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Navalny poisoning: After a video with explosive content, the Kremlin shoots back: "Maybe there are people who don't want to ..."


The team of the Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny announced on Instagram a serious suspicion of poisoning the Russian opposition.

The team of the Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny announced on Instagram a serious suspicion of poisoning the Russian opposition.

  • The Russian opposition leader

    Alexei Navalny

    collapsed on a flight to Moscow in August.

  • A


    laboratory found


    poison Novitschok

    in his body


  • Now his

    team has published

    new details about the process on



Update from September 18, 5.15 p.m


Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov

stated that


only had "limited" opportunities

to investigate




opposition activist Alexei Navalny


“Unfortunately, we are limited in our ability to conduct any investigation.

As it turns out, objects were brought out of


and we have no access to the analyzes, ”said


on Friday. 


employees had announced the day before that they had brought any evidence to



This includes the

water bottle

from a hotel in Tomsk.


had stayed there before he was poisoned.

A German laboratory has since found traces of the



on the water bottle


"If this bottle actually exists, why was it put somewhere?" Asked the

Kremlin spokesman


"Maybe there are people who don't want an investigation?" The only way to solve the case is by sharing information and evidence and "working together if necessary."

Update from September 18, 12:54 p.m

.: The


has doubts about new evidence

(see original




poisoning of

the oppositionist

Alexej Navalny *

already in 



His team had previously reported that

traces of the neurotoxin


had been found

on a

water bottle

in Navalny's hotel room in Siberia


"The story contains too much absurdity to take someone's word," said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday in Moscow

, according to the

Interfax agency


“We cannot explain that because the bottle, if it was, was



- to


or elsewhere,” said Peskow.

What was supposed to be evidence of poisoning was taken away.

"Toxicologists say that a bottle with traces of a chemical warfare agent cannot just be brought anywhere."

In Moscow there have recently been repeated allegations that Navalny may

have been poisoned

after his departure

and not in Russia.

According to their own account, Russian doctors had found no evidence of poisoning.

Peskov said that information could only be obtained if Germany made the

results of the investigation available to



Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov (archive image)

© Alexei Nikolsky / Pool Sputnik Kremlin / AP / dpa

Russia's head of parliament: Navalny case should be an issue in the Bundestag

Update from September 18, 12:07 p.m

.: Russia's head of parliament

Vyacheslav Volodin

has called on the


in Berlin to start a new debate on the case of the poisoned Kremlin critic




It should be discussed to what extent

own secret services

and officials were involved in the event, he said on Friday in Moscow.

“It would be right if parliaments from other European countries also dealt with this topic.” The Bundestag had already discussed the case in a

current hour

Volodin claimed that

Western intelligence agencies

had poisoned the opposition.


state media

in Moscow are spreading the version of a

plot by

the West against Russia to

impose sanctions


the country again


The background to Volodin's statement is a resolution of the

EU Parliament

in Brussels on Thursday.

In it the parliamentarians called for an immediate international investigation.

In addition, the EU should reconsider its relations with Russia and the country should




international forums


Volodin sharply criticized this in the State Duma statement: "If there are concepts such as democracy, international law and justice for Western countries, they must take responsibility for those who initiate such decisions in the European Parliament."

Sanctions debate in the Navalny case: Eastern heads of government want to stick to Nord Stream 2

Update of 18 September, 6:38

: The government of the

eastern German states

lean information of the




of the Baltic Sea pipeline

Nord Stream 2

in response to the

case Navalny


The newspaper quotes from a joint proposal for a resolution that “a construction freeze and suspension of the Nord Stream 2 project is not an appropriate response”.

This should be decided on Friday.

The East Prime Ministers are therefore calling for a “complete clarification” in the case of the poisoned

Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny

and also emphasize that this is

“not just a German matter”


Investigations in a Bundeswehr laboratory showed that he was


with a

nerve agent from




The process creates considerable tension in the

German-Russian relationship


While the German government is demanding clarification from Moscow, the Russian side rejects any responsibility.

In the debate about

sanctions against Russia

, some calls for Nord Stream 2 to be stopped.

Russian gas is to be delivered directly to Germany through the pipeline.

Navalny poisoning: team publishes explosive details and video from hotel - "Bottle not source of poison"

Update from September 17, 8:24 p.m.:

Georgij Alburow and other employees of the poisoned Kremlin critic

Alexej Navalny

were among the people who searched his hotel room after the crime.

There they looked for evidence of the attack on the Russian opposition activist.

Traces of the poison Novichok could later be found on a plastic bottle from which Navalny drank.

But now the

Navalny team came

to a new understanding of the exact circumstances.

"The bottle was probably not the source of the poison," said Alburow, who works for Navalny's anti-corruption foundation, on


on Thursday evening


"Navalny only drank from it, later traces of the poison were found on the bottle."

Navalny poisoning: Kremlin critic's team accuses Russian police of inaction

Nevertheless, the plastic bottle is proof that Navalny's poisoning must have taken place in the hotel.

In order to be able to prove this, so Alburow, one wanted to view the footage of the

recordings of the surveillance cameras of

the hotel.

However, the

hotel management

should not have allowed this.

In the course of this, Alburov accused the authorities of inaction: “The police monitored every step of Aleksei Navalny and now they have the videos from the surveillance cameras from the hotel.

And what do you do with it?


Navalny poisoning: team publishes explosive details and video from hotel - "That's how it happened"

First report

from September 17,

11:22 a.m


In the case of

Kremlin critic




there are new details: According to his


, he has been shown to have been




, in a


in the

Siberian city of Tomsk


The poison is said to have

been administered

to him in a

bottle with mineral water


Navalny's team stressed on


on Thursday

that it has now been proven that Navalny has already been poisoned on Russian territory.


view of the allegations of the

murder attack

from Germany,


had recently

alleged that Navalny might not have been poisoned until after his departure.

The Kremlin emphasized several times that

Russian doctors could

not have found any symptoms of intoxication *.

Navalny has been





August 22nd


He is considered one of the harshest critics of Kremlin chief

Vladimir Putin




collapsed on a flight in Russia about four weeks ago.



has now improved.

On Tuesday, he spoke up for the first time.

Check out this post on Instagram

Откуда взялась злосчастная бутылка?

Давайте объясним, откуда взялось то, про что нам непрерывно задают вопросы.

Так называемая "бутылка с« Новичком "" ну, а точнее, обычная пластиковая бутылка из-под воды, на которой потом в немецкой лаборатории обнаружили следы боевого отравляющего вещества.

Это бутылка из номера в томской гостинице, где останавливался сам Навальный и вся наша съемочнапя.

Перенесемся обратно в 20 августа.

В этот день часть нашей команды улетела в Москву, часть осталась в Томске доделывать видео.

В полете Алексей потерял сознание и начал задыхаться, самолёт экстренно сел.

Почти сразу сотрудники ФБК, которые остались в Томске, узнали о случившемся.

В этот момент была сделана единственно возможная вещь.

Open to the public

В том числе, и бутылки из-под гостиничной воды.

Как это происходило, вы можете посмотреть на этом видео.

Никакой особой надежды что-то такое обнаружить не было.

Но поскольку нам было абсолютно ясно, что Навальный не "слегка заболел" не "перегрелся" и Рафаэлкой здесь не поможешь, было решено забрать все, что может хоть как-то гипотетически пригодиться, и передать это врачам в Германии.

То, что дело расследовать в России не будут, тоже было достаточно очевидно.

Так и вышло: прошел почти месяц, Россия так и не признала отравление Алексея.

Спустя две недели именно на бутылке из томского номера немецкая лаборатория обнаружила следчка "Новила следчы".

А потом еще три лаборатории, которые брали анализы у Алексея, подтвердили, что Навальный был. Амел амел амел.

Теперь мы понимаем: это было сделано до того, как он покинул свой номер, чтобы поехать в аэропорт.

Сегодня в 20.00 в передаче «Россия Будущего» на ютюб-канале Навальный LIVE Георгий Албуров @alburov расскаджет.

A post shared by Алексей Навальный (@navalny) on Sep 16, 2020 at 11:59 am PDT

Navalny case: Merkel government announces poisoning - relationship with Putin strained


to investigations in a







sees it

as unequivocally proven that the 44-year-old was


with the

warfare agent Novichok


Two other laboratories in 




confirmed this.

The case is


putting a considerable strain on relations between





Germany has now

handed over

the final result of the investigation to the

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)


However, this should not be an obstacle to the establishment of bilateral cooperation, said the Russian Foreign Ministry and went on to say: "The Russian side confirmed its willingness to cooperate." However, Moscow was still waiting for a reaction from the responsible authorities in Germany.

In the following the Instagram post




into German:

 “This is followed by an explanation of the questions that we have been asked all the time in the past few days.

Especially about the bottle with 'Novitschok', an ordinary plastic bottle with water on which traces of the chemical warfare agent were later found in a German laboratory.

The bottle came from a room in a hotel in Tomsk, where Navalny and his entire film crew stayed, on August 20 when part of the team flew back to Moscow.

Some stayed back in Tomsk to finish the video.

During the flight, Navalny passed out and began to choke.

The pilot then tried to land immediately.

Almost at the same time, the FBK employees who remained in Tomsk learned of the incident.

They reacted very quickly.

They called a lawyer and went to Navalny’s hotel room to record, describe and package everything they found, including the bottle of water.

You can see exactly how that happened in the video.

The hope of finding something was not particularly great.

It was clear to us, however, that Navalny was not 'easily ill' or 'overheated'.

Rafaelka couldn't help either.

So we hypothetically decided to hand over useful things to the doctors in Germany.

It was immediately clear to us that the case would not have been investigated in Russia.

And so it happened - even after a month Russia did not recognize the poisoning of Navalny.

Two weeks after the incident, the German laboratory found traces of 'Novitschok' on the bottle from Tomsk.

Three other laboratories then confirmed that Alexei had been poisoned as a result.

We now also realize that Navalny was poisoned before he left for the airport.

More details will be revealed today at 8 p.m. in the 'Russia of the Future' program on the YouTube channel Navalny LIVE. "

Navalny / Instagram

Navalny case: Russia calls on Germany to cooperate

Meanwhile, Russia has


Germany against further


the case.

At the same time,

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called

on Tuesday in a phone call with his German colleague

Heiko Maas (SPD)

Berlin again for direct cooperation.

"We can not be satisfied with references to the" independence "of the judiciary and the need for coordination with A. Navalny himself or his relatives and confidants," said the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow.

It referred to corresponding previous agreements on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.

(frs / dpa)

* is part of the Ippen-Digital editorial network.

List of rubric lists: © Daria Nawalny / private / Instagram / dpa

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