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Rape in Sénart forest: "I saw my death happen", testifies Muriel


Facing the Assize Court of Essonne, Muriel, 51, gave this Monday a moving testimony and worthy of the ordeal she lived there

The story is precise, chilling.

Facing the Assize Court of Essonne, Muriel, 51, remembers with pain that day of July 6, 1996. “I find it hard to share that.

I'm making a huge effort today, ”she concedes.

An effort to reopen this "Pandora's box", a box she had "buried deeply" to "build [her] life on top".

A box where there are "those repetitive alarms that don't want to go out."

And it's a huge parasite in my life, ”she blows.


Essonne: the first victims of the rapist of the Sénart forest testify

Behind her back, while she testifies, Aïssa Z. listens "attentively", in her box.

The 45-year-old man has been appearing for a week before the Assize Court for a series of 34 rapes, attempted rapes and sexual assaults, committed between 1995 and 2001 in the Sénart forest.

Impassive, he denies the facts.

"If you scream, I'll screw you up!"

That evening, around 7 p.m., this 27-year-old nurse had decided to go for a run in the Sénart forest, in Draveil, not far from her home, with her dog.

“On the way back, I heard a moped behind me.

She passed me and pulled over to the side.

The driver remained motionless, as if in a waiting position.

This attitude worried me.

I accelerated my race.

When I walked past him, he came down very quickly and pinned me to the ground, very violently.

He pulled me out, tore my hair out.

He was trying by all means to tear my clothes, he was shaking me all over the place.


The young woman struggles, struggles with all her strength.

“He hit my head several times against a tree.

There I tried to talk to him.

I had no choice, he was stronger than me.

I was out of breath, I felt that I could no longer defend myself.

But her attacker didn't want to speak.

“He said to me:

If you scream, I'll screw you up!

He put his hand over my mouth and continued to rip my clothes.

I curled up, I had no more strength.


"What am I doing, where am I going?"

Her attacker rapes her, hurts her.

“I saw my death happen.

I saw myself lying at the foot of this tree, blood flowing.

I had this horror image.

He humiliated me, raped me.

Muriel speaks of her disgust.

“After ejaculation, he relaxed for a moment.

I took the opportunity to flee.

My car was a few yards away.

I rushed into it and rushed off.

I was shocked, flabbergasted, my head empty.

For a moment, I stopped by the side of the road.

What am I doing, where am I going?

It will be the police station, to file a complaint.

That same evening, she was examined.

“That too is a trauma.

It was painful.

We had to undress in front of a man.

And there are the thoughts of some professionals:

But after all, miss, you shouldn't walk alone in the woods!

It is indelicate.

It's a caricature to think that, ”Muriel loses his temper.

The return to work, 15 days later, is just as difficult.

“When I resumed, my manager thought I had extended my vacation with a break.

She forced me to tell her when I didn't want to talk about it.

I was ashamed.


The accused: "An injustice is just as traumatic"

A story that does not seem to move the accused.

"How do you feel", asks Me Friquet, the lawyer for the civil party.

" I'm confident.

I am innocent.

I have never committed the facts with which I am accused.

I hope I can prove it.

"" How do you deal with being accused of this?

I do not see any emotion, ”insists the lawyer.

"Of course I have emotions," Aïssa assures us.

I was attentive to Madame's story.

I don't let my emotions show.

Maybe it's detention.

And then, I don't see myself in a mirror.



"Sweet, adorable" ... the sisters of the alleged rapist from the Sénart forest try to clear their brother from customs

Faced with this lack of compassion, the Advocate General in turn tries to get the accused to speak.

“Do you agree that the rape just described is extremely traumatic?

"" An injustice is just as traumatic, "Aïssa replies emphatically.

The magistrate insists.

The accused seems annoyed.

“It's traumatic for everyone,” he says.

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"Your sister had at that time a Peugeot 103 with a square headlight, like that described by the victim," engages the attorney general.

“I'm shocked, it doesn't hold up.

The only misfortune in this case is that I had a sister who has a moped.

Otherwise, the file does not correspond to me, ”he says, forgetting that he was notably confused by his DNA.

Proof that neither he nor his lawyers managed to question during the hearing of geneticist Olivier Pascal.

The trial continues this week with the hearings of many other victims.

Source: leparis

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