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Donald Trump: ZDF documentary makes it clear how close he really is to prison - "I'm thinking of a maximum sentence of ..."


Is Donald Trump so stuck in his power because he fears numerous lawsuits? A report promises that. Donald Trump could even expect jail.

Is Donald Trump so stuck in his power because he fears numerous lawsuits?

A report promises that.

Donald Trump could even expect jail.

  • On January 20, 2021, the handover to the

    Democrat Joe Biden will

    take place - then Trump is no longer US President.

  • Several charges are already waiting for him, as the

    ZDF "foreign journal"


  • A reason why

    Donald Trump

    still does not


    his election defeat?

Washington - Will the outgoing US President

Donald Trump



White House * go

straight to court?




"foreign journal"

with moderator

Antje Pieper

answered this question on Wednesday, November 18, in a report by Johannes Hano.

There are several proceedings against Trump at the federal and state level that roll out as soon as the current president surrenders his office to the winner of the

2020 US election *

and the 46th US President elected,

Joe Biden

- and can thus be prosecuted.

In these areas, among other things, there could be a lot in store for Trump, Pieper lists:

  • Sexual harassment

  • tax evasion

  • Scam

  • Defamation

"I think it's a very big problem," said Prof.

Bennett Gershman

, former prosecutor for the New York Attorney General in the post.

"The charge is that he raped this woman in the locker room of a department store." Said woman is the well-known

US columnist E. Jean Carroll


The incident is

said to have occurred


New York

20 years ago


Her clothing would have DNA that leads to

Donald Trump

, she said, according to



Tax expert and investigative journalist

David C. Johnston

cites in the report that Trump's immediate problem if he


his privileges as

US president

will be a jury in



There he will be charged with banking, insurance and tax fraud.

Charges against Donald Trump: US columnist E. Jean Carroll accuses him of rape

The current President

Donald Trump *

denies the allegations on the part of

E. Jean Carroll


One of his reasons, which already stands out in previous reports on the case: She is not his type.

He did not know who the woman was, it was a false accusation.

Since the rape itself is statute barred, Carroll is now suing for slander against

Donald Trump



The DOJ and @realDonaldTrump TOGETHER, can't stop a woman who wants the world to know the truth!

And the two greatest attorneys in America --- @ kaplanrobbie and @ JoshuaMatz8 --- made it happen !!

This win is for every woman in the country! Https: //

- E. Jean Carroll (@ejeancarroll) October 27, 2020

According to the report,

what happened

in the

New York department store

after Trump pushed her into a locker room: "The next moment, he was still wearing his suit, tie and coat, he opened the coat, then the one Zip on his pants, he grabbed me in my private area and pushed his penis half or all - I'm not sure - into me, "says

E. Jean Carroll.

Then she managed to break free and run away.

Former Trump attorney: outgoing US president is a fraud - Forbes with explosive research

According to her account, she kept the clothes that had been worn during the crime for many years.

Explosive for Donald Trump:

E. Jean Carroll

has applied for the

DNA found

on her clothing by


to be compared with that of Trump.

Apparently the DNA was found on it by an unknown man.

"If the DNA matches, then there will be many cases of women claiming that he sexually coerced them," says investigative journalist Johnston.

With reference to his office as

US President


Donald Trump *

has so far rejected such a settlement.

On November 7th, when it became clear that

Joe Biden had won


US election

, Carroll tweeted: "One of the happiest days of my life."

Trump's former - and convicted - attorney

Michael Cohen

meanwhile also weighed

heavily on


45th US President


"Donald Trump is a fraud," said Cohen in court.

The magazine


researched that

Donald Trump

one billion US dollars owed banks and unknown lenders.

Hundreds of millions of these would be reclaimed over the next few years.

Donald Trump does not want to admit defeat to Joe Biden: charges are one of the reasons?

But that's not all:

According to lawyer

Bennett Gershman,


New York Attorney General


the incumbent president of manipulating his assets.

Further allegations are made in the

ZDF report

against a Trump organization and family members: Manipulation and falsification of balance sheets "and having undervalued assets to avoid taxes and overvaluing them to get bank loans", Gershman lists in the


further on.

Payments in the hundreds of millions could be expected.

But not only that: "Prison, he is threatened with prison," said



"I'm thinking of a maximum sentence of up to ten years." This outlook could be one of the reasons why

Donald Trump is

still losing the election to

Joe Biden *

has not admitted - and is taking legal action against the result, currently in



A lot is at stake for Donald Trump, possibly even his freedom.

"He knows that he has broken a lot of laws and he knows that people are seriously after him this time," says journalist Johnston.

(aka) * Mercury.

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