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After a horrific act against a journalist: Submarine killer Madsen breaks out of prison - details of the escape


Peter Madsen was found guilty of the murder of journalist Kim Wall, now the submarine killer tried to flee. Apparently he even threatened with a bomb.

Peter Madsen was found guilty of the murder of journalist Kim Wall, now the submarine killer tried to flee.

Apparently he even threatened with a bomb.

  • Journalist Kim Wall's killer tried to escape from prison on Tuesday morning.

  • Peter Madsen dismembered his victim, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

  • During the police operation in Copenhagen there was also a suspicion of a bomb in the room.

  • This news ticker is updated continuously. 

Update of 20 October, 16:45:

The Danish


and sentenced

murderer Peter Madsen

has his way from the judicial to information with threats





an employee

, said the head of the Herstedvester detention center, Hanne Høegh Rasmussen, at a press conference in Albertslund, Denmark on Tuesday.

None of the employees were physically injured, but psychologically the situation was very stressful for those affected.

She couldn't say much more - except that Madsen was back in


had been taken.

Høegh Rasmussen left it open which employee of the institution it was specifically about.

The Danish

tabloid "Ekstra Bladet" reported that Madsen had




with a pistol-like object.


investigator Mogens Lauridsen

also spoke of such an item


The police do not believe that it was a real weapon.

Madsen also


something on his body

that looked like


bomb belt


But there are no indications that it actually contained explosives.

Madsen was caught trying to jump into a white van.

There is nothing to suggest that the driver knew the escapee.

Fortunately, Madsen was only at large for a relatively short period of time: at 10:21 a.m., the detention center reported the outbreak, and at 10:26 a.m. it was stopped.

Copenhagen: Peter Madsen initially on the run - then the police took hold

Update from October 20, 4.10 p.m.:


Peter Madsen

who was


to life imprisonment



actually have a



As the Danish media unanimously report, the convicted murderer is said to have threatened a hostage with a weapon-like object when he escaped.

The hostage is said to have been a police psychologist.

On his


, Madsen is said to have been traveling in a white van.

This is reported by the Danish media, citing an eyewitness.

Madsen is said to have threatened the police with detonating a bomb.

The access took place around noon and the convicted murderer was overwhelmed by the emergency services.

Copenhagen / Denmark: Submarine killer Madsen escapes from prison - it is now known how

Update from October 20, 2:30 p.m.:

Now there are more details about Peter Madsen's escape.

Danish media reports that the

submarine killer


his way out of prison with the help of a



Accordingly, the killer of Kim Wall is

said to have had



in his power, he apparently threatened to shoot her.

In order to minimize the danger to the woman, employees would then have opened the prison gate.

Shortly afterwards, the emergency services looked for


and the area was cordoned off.

Madsen holed himself up on a street for about three hours, then access took place.


is not yet known

whether the man who killed

journalist Kim Wall

in a

submarine was

actually armed.

Update from October 20, 1:25 p.m.:

As the Danish media now unanimously report, the arrested man is said to be Peter Madsen.

The exact incident is now being investigated.

Copenhagen / Denmark: Peter Madsen escaped from prison - murderer threatened with bomb

Update from October 20, 1:20 p.m.:

As the Danish police now report, the man who escaped from prison is actually Peter Madsen.

However, he has since been

prevented from




is not yet known

whether Madsen is still


outdoors, or whether the murderer of

journalist Kim Wall

has now been arrested.

Update from October 20, 1 p.m .:

As "Ekstra Bladet" now reports, Bent Isager-Nielsen, the former head of the national homicide squad, apparently expressed the fear that

Madsen could

actually detonate a bomb.



justifies this

with the observation that a dog is also used in addition to the two emergency services.

This is said to be specialized in explosives.

Isager-Nielsen could therefore imagine that Madsen

wants to enforce



It is still unclear whether the arrested person is actually Peter Madsen or whether the operation is currently ongoing.


Peter Madsen was sentenced to life imprisonment.

© dpa

Copenhagen / Denmark: Peter Madsen on the run - Other prisoners are also searched

Update from October 20, 12.40 p.m.:



now tweeted that a


had meanwhile been arrested during the operation.


is not known

whether the person is



As the Danish newspaper further reports, all


in the nearby prison

are currently to be


Update from October 20, 12:30 p.m.

As the Danish newspaper "Ekstra Bladet" reports, Madsen is currently still sitting on the grass verge, around 400 to 500 meters from the prison.

The place of use is largely cordoned off.

As can be clearly seen on the videos of the newspaper: the convicted murderer actually wears a belt-like object around his stomach.

He should therefore threaten to detonate a bomb if the police get hold of it.

The crime against the journalist Kim Wall shocked, Madsen had confessed to the murder only a few months ago.

Copenhagen: submarine killer Madsen escapes from prison - large-scale operation is underway

Original message from October 20, 2020, 12 noon:

Copenhagen - The crime against the

journalist Kim Wall

caused horror worldwide, now the Danish

submarine builder Peter Madsen,

who was sentenced to life imprisonment for her murder, tried

to escape




As the Danish

newspaper "Ekstra Bladet"


a large-scale police operation in Copenhagen took

place on


for this reason.

Peter Madsen is requested to fly from the fængslet

- Ekstra Bladet (@EkstraBladet) October 20, 2020

Peter Madsen: Kim Wall's murderer escapes from prison in Copenhagen - large-scale police operation

A short

video of the murderer

can be seen

on the newspaper's homepage



is sitting next to a street in a green area, surrounded by emergency services.

As the newspaper further reports, the operation is currently still ongoing, and experts to defuse a


are on site.

It is unclear whether Madsen could actually be armed.

Accordingly, he should have




by threatening with a bomb.

The sheet also claims to have discovered a kind of belt on the killer's body.

However, this information is so far unconfirmed.

List of rubric lists: © Nils Meilvang / Ritzau Scanpix / AFP

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