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Trump attorney speaks about election fraud, suddenly brown drops run down his cheek - spectators speculate


What an appearance: While Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is talking about alleged election manipulation, a thick, brown drop runs down his face.

What an appearance: While Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is talking about alleged election manipulation, a thick, brown drop runs down his face.

  • Trump attorney

    Rudy Giuliani made

    a bizarre appearance

    during a press conference on Thursday


  • He railed against Democrats and an alleged election fraud.

  • Meanwhile, a dark liquid runs down his face.

Washington - One would like to imagine hair stylists


in chic boutiques in

New York





with horror the press conference of Trump attorney

Rudy Giuliani

on Thursday at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee.

Not only because he spoke again of alleged election manipulation in the interests of the Trump camp - because the outgoing 45th US President still does not want to admit his defeat against the

Democrat Joe Biden *


But also because slowly, on both sides of his temples, two thick, brown, oily drops loosened and rolled down his cheeks, leaving a trace, downward.

Trump attorney Giuliani talks about election fraud, suddenly brown drops run down his cheek - what was it now?

Was it hair dye?

Make up?

Or the "meltdown" of Trump's strategy against the result of the

US election in 2020

, as some users






New York hairstylist

told the

New York Times

that it could be mascara to dye the receding hairline dark.

Nonetheless, both in terms of content and aesthetics,



received a lot of media attention.

The former

New York mayor

, known for his commitment after


, said that the Americans had elected

Donald Trump *


Joe Biden

was only in the lead because the postal vote had been falsified.

For which there is still no evidence.

It was not until earlier this week fired



Cyber Security Chief

Chris cancer

because it said the

US elections in 2020

were the safest been the history.

And the renowned US newspaper

The New York Times

did not find any evidence of manipulation in its research.

And I thought Giuliani unzipping his pants on camera for Borat's daughter was going to be his peak embarrassment for 2020 ...

Also how hot is it in that room?!?!

- Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) November 19, 2020

Trump attorney: Rudy Giuliani speaks of election fraud at a press conference - despite a lack of evidence


Rudy Giuliani

, however, as the

Washington Post

writes: China, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Antifa, George Soros, the big tech companies, a web server from Germany, the big US cities - all of these are " on it ", that's how Giuliani put it.

“On it” in this case means


the election victory from

Donald Trump


A tactical plan that included positioning Republican election observers at a great distance.

Rudy Giuliani's

tirade went on for 90 minutes

, and many things were repeated that

Donald Trump

had already claimed several times.

But the

Trump attorney




Although he stated that Donald Trump had these.

He responded to charges - but which have already been dropped due to a lack of evidence - most recently in Michigan, as the

New York Times




Rudy Giulianis

and the other lawyers on the Trump team

described themselves

as an "elite strike team," said senior legal advisor

Jenna Ellis

- who recently embarrassed herself live on television.

What they spread, however, was a wild mix of false testimony and


myths about

why Trump

the real winner of the

US election 2020 *

, writes



Chris Krebs

, the dismissed cybersecurity chief, reported on


: "This press conference was the most dangerous 1-hour 45-minute television event in American history.

And possibly the craziest. ”

Politico also

described the press conference as“ madcap ”(crazy).

Fox News journalist

Kristin Fisher



Fox News

, which was disowned by Trump as a former favorite broadcaster

: "That was certainly a colorful press conference by Rudy Giuliani, but there were few facts."

Is it just me or is Rudy Giuliani looking more and more like a supervillain?

- Tommy Palm (@tommy_palm) November 20, 2020

Rudy Giuliani: Hairdressers give him tips - just let his hair turn gray

But even in the ranks of the Trump administration,

Rudy Giuliani is

sometimes unpopular.


Washington Post

writes that some have described his performance as a dubious and bad idea - and nobody wants to throw his name in the ring for it.

Giuliani has also


with some of the

White House

chiefs of staff since Trump was appointed his personal attorney


John Kelly

, Former

White House

Chief of

Staff *

For example, according to the

Washington Post

, he always avoided being in the same room when Trump spoke to Giuliani


Mark Meadows,

on the other hand, the current chief of staff, appreciates Giuliani's aggressive use on television.


Rudolph William Louis Giuliani


Lawyer, Republican Party politician.


Former Mayor of New York (1994-2001)

Birthday and place of birth

May 28, 1944, New York City

Meanwhile, the

Daily Beast


Rudy Giuliani's


as an opportunity to talk to numerous hairdressers about hair coloring.

Or just go gray.

As colorist Patti O'Gara said, “I would say there were a lot of things going on in 2020 that we normally don't accept.

So let your gray tones fly, Rudy. ”And

Meghan McCain

, journalist and daughter of

John McCain also

spoke up.



she wrote: “Besides, how hot is this room?!?!”

(Aka) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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