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In the corona lockdown: Berchtesgadener Land defends itself against Söder allegation - even the Bundeswehr on site


In Berchtesgadener Land, the number of new corona infections increased enormously. Exit restrictions now apply. The press conference with District Administrator Bernhard Kern in the live ticker.

In Berchtesgadener Land, the number of new corona infections increased enormously.

Exit restrictions now apply.

The press conference with District Administrator Bernhard Kern in the live ticker.

  • In the Berchtesgadener Land district, the number of corona * infections has risen extremely.

  • The district now occupies a sad top position in Germany in the Corona * crisis.

    Therefore, exit restrictions have been in effect since Tuesday, 2 p.m.

  • According to Prime Minister Markus Söder, the “starting point” for the high numbers was probably a party (

    see update from October 19, 2:31 pm


  • This ticker is updated continuously.

    You can also read all other developments in the Corona crisis in the Free State in our news ticker for Bavaria.

Update from October 21, 11:13 a.m.:

Since Wednesday

paramedics have been


the Bundeswehr

in the Berchtesgadener Land district

to find

the cause of the massive

increase in the corona numbers


The 20 or so forces are to be used, among other things, to

track chains of infection

, as spokesman Carsten Spiering from the state command in Bavaria based in Munich said.

Quite a few soldiers belong to the troop's music corps, but are fully trained paramedics.

The Bundeswehr has been supporting the Free State in the

corona pandemic

for a long time


For example, soldiers helped with taking samples at

motorway stations


Some were used in old people's and nursing homes, others in the production of disinfectants.

In certain cases, the Bundeswehr may be deployed within Germany.

It is true that the districts and urban districts are initially responsible for disaster control and health care in this country.

But if they are overwhelmed, they can ask for administrative assistance and also contact the Bundeswehr.

In the corona lockdown: Berchtesgadener Land defends itself against Söder allegation - Many new cases, incidence is falling

Update from October 20, 3:59 p.m.:

The question of the

origin of the infection

follows again


Among other things, Prime Minister Markus Söder


of a "



on Monday



always arise from

private celebrations


The fact that a

celebration was


in the district

was certainly not the case.

It can certainly

not be traced back to a single celebration

, ”says Kern.


Krämer from the health department confirms this. "I cannot confirm that the

celebrations mentioned are the

cause of the current situation," he says.

You have "

a diffuse event



have contributed to "increased numbers".

However, they were not decisive for the location of the district.

3:54 p.m.:

The following is a question about

corona tests on departing holidaymakers


“To the best of my knowledge, there are no





and private landlords will induce their vacationers to leave the accommodations, ”says



Exit restrictions in the hotspot Berchtesgadener Land: press conference NOW live - the question of origin arises

3:47 p.m.:

Now questions from journalists follow.

A journalist asks about the

origin of the surge in the corona numbers


“You can't tell,” says District Administrator Kern.

There are infections in many facilities in the district.

“It's not that a church is conspicuous.

I can only say: “

Diffuse infection rates in the district

.” No particularly high

infection rate

can be identified

at the borders


Kern also comments on

departing vacationers


“Unfortunately, vacationers are being fired from the hotels.” Private landlords would also have had to send their guests home.

Exact numbers are currently not yet known.

3:39 p.m.:


school authority director Klaus Biersack

expresses himself


"Starting today, 2 pm, all schools will be closed," he emphasizes.

He said he was particularly sorry for first graders.

But one stands “all the more behind the measures”.

Even if they are a "bitter pill" and a

great challenge

, also for the parents


Up to

grade six there

will be

emergency care


Disabled children have priority, as do children with parents in systemically important professions and single parents.

"We are in good spirits that we

will be able to start


again on November 9th,

" Biersack continued.

3:31 p.m.:


visit regulations in clinics have to be

severely limited, says


Wolfgang Krämer

from the

health department


Wearing mouth and nose protection continues to be an extremely important rule, also in schools.

It can also


young people


Corona in the Berchtesgadener Land district: press conference NOW live - current figures are fixed

3:25 p.m.:


health department

is now also



current figures


Today there is a

seven-day incidence of


, shares Dr.

Wolfgang Krämer with.

On Monday the value was 272.8 and thus at the top nationwide.

40 new confirmed corona cases

have been added

since yesterday


The previous day there were 57 new cases.

Thus the numbers have decreased slightly.

260 people are currently infected.

169 patients show clinical


- from mild symptoms such as fever and cough to more severe cases.

Two people are in intensive care units.

The measures


are necessary to break the chains of infection.

3:22 p.m.:



currently has a lot of responsibility.

Support comes from all

the mayors concerned


One hopes to "ultimately get back to a double-digit



3:20 p.m .:




, which applies from 2 p.m., is on “good, reliable feet”.

It was "not a great task" to issue these, so Kern.



should only apply for a short period of time, for 14 days.

It is hoped that afterwards the


numbers will have been reduced and that normal

school operations

will be able to resume

after the holidays on November 9th



nursery schools



can hopefully resume operation, as core.

Corona “Lockdown” in Berchtesgadener Land: Hundreds of tourists leave - press conference NOW live

3:17 p.m.:

The press conference begins.

"The number of infections in Berchtesgadener Land has recently risen extremely," the district administrator begins.

They want to be transparent about developments.


It is still

the core

not entered before the press.

As soon as the

press conference

starts, you can follow it here in the live stream and live ticker.

3:01 p.m.:


press conference

announced for 3 p.m.


District Administrator Bernhard Kern

has not yet started.

The exit restrictions in the Berchtesgadener Land district have been in force since 2 p.m.

Corona “Lockdown” in Berchtesgadener Land: Hundreds of tourists leave - press conference live

Update from October 20, 2:35 p.m.:

At 2 p.m., the




the Berchtesgadener Land district

came into force.

District Administrator Bernhard Kern (CSU)

wants to comment on the situation and the current figures at 3 p.m.


press conference

, which will also deal with the situation of schoolchildren and daycare children, can be followed here in the

live stream and live ticker


Corona "Lockdown" in Berchtesgadener Land: Dehoga questions tourism stop - "No operation will survive"

Update from October 20, 2:21 p.m.:


Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association Dehoga

criticizes the

corona-related tourism stop

in Berchtesgadener Land.

"We do not understand why there has to be a compulsory closure of all accommodation providers from now on," said

President Angela Inselkammer


The hotels had

hygiene concepts in place

, the guests stayed in separate residential units and were registered.

"In order to avoid further spread, it would be more productive to let the guests live in the establishments and to test them before departure."



are a "deep and painful blow for our more than

battered hotel and gastronomy

", continues Inselkammer.

They hope "that the locally and temporally limited measure

can prevent


widespread lockdown


In addition, the

Dehoga President called for

quick help for the companies concerned.


hospitality sales

will be zero for two weeks - no


will get through that anymore."

Corona in the Berchtesgadener Land district: Most of the vacationers leave untested - Florian Herrmann comments

Video: Listen to the entire live stream from Berchtesgaden

Update from October 20, 1:37 p.m.:


meeting of the Bavarian cabinet



with the

corona situation

and the

Berchtesgadener Land



In the press conference that followed, a journalist said that over 2,000 vacationers would now leave Berchtesgaden, some of them without being tested.

"It is the

responsibility of each individual

if he was in the area that is now a

risk area

," replied

State Chancellery Chief Florian Herrmann

to the objection and suggested to be tested to be on the safe side.


also mentioned that the numbers in

Berchtesgaden had


"If you allow a time delay, it means danger".

You have to

prevent contacts

, the


are correct, "always with the aim of avoiding such measures across the board," said the head of the state chancellery.

Corona “lockdown” in Berchtesgadener Land: Hundreds of tourists leave - memories of lockdown in spring

Update from October 20, 1:02 p.m.:


strict exit



the Berchtesgadener Land district

also forced hundreds of holiday guests to leave today, Tuesday (October 20) (

see update from October 20, 12.35 p.m.



Berchtesgaden Tourism

GmbH estimated the number of guests staying in the

mountain idyll around Watzmann and Koenigssee

wanted to spend some the autumn holidays, to just under 2500. The


was indeed even gone to some accommodation facilities better than the previous year, a spokeswoman said.

But: “In some cases, the

damage from the spring

has not even been

compensated.” The


had caused hoteliers and hosts heavy losses at the time.

There wo

n't be many cancellations in the near future

- because most


have held back with long-term planning anyway.


lasting effect of


high numbers and exit

restrictions depends not least on "how long it takes and how badly the





Corona “lockdown” in Berchtesgadener Land: The cause of the outbreak causes huge trouble - tourists are leaving

Update from October 20, 12.35 p.m.:


start of exit


in the Berchtesgadener Land district

is imminent.

At 2 p.m. the measures will take effect.

Currently, the people in the district are largely relaxed.






reported that customers


masks and disinfectants

, but in moderate amounts.


packed their bags.

They had to leave the place - on a golden October day with a hairdryer and in bright autumn weather.

"The fact that we have to



away makes


hearts bleed," said a host in



"It's really bitter." But also: "It's consistent."

In the afternoon,

District Administrator Bernhard Kern

wants to

comment on the situation and the current figures.

An important topic at the

press conference

will also be the

situation of schoolchildren and daycare children



emergency care

will be discussed there.

Schools and day-care centers also have to close after 2 p.m.

Corona in the Berchtesgadener Land district: Bavarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports exit restrictions

Update from October 20, 12.20 p.m.:


Bavarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

supports the


restrictions imposed on


Berchtesgadener Land


BIHK Managing Director Manfred Gößl said that

he found such determined trade to be the right thing to do to prevent a widespread


in the Corona crisis.

Local closings are the price.

In addition, now that

tourism in the region

is declining due to the season, it is also a good time to reduce the number of

infections again

through decisive action.

Then one can hope that the numbers for the important

Christmas business will

be lower again, it said.

Update from October 20, 10:50 a.m.:

Starting today, Tuesday, 2 p.m.,




apply in

the Berchtesgadener Land district


Before that, however, people streamed outside again.


guests gathered in the

beer garden

- and vacationers also used the time to take a boat across the Königssee or take the mountain railway to



Corona hotspot Berchtesgadener Land: Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier comments on "Lockdown"

Update from October 20, 10:32 a.m.:

Federal Minister of Economics

Peter Altmaier



the decision to impose

exit restrictions

in the

Berchtesgadener Land




infection numbers

there are five times as high as it is "tolerable", said the CDU politician in the "early start" of RTL / ntv.

“That's why I have the greatest respect for those responsible on site, for the district administrator, mayor, but also for the Bavarian state government, because they act quickly and comprehensively.

In doing so, they help us

to prevent


general lockdown throughout Germany


"We have to understand that measures in

hotspots are

not arbitrary


to make life difficult for people, but that they are necessary to protect other people on site," Altmaier continued.

"We have

to break


infection dynamics

that we've been seeing for about ten days."

Although the Berchtesgaden district is particularly affected, the numbers are also increasing in other districts in Bavaria.

In the Weilheim-Schongau district, the corona traffic light is meanwhile red - new rules now apply.

Coronavirus in Berchtesgadener Land: The number of Covid-19 patients in the hospital is increasing

Update from October 20, 9:13 a.m.:

Bad news from the

Corona hotspot Berchtesgadener Land (BGL)

: As District Administrator Bernhard Kern explained, the number of Covid-19 * sufferers in the

hospital is




Covid patients

are increasing.

And the

hospital in Bad Reichenhall

is of course required, ”said the CSU politician.

This is also the reason for the exit restrictions (

see update from October 19, 9.44 p.m.

), which apply from 2 p.m. in the district.

However, the


is not

at its capacity limits

, the district administrator continues.

Kern hopes the measures

will bring more normality after the autumn break


"The autumn break won't be what we'd like it to be," he said.

For tourism and the economy, of course, the measures represented

extreme cuts

. "The most important thing for me is that we

focus on


, hence the


" he said.

Corona numbers "explode" in Berchtesgadener Land: Lockdown is coming - the cause of the outbreak causes huge trouble

Update from October 20, 8.23 ​​a.m.:

Melanie Huml (CSU) has described the



in the Berchtesgadener Land district

as the right way.

"Rapidly rising corona numbers without obvious clear

sources of infection

require quick action," said the Bavarian Minister of Health in Munich on Tuesday.

From 2 p.m., the first exit restrictions will apply in the region since the

contact blocks

in spring.

People are then only allowed to leave their own homes for valid reasons.

Schools, daycare centers and restaurants have to close, events are prohibited.

The new restrictions apply initially for 14 days.

"The measures are definitely drastic," said Huml.

But in view of the high number of infections, the emergency brake must be pulled.

On Monday evening, the seven-day incidence was 272.8 - the nationwide peak.

Coronavirus in Berchtesgadener Land: Melanie Huml appeals to the citizens

Update from October 19, 9.44 p.m.:

The Bavarian Minister of Health

Melanie Huml



in the "Rundschau" on

Bavarian television

an appeal to citizens in Berchtesgadener Land

to adhere to the new rules


She also explained the regulations that are important to control the

infection process

back down so that the health system is not overloaded.

Update, 6:50 p.m.:

For the first time since the


in spring,




apply again due to the extremely increased Corona numbers in the

Bavarian district of Berchtesgadener Land


Leaving your own apartment is only


from 2 p.m. on this Tuesday if there are

valid reasons

, as Agriculture Minister Michaela Kaniber (CSU) announced on Monday evening after a crisis meeting with the district office and the government of Upper Bavaria in Bad Reichenhall.

These first exit restrictions in Bavaria for months now apply for

14 days


Berchtesgadener Land (Bavaria): Strict exit restrictions decided

In addition,

schools and daycare centers have to close


There should only be

emergency care

, as District Administrator Bernhard Kern said.


recreational facilities of all kinds and restaurants are not allowed to open more


According to District Administrator Kern, there are exceptions for take-away offers in the catering trade.

Events are prohibited

, with the exception of church services.

Hotels must also close

, except for overnight business travelers.


valid reasons

for leaving the apartment include, for example, the

discharge of professional duties, daily shopping, as well as sports and exercise in the fresh air

- but this

only alone or with family members

said the house matter as district core.

The “thumbscrews” should now be tightened.

Corona in Berchtesgadener Land: "Numbers are exploding" - drastic measures decided

According to Minister Kaniber, the so-called

seven-day incidence in the district was 272.8.

Since yesterday alone there have been 57 new infections.

The Robert Koch Institute had reported a seven-day incidence of 252.1 for the district on Monday (as of 00:00) - that was initially a nationwide record.

Update, 6:35 p.m.: When asked,

District Administrator Bernhard Kern emphasizes that this is not a "



There are differences to spring, when “everything came to a standstill”.

This has not now

been decided

in this form


Update, 18:32:

Further, all are

educational institutions

for the specified period (see Update of 18:08)



Emergency care will be set up.


mask requirement

applies in various areas, including at train stations and bus stops, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. in Freilassing, Bad Reichenhall and Berchtesgaden in the pedestrian zones and in Schönau am Königssee from the Königssee parking lot to the lake.

Berchtesgadener Land: Exit restriction is coming - drastic measures decided

Update, 6:22 p.m.:


gastronomy will also be closed


Take-away offers until 8 p.m. are excluded.

Accommodation establishments will also be closed, except for business travelers.

Visiting hospitals and rehabilitation clinics is prohibited.

This does not apply to maternity and palliative care wards and hospices.

Update, 6:15 p.m.:

Now Bernhard Kern, District Administrator in Berchtesgadener Land, is speaking.

It was not expected that such drastic measures would have to be taken again after the spring of the current year.

"Everyone is encouraged to reduce contacts outside their own household to a minimum," says Kern.

Leaving one's own home is only permitted if there are

valid reasons


There is also a general ban on events.

Update, 6:08 pm:

“The top priority has the health of the citizens.

We have

decided on




for the entire Berchtesgadener Land


This applies from tomorrow, October 20th.

Nobody wanted that ”, said Michaela Kaniber, Minister of Agriculture in the Bavarian State Government.

The measures are initially valid for 14 days.

Corona in Berchtesgadener Land: Lockdown for the district is coming

Update, 6:02 p.m.:

After a delay of almost 30 minutes, the press conference has now started.

Update, 5:37 p.m.:

The press conference, which was announced for 5:30 p.m., is still delayed.

Update, 5:28 p.m.:

Is there a lockdown on the Berchtesgadener Land district?

From 5:30 p.m. there will be a press conference on the current situation.

We report live.

Update from October 19, 2:31 p.m.:

At the press conference after the meeting of the CSU board, Markus Söder commented on the

corona situation in the Berchtesgadener Land district

- and announced serious consequences.

In the fight against the

extremely increased number of corona infections


see update from October 19, 11:37 a.m.

), the Prime Minister wants to


a "



There will be a package of measures "that

corresponds to



," said Söder.

Health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU)

should work out the details together with the district and the government of Upper Bavaria.

Public life must be shut down.

“There is no other way,” said Söder.

The contacts of the infected could no longer be traced there.



have to be

fundamentally restricted

,” he said.

The response will be very consistent and very clear.

"It will be the

toughest protocol

that we will have here now."

Corona in Berchtesgaden: Markus Söder comments on hotspot at a press conference

The Berchtesgaden district is comparatively sparsely populated with a population density of 126 per square kilometer.


is not exactly clear

how the

wave of infection




“The starting point was again a corresponding


” said Söder.

May come

more foci of infection

in question.

Also the proximity to Austria urges drastic measures, explained the

Prime Minister


If action is not taken now, the high number can no longer be reduced.


district of Berchtesgadener Land has

counted 118 new corona infections since last Friday alone, as the district office announced on Monday (October 19).

More than

700 contact persons are in quarantine at home


In the district's clinics,

13 patients with Covid-19 are

currently being

treated as

inpatients, none of them in intensive care.



assume that severe courses of the disease will occur with a time delay.

Corona numbers "explode" in Berchtesgadener Land: incidence of 252.1 - sad top rank

Update from October 19, 11:37 a.m.:

The sad leader in terms of the

number of new corona infections

in Germany is now the

Berchtesgadener Land


As the


reports, a

seven-day incidence of 252.1 has


been reached.

Therefore, the

crisis team is

currently meeting in the Bavarian district


Last Saturday (October 17th) the value was 149.16.


stricter measures

, it has continued to rise, the picture continues.

At the weekend there was

a major police operation

in a

shisha bar

in Berchtesgadener Land (

see first report from October 18


In Bavaria's biggest hotspot: Corona chaos in a shisha bar - police have to intervene in Berchtesgadener Land

First report from October 18, 2020:


- Just last Wednesday,

Prime Minister Markus Söder





in the

corona pandemic




This means that from a

7-day incidence value

of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, catering establishments must close at 10 p.m.


shisha bar operator



in Upper Bavaria

(Berchtesgadener Land district) did not take it so seriously.


the 30-year-old also saw

compliance with other

Corona *


rather loosely.

Police check in shisha bar: Over 100 guests despite curfew

Well after 10:00 p.m., around 10:35 p.m., the

Freilassing police



shisha bar

for compliance with the

corona restrictions


The officers found several



Initially, over 100 people

were present

in the


at this time


However, a maximum of 80 was allowed. In addition, the operator should have closed at 10 p.m., because the

Berchtesgadener Land

is the sad Corona front runner in


in terms of the

7-day incidence number *


There were

134.05 cases of infection

per 100,000 inhabitants

on Friday


After all, the 30-year-old operator was able to present a

hygiene concept

for the

shisha bar


But very few guests seemed to be holding on to it.


the restaurateur did not


a mandatory

guest list


However, there

were no

major incidents during the



The guests left






wearing a mask


Follow the corona situation in Bavaria in our current news ticker.

Police chief of the police in Upper Bavaria-South makes an urgent appeal

Due to the currently very strong increase in the number of infections, the Upper Bavaria South Police Headquarters has intensified police control activities and will strictly monitor compliance with the applicable regulations.

Especially in so-called hotspot regions with high incidence values, those who do not understand have to reckon with a consequent punishment for their wrongdoing.

Hence my appeal: It is very important for all of us to observe the applicable rules and restrictions.

Every infection with the corona virus is one too many!

Show solidarity, show consideration and take responsibility for yourself and others!

You can save lives by keeping your distance and wearing mouth and nose protection!

Robert Kopp, Chief of Police Police Headquarters Upper Bavaria South

Police control in Freilassing: fine for the operator


Freilassing police are

also responsible for the



into the case


The recorded violations were also passed on to the

Berchtesgadener Land district


It is already foreseeable that the

bar operator can


a heavy



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