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Did Huang Dingguang finally wake up?


The Finance Committee of the Legislative Council held a meeting on Monday (28th) to review the third round of funding for the epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic fund. Except for the democrats’ bombardment of the government’s job-guarantee program, it’s like a random investment in medicine, and even the establishment member Huang Dingguang also criticized the plan.

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2020-09-30 17:20

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The Finance Committee of the Legislative Council held a meeting on Monday (28th) to review the third round of funding for the epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic fund.

Except for the democrats' bombardment of the government's job-guarantee program, which is like a random investment in medicine and stone, even the establishment member Huang Dingguang also severely criticized the plan for being careless and even suspected of using foul language.

The DAB member of the import and export sector, Huang Ding-kwong, was more impressive in the past. He was suspected of falling asleep in the middle of the meeting.

This is also quite in line with the public's impression of the establishment, which is that they are not effective in monitoring the government and are sloppy escorts.

However, waking up late is better than not waking up. This time even Huang Dingguang also denounced the government’s job protection plan for omitting cross-border transportation, conferences and exhibitions, and stage work industries on the one hand, while subsidizing industries that benefited from the epidemic on the other hand.

He was particularly dissatisfied with the government's accusation that it would need to hire more staff to accurately support enterprises. During his speech, he was mixed with vulgar words, and colleagues in Parliament were all surprised.

The Chief Secretary for Administration, Zhang Jianzong, who represents the government, seemed to be awakened by scolding. He actually used "heavy words and thoughtfulness" to describe Huang Dingguang's criticism, and said that he would "spur myself to do well."

After Chen Zhenying heard the words, Huang Dingguang stopped.

(Photo by Ou Jiale)

Has the establishment been asleep all the time?

This time, the establishment legislators representing the business sector also screamed, reflecting that the government's administration is unpopular.

In particular, the government’s reserves are still full and have the ability to increase subsidies. Unemployed people in all walks of life have been able to tide over the difficulties by providing unemployment benefits in response to the epidemic.

Even if you insist on starting from the direction of the insurance company, you can differentiate the subsidy range by industry, such as supermarkets, food retail and other beneficiary industries, the range can be lower, and there is no need for a large number of government employees to review.

Officials who want to reduce the regulations do not review the company's financial status. It makes sense to apply for employment guarantee in the first phase, but still use this to justify when the second phase is launched, which is a total negligence.

But on the other hand, society has to ask why the establishment has only woke up at this point.

If officials are negligent in their administration, what are the establishment members who are supposed to monitor the government doing?

The establishment has always been known to be a big help to the government. It is unable to urge the government and has no autonomy. It can't come up with a comprehensive political platform concept. It only knows to follow the government or the Central Liaison Office.

The establishment was defeated in the district council elections after the anti-amendment turmoil.

The establishment should be right and wrong. If the anti-epidemic fund plan and other livelihood policies do not really benefit the people, then the political parties should have the courage to express their opposition and force the government to improve the plan.




The Legislative Council resumed in October, and most of the democratic members chose to stay in office. Of course, they must learn to get rid of populist style and pragmatically promote social reform.

However, the establishment is also a member of the parliament and is one of the government's broad governing allies. They are absolutely capable of contributing to Hong Kong.

The establishments such as the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong and the Economic Democrats have established "building forces" in recent months to reform Hong Kong society based on policy proposals. They can't just confine themselves to slogans and responses, but must specifically request the government to resume land and build housing and improve social security.

Otherwise, even if the establishment members swear or even use swear words in the Legislative Council, they can only attract a little spotlight at best, but they will not help Hong Kong regenerate from social turmoil.

This cannot be said to be finally waking up, but only to dream back at midnight.

Can "building power" really build something for Hong Kong?

Hong Kong wants to change the establishment

The establishment of the Legislative Council 01 view to ensure employment plan

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