see more: With "dream couple" or "yes, they go together perfectly" they comment on Lucas together Dance posts with Christina already on social networks. The two “Let's Dance” stars seem to be flattered by this, because after all, they are usually associated with praise for their performance on the floor.

Check out this post on Instagram

Hey my dears yes we are one round ahead thank you for all your calls we are very happy! How did you like the slow waltz? Phew I found mega difficult haha ​​@ christinaluft @letsdance #walzer #new #letsdance #germany

A post shared by Luca Hänni (@ lucahaenni1) on Mar 7, 2020 at 5:48 pm PST

Rumors of love for Luca and Christina: They say that

"We are happy about that, it's nice," Luca says in the RTL interview and adds: "We also want to make a good dance couple here." When asked that all fans hope, however, that the two are more than just that "Good dance couple", the singer is almost embarrassed and prefers Christina to answer for him. She tries to explain very confidently: "I think we can do our job very well if we put our hearts on the surface and people see the unity between us." After all, the dance is clearly in the foreground for the two, she explains 30-year-old continues and grins: "Let's take the compliment." However, if you hear the two giggling together after this statement, one or the other romantic could quickly get the feeling that they felt caught.

The big love through "Let's Dance": With Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinato it worked

That in "Let's Dance" there are rumors in almost every season about a possible Techtechmechtel of the most successful dance couples, is almost due to the nature of the matter. After all, you hardly get anywhere as close as with a shared rumba or a tango - quasi the most passionate "love dances" par excellence. While many simply crackle because of the authenticity of the choreography, the dance partner can sometimes quickly become the partner for the rest of life, as the example of the former “Let's Dance” couple Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinato shows. After the two danced to the finals in the RTL dance competition, they also stepped privately in front of the altar. Most recently, Rebecca even posted herself in one of her old dance dresses and got enthusiastic reactions from the fans. Massimo, on the other hand, is also back in the current “Let's Dance” season - and should basically have the victory in his pocket.

Massimo meanwhile raves about Rebecca's former sponsor. Heidi Klum has done it to him and now he wants the model mom as a dance partner for the new season.

The popular "Let's Dance" judge is known for openness, but her fans have never seen her so honestly. Motsi Mabuse bursts into tears in front of the camera and describes her feelings in the corona crisis.

ProSieben is experiencing the mega-fail. The broadcaster reveals the finalists of the popular top model casting show GNTM three weeks early.

Ex of "Let's Dance" star Luca Hänni can't get over separation, reports *.


* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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