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Dispute over mask requirement: anonymous leaflet causes horror - "actually pathetic"


Murnau is considered a stronghold of the Corona opponents. Now an anonymous leaflet has emerged calling for mask exemption - and putting the businessmen under pressure.

Murnau is considered a stronghold of the Corona opponents.

Now an anonymous leaflet has emerged calling for mask exemption - and putting the businessmen under pressure.

  • There are many opponents of the corona measures in Murnau.

  • An anonymous leaflet is now causing a stir.

  • The author compares his concern with that of Sophie Scholl - who once fought the Nazis.


- A piece of fabric causes excitement: The mouth and nose cover has become a symbol of the dispute over the corona measures.

It is true that more and more studies show that such protection helps to at least make the transmission of viruses more difficult.

But not everyone agrees with the mask requirement in public transport and shops - as a current case from Murnau shows.

Corona in Murnau: leaflet against mask requirement causes a stir

One or more critics are now raising the mood against the restriction in the market community - anonymously, in the form of a handwritten leaflet that is currently circulating in the business world and is a topic of conversation.

Many find the argumentation particularly disturbing and tasteless.

Because the unknown author gives several quotes from Sophie Scholl, who belonged to the resistance group “White Rose” in Hitler's Germany and had to pay for this with her life.

For example, you can read the famous statement: “What we said and wrote, so many think.

They just don't dare say it. ”There is even a picture of a rose.

Noteworthy: A pandemic leaflet recently appeared in Uffing, the author of which had also linked his concern to Sophie Scholl (we reported).

Whirl around mask requirement in Murnau: leaflet with quotes from resistance fighters of the Nazi era

Dorothea Monthofer from the Werdenfelser Bündnis gegen Rechts is stunned: The Scholl siblings and their colleagues' concept of freedom is "deliberately misinterpreted" in the Murnau letter, she annoys.

“Here the convictions of Sophie Scholl and the whole 'White Rose' are trampled underfoot.

They were fighting for the opposite. ”The student group, to which Christoph Probst, who was born in Murnau, belonged, as is well known, turned against the Nazis' terror regime.

“Everything is twisted.

That is really terrible, ”says Monthofer.

The Murnau resident suspects that behind the leaflet campaign are in reality anti-democratic intentions "from the right corner".

"Any means is right to make the state mad." However, she cannot understand the criticism of the Corona policy.

It is obvious that it is a dangerous disease.

The many dead are sad evidence of this.

Corona uprising in Murnau: "Mask exemption in shops" demanded by leaflet

It sounds similar with Guntram Gattner.

The bookseller is chairman of the business development association and knows the document.

It is "actually pathetic," he thinks, to equate this Corona debate with the arrest and execution of Sophie Scholl.

Because: “That is no comparison.” The writer has obviously lost a “disturbed relationship to his country” and the connection to reality.

"Mask exemption in shops" is the title of the questionable text, in which the author declares that he does not wear protection, does not have to do so due to an "exceptional fact" and does not give the reasons.

And he also threatens legal consequences and a lawsuit for compensation if he is not allowed to go shopping.

The mask requirement applies in shops.

This can only be waived in justified exceptions, for example if someone suffers from asthma.

Children up to their sixth birthday are also exempt.

A family from Isen in the Erding district also received a strange letter.

Because she traveled to Croatia during the corona pandemic, the family from the Erding district received a hate letter.

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