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Summer vacation 2021: 50 percent of the holiday homes on this popular vacation island are already fully booked


Vacation rentals on a popular vacation island for Germans are already in enormous demand: 50 percent are already booked for July 2021.

Vacation rentals on a popular vacation island for Germans are already in enormous demand: 50 percent are already booked for July 2021.

After the summer vacation had to be canceled for many people this year or was associated with considerable difficulties, travelers are hoping all the more for the next year.

Mallorca holidaymakers * have also been hit hard: After an initial back and forth with the general travel warning and then the great hope that there will still be a real summer holiday on the Balearic island, many countries have now declared Mallorca a risk area again, individual neighborhoods in Palma have to go into lockdown again.

If you are planning to postpone your finca holiday to summer 2021 and think that you can still take your time with organization and booking, you should not be too sure: because the finca broker fincallorca is already in the


month of

July 2021 half of the vacation rentals are fully booked

Mallorca vacation 2021: high demand for holiday homes and fincas

Fincallorca has a total of over 1,500 fincas in its program.

For the full year 2021, the agent has already recorded an extremely

high pre-booking rate


For comparison: in 2019, every finca in the portfolio was occupied an average of 90 nights a year.

For the coming year, every house is already booked for 35 nights.

This means that around

a third of the annual average would

already be booked. 

Finca holidays offer a high level of security in Corona times

The fact that such a large proportion of the fincas is already occupied almost a year in advance is also due to the numerous rebooking of vacationers who

have postponed


Mallorca trip from this year to the next


“We already realized in June how high the demand for holiday homes is currently, especially on Mallorca.

In times of Corona,

vacation rentals are absolutely trendy

: They offer a distance from strangers and a high level of security.

Mallorca also scores with the short distance, the high flight frequency and a very high standard of medical care, as well as the hygiene measures implemented by our landlords, "explains Benjamin Schleining, Deputy Managing Director of fincallorca.

Book a Mallorca holiday for 2021: bottlenecks expected in December


main season for bookings

at fincallorca, as with numerous other travel companies, is usually December, the unofficial "season start" is December 25th.

Because especially at the end of the year, many vacationers are planning their trips for the next year.

There could be bottlenecks at this point in 2020, so the finca broker recommends that holidaymakers

start planning their travel earlier

this year

- at least for those who value a large selection.

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Summer vacation 2021 in holiday accommodation: Those who are flexible will still find what they are looking for

Despite this comparatively high occupancy rate for 2021, it is not the case that finca fans have no chance in Mallorca next year.

“Anyone who is not fixated on a special property or does not have to adjust the time after the school holidays has a good chance of finding nice accommodation - whether today or with a view to the coming months,” says Benjamin Schleining.

Mallorca vacation 2021: No price increases for fincas

Another plus point: Despite the increased demand,

price increases for holiday rentals are not to be expected


On the contrary, Fincallorca confirms that the finca owners have given discounts even in the high season this year.


current Corona year is just as stressful


the owners of

the vacation


as it is for the vacationers who would like to travel and cannot.

The owners are therefore looking forward to the 2021 season and would like to accommodate their guests.

Nevertheless, as in every year, if you search late, you have a smaller selection and must expect that cheap properties are already fully booked.

Individual travel destinations appear significantly more expensive in the main season, as higher-priced properties are still available, while cheaper properties are already booked and are not shown in the search results.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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