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Coronavirus: Italy orders the closure of gyms, swimming pools and cinemas, and social protests erupt


The closures are in addition to the curfew. Cases grow exponentially. And scientists are calling for more drastic measures.

Julio Algañaraz

10/26/2020 2:02 PM

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Updated 10/26/2020 2:02 PM

The government ordered to close all of Italy at night from this Monday, with a night curfew extended to the entire territory, to which it added other measures to contain the advance of the pandemic.

This Monday there were a total of 124 thousand tests, much less than the usual ones, and the total number of daily infected contracted to 17,012, compared to 21 thousand on Saturday and Sunday.

141 deaths were registered, bringing the total to 37,479 deaths.

With terror, many followed the news that in France they are accelerating to

one hundred thousand infections a day,

which made the specter of a rigid quarantine that will be inevitable if the third package of measures implemented in Italy in less than three weeks returns more immediate and real. to prove


The nationwide curfew that came into effect aims to ensure the immobilization of as many people as possible starting at six in the afternoon, when

bars and restaurants have been closed

since Monday


Gymnasiums, swimming pools and cinemas, theaters and



and other shows

were also ordered to close


Wedding parties, baptisms and other ceremonies were prohibited.

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Last "voluntary" call by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to the population who sounded a final warning with the "strong recommendation" that reduce mobility to essential activities.

In the streets and in the premises, it is increasingly noticed that a part of Italy

began quarantine

, because social isolation and rigid immobility represent the only possibility of reducing the exponential rate of expansion of the corona virus.

Walter Ricciardi, advisor to Health Minister Roberto Speranza, criticized the new restrictions as "insufficient".

"They are a step forward but they will not face the circulation of the virus at this time."

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Coronavirus in Italy

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Johns Hopkins University



“The measures must be proportionate to the increasing speed of Covid-19, which has become uncontrolled.

More aggressive measures are needed, because the RT contagion index has reached 2.5 ”, he said.

The official stated that a study in 131 countries showed that "the only thing that works with this contagion index is a national quarantine."

If applied, he affirmed, the expansion is reduced by 24%.

If the closure of schools is added, another 15% is added, he added, and if a maximum work at home is forced for the public and private, it increases another 13%.

"The limitation of the means of public transport adds another 13% and with the 65-70% reduction the effects will be visible

eight days later



The government fears that these extreme measures will ruin the economy and unleash open social clashes.

In three weeks of this month, the constant increase in infections exploded, which went from 978 on the last day of September to more than 21 thousand this weekend.

Swimming pools and gyms, closed in Italy.

Photo: ANSA

Museums, parks and playgrounds for children remain open, but public income

is low

and it is mandatory to maintain safety distance.


use of chinstraps

, "masks", both outdoors and indoors, is

also more mandatory than ever


A measure that ignited more controversy established that the last three years of high school students should

stay at home

with the DAN (Distance Learning) system, already partially applied.

Those who go shopping should not delay in business, stay only the time to make their purchases.

The governors of the 19 Italian regions and two autonomous provinces will be able to make minor changes with specific ordinances.

The houses are sources of contagion

Bars and restaurants may be open on weekends until 6 pm, because it is believed that it is better for them to go out for a walk than to invite other family and friends to their homes, which are safe sources of contagion.

No more than four people may sit in public places each month.

Commercial businesses are still open, especially the many thousands of

barbers and beauty salons


But its owners and employees are coming under the guillotine of a rigid quarantine, which in the first phase of the pandemic forced them to close from March to May.

The entire labor sector remains unchanged.

In the first phase, a part of the factories were declared "essential" and were able to work.

The others had to close down to leave millions of workers home.

The government and the social security system had to pay billions of euros to the suspended workers late.

Closed gyms.

The hairdressers would be the next.

Photo: EFE

Together with the measures, the government announced that it will pay four billion euros in aid to owners of bars, restaurants and other businesses on November 15.

The protests

Protests of merchants in Naples.

Photo: Reuters

The new situation of the second phase is generating a growth of

protests much harsher

than in the first months of the pandemic that had calmed down during the summer, when the infectious wave of the corona virus seemed tamed.

At dawn on Monday in the city of Rimini dozens of cars parked at the local hospital, belonging to doctors and nurses on duty, were damaged.

It was a mafia-style warning, accusing through anonymous those who are fighting in the front line against the epidemic of "raising the alarm."

In Naples, Rome, Turin and other cities, protests continue against the curfew measures by affected sectors and groups, especially the extreme right, who denounce the government for "attacking individual freedoms" and harming the business managers.

The weather has been getting worse in recent days.

On Sunday night, in the Plaza Castello in Turin, there was

a "people's protest"

against "the dictatorship of the curfew and the quarantine."

Taxi drivers in Turin protest the new restrictions.

Photo: AFP

Other groups gathered in the Vittorio Veneto square in the capital of Piedmont.

The tones are threatening


"The time for orders is over, we must fight together against this dictatorship."

As in other parts of Italy, the protagonists of the protest are the affected sectors along with groups from the

extreme left and the extreme right.

The diffuse protest also causes alarm in Milan where in several squares there were protests by merchants harmed by the curfew.

In front of the prefecture of the capital of Lombardy in the afternoon, owners of the bars and restaurants of the city gathered, who answered the obligation to close at six in the afternoon.

Other sectors invited to go to the headquarters of the region to "recover what is ours."

The fear of the authorities, as one police official put it, is "that rage will turn

into destruction


In Parma, groups of young people in piazza de la Pilotta

threw bottles

at policemen who demanded that they put on the mandatory mask to cover their mouths and noses, the main transmitters of the coronavirus.

Rome, correspondent

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