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【Wetland Seasons Park 2】 Ticket collector Jin Jin sells Zhongyuan Group A with an attendance rate of about 60%


The "Hong Kong version of the National Security Law" has hit, and the market is concerned about whether the sales of new disks will be affected. Xindi (0016) Tianshui Wai Project Wetland Seasons Park Phase 2 Today (23rd), 200 units will be sold in the first round.

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Written by: Lin Leqian

2020-05-23 09:59

Last update date: 2020-05-23 10:30

The "Hong Kong version of the National Security Law" has hit, and the market is concerned about whether the sales of new disks will be affected. Xindi (0016) Wetland Seasons Park Phase 2 of the Tianshui Wai project today (23rd) opened for sale in the first round of 200 units. The project has received a total of about 10,000 votes and oversubscribed by 49 times.

[10:00] Central Plains Chen Yongjie: Record 5 to 6 groups of customers intend to scold 15 million to buy 2 partners

Chen Yongjie, deputy chairman of Centaline Property Asia Pacific and president of the residential department, said that the bank's Group A attendance rate was 50% to 60%, which was sold for the first time in the epidemic. Long, the registration time of the last section until early in the morning, I believe this is the first time after a new case. The first batch of 200 people believes that they can "clear one Taiwan" today.

The impact of the National Security Law on the property market depends on the new market sales today. Today, the new market sales are ideal. I believe that the National Security Law has little effect on the property market. The bank also recorded 5 to 6 groups of customers today who want to spend 15 million yuan to buy two It is believed that the attendance of Group B will reach 70%. Among them, it is estimated that two of them will become long-term investors, mainly due to the global volume, and the home buyers resisting currency depreciation.

[09:30] Midland: The Bank ’s overall attendance was enthusiastic

The chief executive officer of Midland Realty and Housing said that the new launch of "Wetland Seasons Park Phase 2" in Tin Shui Wai was the first to sell 200 units today. The overall attendance of the bank was enthusiastic and many groups of big hands were recorded.

According to Bu Shaoming, according to statistics from Midland customers, the New Territories accounted for about 80% of customers, and Kowloon and Hong Kong Island customers accounted for about 20%. The entry barrier for the project is low, so it attracts many young customers to the market, accounting for about 80%, and the proportion of investors is also nearly 40%. After the completion of the project, it is expected that the rent per square foot will exceed RMB 30 and the rate of return will be 3%.

He continued by saying that this month's multi-disclosures were released in full, and the first-hand sales were expected to be satisfactory. It is expected that this month's first-hand transaction volume will exceed 2,200.

[09:00] Approximately 50 prospective buyers line up for building selection

As of 9 a.m., during the hands-on time, about 50 prospective buyers were waiting in line to pick up the building.

The second phase of the Wetland Seasons Park project of the Xindi Tianshui Wai project opened for sale in the first round today. ﹙Photo by Gao Zhongming﹚

Temporarily the new ticket collection king this year

The project received about 10,000 votes earlier, with 200 guys on sale today, oversubscribed by 49 times, which is the new disk with the most votes received this year. The first round of subscriptions exceeded the first phase by more than twice.

According to the sales arrangement, the project will be divided into three periods of sales, mainly in villa units, three-bedroom units and two-room or below units; the project also has two groups, A and B, and buyers in Group A can buy 1 to 5 units. Units, Group B buyers can purchase up to 2 units.

The Wetland Seasons Park project consists of 8 layered houses and 6 villas, providing 699 units in total. The useful area is from 282 to 1,272 feet, the interval includes one-bedroom to three-bedroom households, and there are special units. The key date of the project is July 15, 2021, and the uncompleted period is about 14 months.

Wetland Seasons Park new market new market new market

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