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Dispute over game feeding in the west of Kreuther: hunting chief refuses, animal rights activists are outraged


Leonhardt Rohnbogner wants to make his alpine pasture on the Hirschberg available for feeding game. According to the specialist authority, the location would be ideal. But the hunt manager refuses.

Leonhardt Rohnbogner wants to make his alpine pasture on the Hirschberg available for feeding game.

According to the specialist authority, the location would be ideal.

But the hunt manager refuses.

  • According to the assessment of the specialist agencies, there is no game feeding in the west of Kreuth.

  • A location has been found with the support of the Tegernseer Tal animal protection association.

  • The Kreuther hunting director refuses with reference to the protection of the forest.

Kreuth -

Cows are currently grazing on Leonhardt Rohnbogner's pasture in Scharling, and there is also fodder in the barn.

Five hectares of gently undulating meadow and forest belong to the Kreuther.

When Johanna Ecker-Schotte, chairwoman of the Tegernseer Tal animal welfare association, asked him over a year ago whether game feeding could be set up on his alpine pasture, he didn't hesitate and agreed.

Kreuther would also have no objection to a show feeding.

“I think the game also has a right to exist.

That's why you can feed me, ”says Rohnbogner.

Of course, the game will also move into his forest.

But it should and should be like that.

“We have to take the children to the zoo so they can see game.

That is an indictment, ”he says.

Where the cows graze now, game could find fodder on the barn in winter.

Tierschutzverein Tegernseer Tal has been looking for a location for a long time

Ecker-Schotte had been looking for such a supporter in the west of Kreuther for a long time.

Because - unlike east of the main road - there has not been a feeding place there for several years.

In the disaster winter 2018/19 this led to dramatic situations.

"You could see game there almost every day on the trail," she reports.

Occasionally the animals tried to get to the winter feeding of Duchess Helene in Bavaria via the federal road.

But even without a snow disaster, feeding is important, emphasized Ecker-Schotte.

The incessant leisure activities of the people in the forest and the enormous hunting pressure put the game under stress.

"It needs rest."


Where cows graze now, the game could find fodder in winter.

© Thomas Plettenberg

On behalf of the Free State, the large game management community is currently developing a feeding concept for the entire district with the support of the Lower Hunting Authority at the District Office.

There were many on-site visits at Rohnbogners Alm.

The result is devastating for Ecker-Schotte: While the conservation community, hunting advisors and specialist authorities consider feeding at this point to be necessary and the location suitable, the local hunting director Werner Winkler flatly refuses, referring to the protection of the forest.

His word is decisive: The hunting association is responsible for the feeding in their area.

Hochwild-Hegegegemeinschaft sees a need for action

"I am not authorized to issue instructions," says Wolfgang Kuhn, head of the large game conservation community.

He could only suggest that the Lower Hunting Authority at the District Office emphasize the demand for feeding in the west of Kreuth.

In terms of game feeding, the area is “a blank spot on the map”.

In addition, one is in the fortunate position that a landowner makes space available: “We rarely have that.” In his opinion, the combination of feeding and shooting is also the best way to minimize damage caused by browsing.

It is important to cover all areas across all territories.

Unfortunately there is resistance from the hunters, regrets Kuhn.

He is in agreement with Tobias Hupfauer, hunting advisor for the district.

If you look at the whole thing, feeding in the west of Kreuth is welcome, he says.

For that one could dissolve one of the eastern feedings.

Hunting chief speaks of "wild breeding" for trophy hunting

Kreuth's hunting supervisor Werner Winkler shakes his head at all of this.

The existing feedings are sufficient in all directions, he assures.

In the west there is game feeding on the farmer in the Au - that is, in Bad Wiessee.

In Kreuth, the feedings to the west were not closed a few years ago for no reason.

"They were wild animals," says Winkler.

Ultimately, the advocates among the hunters are only interested in trophy hunting.

"Animal welfare is instrumentalized there." In the old, game-rich times, all young plants were eaten away, says Winkler: "Wherever you feed, you sacrifice forest." For this reason, there were "only bonsai trees" on the Ringberg for a while.

Kuhn is convinced that feedings to the west and east of the federal highway would even tempt the game to cross more often.

The animals are curious and want to see if there is something more tasty elsewhere.

Out of reason, the hunting association must refuse out of consideration for the protective forest, explains Winkler.

"You have to be able to say no."

The lower hunting authority at the district office assesses the situation differently.

In the Kreuth area there is a need for improvement, the proposed location is quite suitable, the authority announced.

Currently, however, only the current state is recorded in the district's feeding concept.

Means: There will be no feeding on Rohnbogner Alm.

Animal protection association is disappointed: "No more habitat for red deer"

A message that Ecker-Schotte finds “deadly sad”.

“You don't want to give the red deer a habitat here,” she says.

She was "extremely disappointed" that, despite many discussions, it was not possible to set up the wonderful location in Kreuth as a game feeder.

Obviously it is possible for a hunting master and a hunter to oppose the arrangement of a feeding concept.

Kreuth's mayor Josef Bierschneider, who had talks with everyone involved, also shows regret.

The community would have welcomed a show feeding at this point, says Bierschneider: "Then you would finally have seen the game again."

Source: merkur

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