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The corruption of officialdom behind the "Heian Jing"


A mainland book called "The Peaceful Sutra" has recently become popular on the Internet, which has caused a lively discussion among mainland netizens about the book's content, publishing disputes, and even the use of institutional resources, official culture, and deletion of posts by online police. "Ping An Jing" for Jilin

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2020-08-01 06:00

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A mainland book called "The Peaceful Sutra" has recently become popular on the Internet, which has caused a lively discussion among mainland netizens about the book's content, publishing disputes, and even the use of institutional resources, official culture, and deletion of posts by online police.

"Peace Jing" was written by the executive deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Public Security Department's congratulatory telegram. It was published in 2019. The book contains more than 200,000 words. It has hundreds of pages with repeated sentences "...Peace" to bless all things in the world. For example, the content of the section "Peace for all ages" reads "Peace for the firstborn, peace for the full moon, peace for a hundred days, 1 year old, 2 years old, 3 years old..." and so on. Although many netizens and even newspapers and magazines bluntly said that the content of the book was "ridiculous," and even the state media Xinhuanet reprinted an article bluntly saying that "Any normal person knows how bad the "Peace Sutra" is." There is nothing wrong with publishing the "Peace Sutra". The reason why this book publishing, which should belong to personal hobbies and tastes, has caused an uproar is the corruption of power and the abnormal official culture that this book reflects in the process of publishing, building momentum, and controlling public opinion.

According to the cover label of "The Peaceful Sutra", the book was jointly published by People's Publishing House and People's Publishing House. Among them, People's Publishing House mainly publishes philosophy and social science books, and is the official publisher of political and ideological books on the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government. However, on Tuesday (28th) the People's Publishing House has stated that it has never published the book "Peace Classics" and has never agreed to jointly publish the book with any unit. As for the mass publishing house, it is a state-level publishing house directly under the Ministry of Public Security. The publisher’s response to media inquiries was “Don’t ask, I can’t tell you.” Therefore, the publication of the book has become one of the entry points for the public to question the operation of power, that is, whether the publication procedures and approval procedures are in compliance with the norms and whether they participate The operation of miscellaneous powers has become one of the suspicions of the "Peace Classics".


The power of Jilin officials is flattering

Another reason why the "Ping An Jing" is criticized is that its propaganda misuses public resources, which reflects the flattery culture of the officialdom. For such a work that Xinhuanet bluntly said "bad", the Jilin Provincial Emergency Management Department shared the publication of the book through its official WeChat account on April 9, commenting that the book is "worth reading." On May 9th, Jilin Provincial Emergency Management Department once again published an article by Zhang Yong through the official WeChat account. The text reads: "From his new work, "Ping An Jing," It makes people feel the profound soul and broad feelings of a scholar." Under the leadership of the Political and Legal Committee of Jilin Province, multiple departments have jointly organized the recitation of "Peace Classics" and invited scholars and celebrities from all walks of life in Changchun to join in. Undoubtedly, after the publication of the "Ping An Jing", the Jilin Province officials used multiple channels to occupy system resources to tout and ostentatize power.

After the "Ping An Jing" aroused extensive discussion, a large number of netizens even stated that after posting posts on the "Ping An Jing" incident, they were mostly deleted and received the following message: "Hello, you are complained by @江苏网警巡查医生网警巡查account Suspected of violation. According to the "Detailed Rules for Microblog Complaints", the "... (post content)" you posted on "... (posting time)" constitutes a violation and is therefore subject to processing." It also raises doubts about the so-called Jilin Net The deletion and cooling of public opinion by the police is a kind of private use of public equipment.

Some mainland media pointed out that after the "Ping An Jing" caused widespread rush, Jilin Province has established a joint investigation team led by the Provincial Political and Legal Committee, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Propaganda Department and other departments to investigate and verify relevant issues. There are already many people in the political and legal system. Fall. This is certainly a good thing. However, an official at the deputy department level can reflect so much power corruption from publishing, building momentum to quelling public opinion, so how many similar incidents are there in many invisible and exposed corners?

The integrity of the Chinese government has always been controversial, which is why China has emphasized rejection of corruption in the past few years. However, the corruption of power is not necessarily a bribe of money. It can be diverse, changeable or even intangible, such as a convenience, a few propaganda, or even a book. Therefore, for China, in addition to working to establish a more complete institutional anti-corruption system, it is also necessary to establish a more open and standardized system for promotion, change the officialdom’s culture of flattering, and commit to ideological and cultural construction, so that society Get rid of the pursuit of power and flattery, and put an end to the corruption of power.

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