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July 9 holiday: in a survey they asked about the national dates and the crack also got there


It is shown by a national poll released this week. The fight? Independence vs. Memory.

Eduardo Paladini

07/08/2020 - 11:42

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The first alert appears on page 6 of the survey. When the results are shown on the evaluation of the management of Alberto Fernández, Kirchnerists and Macrists answer almost exactly the opposite . While 99% K "approve" of the way the President is governing, 95% M "disapprove". This extreme polarization will manifest itself again later, in several pages of the study. But one attracts particular attention. They inquired about the national dates , on the eve of the July 9 holiday , and the crack also got there .

The work that shows this renewed phenomenon is from Real Time Data , a firm created last year and that makes daily update measurements. It is led by Nicolás Solari, political scientist and former Polyarchy. They have institutional clients, some of them foreign funds. Its latest national survey, published this week, includes 850 cases  collected between June 26 and July 2, and with a margin of error of +/- 3.5%.

One of the chapters of the work deals directly with "The validity of the crack". With five items. The last one, dedicated to "national dates and national identity":

1) The role of the State in the economy . "What do you think is the best formula to reactivate the Argentine economy: that there be more state intervention in companies or that there is less state intervention in companies?"

- General result: 46% ask for "less state intervention", 45% "more state intervention" and 9% "do not know".

- Alberto Fernández voters: 80% ask for "greater state intervention".

- Mauricio Macri voters: 81% ask for "less state intervention".

2) The nationalization of Vicentin . "As you may have heard, the government of Alberto Fernández announced a few days ago its intention to nationalize the Vicentín agricultural company. Do you personally agree or disagree with the nationalization of Vicentin?"

- Overall result: 49% between "not at all agree" (41) and "little agree" (8), against 43% between "strongly agree" (33) and "quite agree (10); 8%" no knows".

- AF voters: 64% "strongly agree" and 14% "strongly agree".

- MM voters: 82% "disagree" and 7% "disagree".

3) The nationalization of Vicentin II . "Some people say that the government wants to nationalize Vicentín to avoid the damage that would be caused by the closure of the company. Others believe that the nationalization is due to a plan by Kirchner to take control of large companies in key sectors of the economy. What do you think you?".

- General result: for 47%, "the Government seeks to rescue Vicentin"; for 45%, "the Government seeks to appropriate large companies". 8% "don't know".

- AF voters: 86% answered that "the Government seeks to rescue Vicentin".

- MM voters: 87% say that "the Government seeks to appropriate large companies".

4) Production vs. distribution . "What do you think would be more important for the country: to develop an economy that produces more or an economy that distributes better?"

- Overall result: 53% choose to "develop an economy that produces more", compared to 44% who prefer "to develop an economy that distributes better". 3% "have no opinion".

- AF voters: 69% choose to "develop an economy that distributes better".

- MM voters: 83% prioritize "developing an economy that produces more".

5) National dates and national identity . "Which of the following national dates best represents you as an Argentine?"

- General result: July 9 (Independence Day), 37% ; May 25 (May Revolution), 18%; March 24 (Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice), 16%; June 20 (Flag Day), 8%; August 17, (Death of Gral. José de San Martín), 7%; April 2 (Veterans and Memorial Day in the Falklands War), 6%; "Don't know", 7%.

- AF voters: March 24, 31% ; July 9, 30%; May 25, 17%; June 20, 6%; August 17, 6%; April 2, 5%.

- MM voters: July 9, 44% ; May 25, 21%; June 20, 10%; August 17, 8%; April 2, 8%; March 24, 1%.

"Vicentin put the antithetical visions of the current and previous governments back on the agenda. The conceptual crack includes not only the role of the State but, essentially, the debate between production or distribution of wealth," warns one of the study's conclusions. . But also, as can be seen, it manifests itself with the national dates. Especially in the memory of March 24 : for the K, it is the day that most represents them, even above July 9. For the M, the day of the memory is almost irrelevant.

Source: clarin

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