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"Hard but fair": Trump supporters almost cause a scandal with Hitler comparison - Plasberg stunned


The US election campaign is entering the hot phase. The ARD program "Hart aber fair" discussed Donald Trump's term of office and his prospects - and almost ended in a scandal.

The US election campaign is entering the hot phase. The ARD program "Hart aber fair" discussed Donald Trump's term of office and his prospects - and almost ended in a scandal.

  • At  "Hart aber fair" (ARD) the US election campaign  between President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden is discussed.
  • Moderator Frank Plasberg also has a Trump supporter as a guest.
  • In the end, it almost causes a scandal with a comparison.

Washington - After the Democrats Joe Biden * at their party congress as a candidate *for the office of US President * , the Republicans have now followed suit . The incumbent President Donald Trump, whose main adviser recently resigned, was officially nominated and is running again in the battle for the White House to serve as head of state of the United States of America for four more years.

Even if it will be a few months before the US election * on November 3, the election campaign threatens to get dirty again. The ARD program * "Hart aber fair" * now offered a foretaste . Moderator Frank Plasberg * had invited his guests to speak about the upcoming election under the title "Election campaign by all means: Will America fall to Donald Trump?"

An ardent Trump supporter was a guest in George Weinberg . As the spokesman for the "Republicans Overseas Germany", the entrepreneur is a kind of mouthpiece for the US Republicans in Germany. In addition, CDU * politicians Norbert Röttgen * and Christina Meier (Head of ARD Studio New York) also discussed .

"Hard but fair" (ARD): Trump supporter Weinberg with media scolding in the style of the US President

And after just a few minutes, Weinberg started praising Trump. "Donald Trump is the most successful US president," he said, explaining the reasons: "He doesn't just talk, he does." But the press does not reflect this, believes Weinberg. And attacked the media in the style of its president. “ARD and ZDF are not objective. The journalists follow their own direction. It's not OK."

Weinberg compared the public broadcaster in Germany with CNN, which Trump has always counted among the representatives of “fake news”. The connected New York correspondent of ARD now burst the collar, she countered Weinberg's statements. "I find it remarkable how brutally the free press is being attacked by Republicans," said Meier via video link. “The party has completely submitted. There is no longer any diversity of opinion within the Republican Party. "

Norbert Röttgen (CDU) criticizes Trump's election campaign in "Hard but fair": "There are limits"

The CDU member of the Bundestag Röttgen also took part in the discussion. He was concerned with fairness in the election campaign, which Trump lacks in his eyes. The US President had said in the White House about the Democratic Vice-candidate Kamala Harris * that he had "heard that she did not meet the requirements" and thus questioned her birth in the USA.

While Weinberg was of the opinion that "a mosquito can be made into an elephant", Röttgen saw it quite differently. "There are Limits. Party members should also say that there are limits: defaming a political competitor, for example. Racism is such a limit. There are methods that poison the land, ”Röttgen appealed to Weinberg.

If Trump were re-elected, his last inhibitions would be gone. He has always increased division & polarization. But democracy has requirements: respect, debate & compromise. He undermined that with his method. # TeamRöttgen #hartaberfair

- Norbert Röttgen (@n_roettgen) August 24, 2020

Trump supporter Weinberg with scandalous comparison: "Do not pretend that he is Hitler"

At the end of the show, Plasberg put one last question to Trump supporter Weinberg. "How do you want to raise your children and grandchildren to the truth if you support someone who lies?" Weinberg did not want to answer at first, then he replied: "That is a provocative question. Donald Trump has children, he has grandchildren, he is a very good father. He was elected by 63 million Americans. "Then, just as provocatively, he shoved after Plasberg:" Please don't pretend he is Adolf Hitler. "

The show almost ended in scandal. But the ARD presenter remained confident and immediately suppressed Weinberg's completely misplaced comparison. “Comparisons with Adolf Hitler are not possible, that is unique. Nobody does that here, ”said Plasberg and turned away. He then asked all panelists for their opinion on who would win the November election. While Biden experienced a large majority here, Weinberg had the last word: “Yes, what do you think ?! Of course Donald Trump. ” (Kh) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

Video: Republicans nominate Trump as US presidential candidate

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