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Local council struggles for a solution on the subject of 5G


The reservations against mobile communications seem to be great in Icking. The local council is looking for the right way to deal with this difficult question.

The reservations against mobile communications seem to be great in Icking.

The local council is looking for the right way to deal with this difficult question.


- A five-page letter with 28 questions on the subject of mobile communications - signed by over 100 Ickingers - recently reached Icking's mayor Verena Reithmann (UBI).

Together with the local council, the town hall chief discussed some of the questions at the meeting on Monday.

The main statement of the questionnaire caused astonishment at Reithmann: Accordingly, there was "no interest in a further improvement of the technical radio coverage".

Instead, the authors encourage looking for a "minimal solution".

"I see this as a paradigm shift to our previous considerations," said Reithmann.

Until now, she has understood it to mean “that we want as few masts as possible in Icking.

And when we get some, they provide an efficient supply. "

Choosing the location for masts is a thankless task

Claudia Roederstein (UBI) then asked how much money the community has invested in mobile communications over the past 20 years.

This question was also listed in the catalog.

The answer: 100 795 euros.

"A decent amount," said Roederstein.

"That clearly shows the way the community is heading: How much money we are taking in hand and working to keep the radiation as low as possible." Philipp Geiger (Greens), on the other hand, suggested setting up a "final scenario".

"So that we know what to expect in the next 10 to 15 years." This was also requested in the letter.

Otto Güllich is losing patience

"To be honest, it's not that easy," admitted Reithmann.

"But I have already spoken to the citizens about the fact that we will examine this in a later step." Otto Güllich (Ickinger Initiative) then burst at the collar: "I do not understand the reason for this discussion.

We have already discussed this several times.

Weren't the citizens at the lecture and not taking note of the facts?

I don't see what this discussion should do.

We have a choice between plague and cholera.

Claudia Roederstein (UBI)

The emission projections for the new mast at the location near the school were another aspect in the letter.

For this purpose, the municipality had forecast values ​​drawn up.

"In the grammar school the value is 1.6 volts per meter and in the elementary school it is 1.2," explained Reithmann.

An evaluation by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection had shown that the “limit values ​​were not exhausted” and were “in the order of magnitude to be expected” for such systems.

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Georg Linsinger (UBI) fell short of one point in the discussion: “It is always said that the masts are a visual impertinence.

But in an area with poor reception, the cell phones in your pockets sometimes reach the limit value. ”Fractional colleague Roederstein saw the same thing:“ We have the choice between plague and cholera.

The masts are not completely hidden in the forest and are not a feast for the eyes on the sports field. ”Here you have to weigh up the location and radiation.

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Ultimately, the municipal council unanimously decided to have the A12 site on the edge of the forest above the school premises examined - also with regard to minimizing radiation exposure and ensuring efficient supply.

Source: merkur

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