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"Trumpumpobobia, this disease that prevents thinking and informing"


FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - Donald Trump has been the subject of strong criticism since the start of the health crisis. We can of course criticize the American president, but in an argumentative and not hysterical way as it is too often the case, observes the economist Nicolas Lecaussin.

Nicolas Lecaussin is Director of IREF (Institute for Economic and Fiscal Research). His latest book: Lessons Learners: Why France Is Bulky! (Ed. du Rocher)

Everyone admits, Trump gives a lot of yards to get beaten, if only by his compulsive and, often, contradictory tweets. Is this a reason to tell everything and anything about him? To never come back to the "fake news" that runs about it? To ignore some facts which largely plead in its favor and which prove that it can also act correctly?

End of February. We are beginning to understand that the coronavirus is very dangerous, that the pandemic is swelling quickly and that no treatment can cure the sick. A short noise and it is taken up by very serious media: President Trump would have paid $ 1 billion to a German laboratory, CureVac (Tübingen), to benefit from the exclusivity (sic) of a treatment and / or a vaccine against the virus. The White House and the laboratory flatly deny. Since then, more news of this billion and vaccines ...

In early March, several media reported that the White House and President Trump had ordered the seizure of millions of masks at several European airports. Resumption in loop, "the info" fizzled, it was wrong ... Mid-April, another accusing info: the coronavirus tests would have lagged behind in the United States because of the administration. In fact, to go faster, decentralization has been operated: the states have received from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) the power to set up the tests each under their responsibility by relying on local laboratories, without other formality. And at the time, America was the country that had performed the most tests in absolute numbers (around 5 million) ...

Trump did not suggest injecting disinfectant or bleach into the body.

April 24. News Spreads at Lightning Speed, Media Amuses President Trump's Press Conference, "Americans Must or Should Inject Bleach and UV Exposure to get rid of the coronavirus . " We can even hear it, on a video of about twenty seconds put online for proof. Certain scientists, certain politicians, in the United States, in Great Britain and elsewhere, worried, then warned the population not to drink bleach. Quite a few people have gone headlong into what they have portrayed as the terrifying rantings of "Doctor Trump." Without bothering to go to the source. The source is quite simply this press conference of Donald Trump, in its entirety, not just the twenty or thirty seconds that circulated. The director of science and technology at the Department of Homeland Security, Bill Bryan, had just alluded to various disinfectants capable of killing the virus in thirty seconds on surfaces. Trump then asks a question: would it be possible to find a process to send, introduce into the body something that medically would act as a cleanser? At the end of the press conference, it was a reporter, Jonathan Karl of ABC News, who asked whether a disinfectant or bleach could be injected into the body of an infected patient. Bill Bryan and Trump have unequivocally dismissed the idea. But it was so tempting, and easy - sometimes a slightly biased translation is enough - to turn words launched on the fly into insanity.

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He also suggested the use of ultraviolet rays, which he said were very effective in neutralizing the virus. As this effect is known, as it has been proven, in general, on pathogenic organisms, the started mockery was fairly quickly repackaged. A laboratory director (Aytu BioScience) was nevertheless censored on social media because he dared to confirm Trump's comments on the effects of UV rays inside the body.

By banning flights from China on February 1, Trump saved California.

We are beating on Trump, but most French correspondents in the United States are much more lenient towards the Democrats. Who made fun of Nancy Pelosi, the President of the House of Representatives, when she traveled through Chinatown, in San Francisco, inviting everyone to go there, given that the virus was not a problem at all? Trump banned flights from China on February 1, which some say saved California. On February 25, the Democrats were still participating in a primary school debate in South Carolina without worrying about the coronavirus. How many French correspondents have mentioned the accusations of sexual assault against the democratic candidate Joe Biden? In the United States, even the New York Times waited 19 days to talk about it.

Remember, in September 2018, Justice Kavanaugh was everywhere, and immediately, was pilloried when similar charges were laid against him. Joe Biden then said that " in a woman, even if she does not remember everything, the essence of what she says can only be true" . Today, he sees in the words of the woman who accuses him only "completely fanciful allegations ..." . Like Hillary Clinton who had spoken in September 2016 of "half of Trump's supporters" as to be placed in "the basket of pitiful" , Joe Biden has just divided the black voters into "good" (who vote for him) and in "bad". We can safely bet that if Trump had said this, the media world would have been moved to the point of outrage. But Biden, he just made a blunder, according to the press attachés of the Democratic candidate, that a good number of French commentators and correspondents (like that of BFM and RMC Info) obligingly wanted to believe, even adding that he was a joke (as in the sketch of the Unknowns with the "good and bad hunter"?) and that the "real racist" was President Trump ... Who spoke about the Cares Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security)? Who reported the hundreds of deletions of standards and regulations over the past two months to help fight the virus? The fact that the administration is responding to a serious crisis with deregulation and decentralization is, according to experts, a completely new phenomenon. Too strange for France to understand its scope?

In some obsessive, it is a single target, they are like horses who wear blinders so as not to be distracted by something other than their objective.

How many commentators and journalists have mentioned the latest revelations overturning the famous accusations of collusion between the Trump team and Russia in the 2016 elections? Democrats knew they were false, we just learned that. They therefore lied during this whole period. Especially Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who has repeatedly argued that the 57 statements he had in his possession were overwhelming for President Trump. Unfortunately, they were made public for him on May 11: there is no charge against President Trump's team.

We also learned, thanks to the publication of several letters from the FBI, that this institution and its former director, James Comey, were fierce against Michael Flynn, the former Trump security adviser, when we knew that he was innocent. But it had to be "brought down" to discredit the new president. We also know now that 39 democratic political figures and high-ranking officials were aware of, or even involved in, the FBI investigation of the Trump team, in particular on Flynn. And this from November 2016, so before the change of administration at the White House. Among these figures is Joe Biden, the current presidential candidate. It is therefore very unlikely that former President Obama knew nothing about this affair, which is likely to take on considerable proportions since there is no longer any doubt about the deliberate will of the Democrats to smear Donald Trump on n no matter what price.

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One can, of course, criticize Trump. But in a solid and reasoned way, not in a hysterical way. In some obsessive, it is a single target, they are like horses who wear blinders so as not to be distracted by something other than their objective. They are victims of a virus much worse than Covid-19: that of trumpophobia. It not only prevents them from thinking but also simply from informing. This virus is fed, as Jean-François Revel wrote very well in The anti-American obsession, by an " irrational resentment " and also by an ideological militancy.

Source: lefigaro

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