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Germany weather: Attention! DWD issues a warning for this morning - numerous federal states affected


Weather in Germany: The DWD has issued a warning for numerous federal states. Even on the weekend it can be uncomfortable.

Weather in Germany: The DWD has issued a warning for numerous federal states.

Even on the weekend it can be uncomfortable.

  • Anyone waiting for a golden

    October 2020 will be

    disappointed at the weekend.

  • Over the Atlantic a

    severe storm is

    announced, which has it



    Before that there is a fog warning.

  • Here we keep you up to date on developments and the weather forecast.

Update from October 1, 9:06 a.m.:



has issued a


for many regions in Germany.

The reason is


with visibility less than 150 meters.

Large parts of Bavaria, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg are affected.

The warning also extends to Baden-Württemberg.

It is valid until 10 a.m.

You can check the situation in your region on the DWD warning card.

Germany weather: Meteorologists warn of low - "hurricane potential" - severe gusts of wind possible

Update from September 30th, 11:16 am


Wednesday started


laundry room weather

in large parts of Germany.

Yes, then it will be friendlier in most parts of Germany.


German Weather Service

(DWD) reports


where the sun shines,

21 degrees are



The longest sunshine is in Breisgau and the northeast.

In the west and northwest, when there is a lot of clouds there is drizzle.

The intermediate high “


” unfortunately only lasts a little.


dirty weather

will stay in the western half until Saturday, the DWD tweeted.

In the east and southeast the sunny side of autumn shows itself with fog at night.

A new low is already approaching from the west on Thursday.

The DWD expects stormy gusts (Bft 8; wind speed from 62 to 74 km / h) on the

Feldberg in the Black Forest


In the Alps, the weather experts warn of a "

striking foehn situation

" from Friday afternoon.


gale-force winds

(Beaufort 12; wind speed from

118 km / h

) is expected in the early hours of Saturday;

Also in the ridge and peaks of the

low mountain ranges

as well as on the coasts of the

North Sea and Baltic Sea

, especially on Saturday night, stormy gusts, occasional gusts from east to southeast.

Germany weather: Meteorologists warn of low - "hurricane potential" - severe gusts of wind possible

First report from September 29, 2020

Munich - The warm late summer days in September are over.

The weather situation * has completely changed in Germany.

After the first snow * on the weekend, the prospects are actually pretty good.

However, lows hit Germany again and again.

It remains changeable.

In a wide strip from the Baltic Sea to Eastern Bavaria, it is clear to cloudy and mostly dry on Tuesday, reports the

German Weather Service


Otherwise it is rather gray with dense clouds and rain or drizzle in some areas.

Temperatures are between 13 and 20 degrees.

Wednesday starts

with locally

thick fog


But the sky loosens, according to DWD, after a cloudy start in many places.

In the west and northwest it is still raining a little.

In the east temperatures over 20 degrees are possible.

It's the calm before the storm.

At the start of October 2020, some meteorologists are warning of a violent autumn storm.

Storm in October 2020: "Hurricane potential" increases - Jetstream ensures extreme weather conditions

At the turn of the month an autumn storm is announced, can

be read



Clouds with rain from the west are expected to move in on Thursday.

In the Alps, a weak foehn sets in, which then


significantly in


on Friday


"We have a jet over the North Atlantic and it pushes the low pressure areas to Europe," Jan Schenk from


the weather situation.

The jet stream over the Atlantic is extremely strong.

According to the first weather models, strong lows with wind speeds * of 110 to 180 kilometers per hour could develop.

The low could have "

hurricane potential


on Friday


Several scenarios are possible, however.

It still seems unclear how strong the storm will be.

The storm will develop off the French Atlantic coast on Friday morning, according to Lars Dahlstrom from


It is located over Western Europe, the weather expert emphasizes.

But this low will also determine the weather here.

Weather in Germany: These regions feel the autumn storm

Germany is feeling the effects of the storm.



warns of

gusty gusts (Bft 8)

in the

Upper Black Forest

on Thursday,

gusts of

wind * (Bft 9) from the southwest

on the


and a

foehn storm

in the


on Friday and Saturday


At higher altitudes, the DWD experts reckon with

heavy wind gusts

and in

exposed locations



(Bft 12).



can occur in



(ml) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

List of rubric lists: © Julian Stratenschulte / dpa

Source: merkur

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