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Corona in Bavaria: Vaccination centers are coming and holidays are suddenly longer


The corona numbers are still high. It now seems that the lockdown will be extended. All information about the Corona situation in Bavaria here in the news ticker.

The corona numbers are still high.

It now seems that the lockdown will be extended.

All information about the Corona situation in Bavaria here in the news ticker.

  • Bavaria's Prime Minister Söder repeatedly made it clear: "There is no reason to give the all-clear"

  • Here you can find the current case numbers in Bavaria as a map.

+++ This ticker on the corona developments in Bavaria has ended.

You can find the current Corona News Ticker for Bavaria here.


Update from November 24th, 8:10 a.m.:

Now it is clear: Prime Minister Markus


(CSU) has


out in favor of the

early Christmas holidays

at schools.

The CSU boss announced this via Twitter

one day before the

Prime Minister's Conference

in Berlin.

He previously confirmed this to Bavarian Broadcasting.

Accordingly, this would make sense, since December 18 would be the last day of school and children would have the opportunity to have a significantly reduced

risk of infection


the week leading up to the festival


Bavaria prefers the start of the Christmas holidays due to Corona.

The last day of school is December 18th.

The risk of infection is significantly reduced by the almost one-week waiting period between school lessons and Christmas, so that families can celebrate in a healthy and carefree way.

- Markus Söder (@Markus_Soeder) November 24, 2020

Update from November 23, 9:11 p.m.:

Health Minister Jens Spahn expects the first

corona vaccinations

in Germany

this year


This also applies to the Free State.

Therefore, according to,

96 vaccination centers in Bavaria

should be ready by mid-December


There should be at least one place per district where citizens

can get vaccinated

against the



Corona in Bavaria: Free State is planning 100 vaccination centers for December

When looking for suitable


, the municipalities rely on

large halls


Incidentally, the state bears the full costs - from renting the hall to the vaccination dose.

The first locations for the planned vaccination centers are already in place: In the Ebersberg district, vaccinations are to take place in an old savings bank hall, in Nuremberg in the Nuremberg Exhibition Center and in Bamberg in the foyer of the Brose Arena.

In addition, there should be a

mobile unit

in every district


These vaccination vehicles are supposed to drive to elderly and care facilities.

If desired, those who are no longer mobile themselves can also be vaccinated.

Coronavirus: Vaccination sites in halls and mobile units planned


corona vaccination

should also

 take place

according to a

precise plan


First, the vaccination should be offered to those who are

exposed to


increased risk of infection


Specifically, it means elderly and sick people in care facilities, but also clinic and rescue service personnel, police officers or employees in day-care centers.

The rest of the population can then be vaccinated free of charge.

Go to the vaccination centers spontaneously and get tested, but it will not be possible.

Once the corona vaccine is available, the


should be


by the health department

, explains Health Minister Melanie Huml.

Likewise, the politician never tires of emphasizing that





Corona in Bavaria: Dates for vaccinations should distribute the health department

The federal government and the Free State are responsible for the logistical distribution of the vaccine.


aid workers and medical professionals

, the Bavarian towns and cities, however, must take care of its own.

Many of them advertise the vaccination center as a specific service so that an external service provider can offer the entire vaccination process.

In addition, according to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance



there is a

willingness of doctors

who want to work supportively in the vaccination centers.

Update from November 23, 12.29 p.m.: Halfway through


corona study at Würzburg daycare centers


The researchers expect the first results in February.

The study is about the

early detection of corona infections in children


As things stand, the tests could be completed in January, said microbiologist Oliver Kurzai from the Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology.

The tests of children, parents and supervisors of daycare facilities ran


despite the

partial lockdown


Around 1,000 carers and preschoolers from the Würzburg region are regularly tested for infection.

The aim of the investigation is to enable childcare despite corona outbreaks - without daycare centers having to close.

Update from November 22nd, 10:15 p.m.:

Söder is already in favor of extending the lockdown.

Since Sunday evening, however, an eight-page SPD draft for a

joint position paper of the states has been


, which is also available to

Münchner Merkur


Corona in Bavaria: Lockdown extension planned for December - restaurants must remain closed

The draft for the country round shows that

there will be no easing from December for the time being

, but 

neither will there be any closings in retail


On the contrary: The 

contact limit,

 on the other hand, will probably even be tightened.

So far: a maximum of ten people from two households;

In future, this should be limited to 

five adults / adolescents from two households


In addition, the lockdown should apply at least until December 20, and if the numbers do not relax by then, it will automatically be extended for two weeks.

Exceptions for households are planned for Christmas, but not yet determined.

The SPD details are not coordinated with Söder.


 December 20 should go back to

Söder's suggestion

, which was already mentioned as an option in a submission from his State Chancellery.


longer-term concept is


, "no back and forth, no back and forth" that unsettles people at least as much as Corona itself, said Söder. 

Bavaria: Söder is in favor of a longer-term corona concept

Part of the 

lockdown is to be regionalized


If a country



incidence below 35

before December 20, 

easing should be allowed there.

Whether there should be such a model for 


 and whether 35 really will be the decisive number (or 50) will be discussed on Monday.


 countries also remain vague

when it 

comes to schools


For Bavaria, Söder indicated in the evening that they would use changing models in hotspots from the seventh grade onwards.

He is also promoting 

longer vacations in January

 - in 

Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

 until January 10, anyway, longer than in other countries.

Update from November 22nd, 1:10 p.m.:

On Wednesday the federal and state governments will discuss how to proceed in the Corona crisis.


Markus Söder

already made it clear that they "extend lockdown and certainly deepen" the must "to spend nice Christmas" to (see Update of 7:33).


CSU boss added

on Twitter

: “We have to extend the lockdown.

Unfortunately, the numbers are still too high.

If we stop therapy too early, we risk a serious relapse.

Then everything starts all over again. "And further:" Better a longer lockdown now than completely over


. "

We need to extend the lockdown.

Unfortunately, the numbers are still too high.

If we stop therapy too early, we risk a serious relapse.

Then everything starts all over again.

Better a longer lockdown now than completely over Christmas.

- Markus Söder (@Markus_Soeder) November 22, 2020

Corona lockdown before extension?

"Everything speaks for the fact that ..."

Update from November 22nd, 7.33 a.m.: Leading

politicians from the SPD and CSU are calling for the upcoming federal-state consultations

to extend

the current

partial lockdown in December


“Everything indicates that the current restrictions will have to be continued for a while beyond November 30,” said Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) of “Bild am Sonntag” (“BamS”).


Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder

made it clear to the newspaper: "To a beautiful


. To spend, we have to extend the lockdown and certainly deepen" The CSU leader added: "On two definitely or better three weeks.

At least until we have reached the


value of 50 again. "

" If we

break the lockdown

at this high level of


numbers and lose patience, then everything starts all over again and we end up with even tougher measures than now in the Czech Republic or Austria, ”said Söder.

And: "Better a longer lockdown now than a complete exit restriction over Christmas."

At Christmas he would like to at least


family celebrations

: Christmas should be "freer", "but New Year's Eve more consistent", he explained.

For New Year's Eve, the CSU boss would like a firecracker or alcohol ban in larger places.

"But there is no need for a general ban on firecrackers." At the same time, he warned against vacation trips over the turn of the year.

Corona in Bavaria: gastro open again soon?

Uprising in the Söder government against the current regulation

Update from November 21, 5:19 p.m .:

The Free Voters warned of an "

endless lockdown

" and called for a scientific review of the infection protection measures to combat corona.

Instead of “endlessly extending the partial lockdown beyond November 30th without perspective based on the 50s incidence”, there should soon be an “

open-minded approach

”, they demanded at their federal board meeting in Koblenz.


Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) calls for the catering to be opened soon.

© Sven Hoppe / dpa / dpa-Bildfunk

The party leader and Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs,

Hubert Aiwanger

, said on Saturday: “

Families should be able to

go out





.” If the

catering industry were

to be deprived of December business, taxpayers would again have to


tens of billions of euros

as aid, he said.



and the Prime Ministers would also have to weigh this up when discussing further action on Wednesday.

Bavaria: Corona violations at group meetings

Update from November 21, 12:23 p.m.: There

were ten of them celebrating and they came from five households - in the middle of the

Corona lockdown


A big birthday now has consequences for a family from the Kronach district - it will be expensive. *

It wasn't the only incident on Friday yesterday.

The police were called to several parties and gatherings "at which the applicable

infection protection

regulations were violated

several times

." The Upper Bavaria police headquarters announced in a press release.

The officials intervened in Burghausen, Bad Reichenhall and Waldkraiburg.

Several people received advertisements.

Corona / Bavaria: Travel agency wants to support the health department - and receives rejection

Update from November 21, 7.43 a.m.:

A travel agency wants to help the health department to identify contact persons - and receives a rebuff.

Because the Bavarian Ministry of Health currently sees no need for external help with

contact tracking


"We currently have enough government employees," said a spokeswoman for the ministry.

Therefore, the question of the

support of the health authorities

by service providers has not yet arisen.

The Oberallgäu district office had previously


the offer from a

Kempten travel agency


“On the one hand, the employees need a task,” said travel agency managing director Rolf Apin, justifying the proposal.

"On the other hand, we can create a double

relief for the state

through our work and short-time working allowance


However, when following up contacts, confidential

patient and personal data is

collected, emphasized a ministry spokesman.

In addition, the offices imposed and monitored

quarantine measures

, with which they appear in a sovereign function for the Free State.

These tasks should rather be done by their own staff.

According to the ministry, around 700 new employees have been hired, and up to 500 more are to follow.

The applicant situation was "mostly

very good," said a spokesman.

2000 people from the state administration, police and armed forces are also working in Bavaria to track down contacts.

Corona: Travel agency wants to help with contact tracking - "Not so much understanding for the cancellation"

But they would be missing elsewhere, says travel agency manager Apin.

"We therefore do not have that much understanding for the


." With all the problems mentioned by the authorities, he ultimately considers the decision to be "a question of will".

A spokesman for the

Oberallgäu district office

stressed, however, that the authority should not even decide on such a cooperation itself.

New employees for contact follow-up would be hired under employment contracts with the government of Swabia. 

“The employees of the company could apply for it as normal,” emphasized the spokesman.

But because they


short-time work

benefits, they are only allowed to earn up to the amount of their previous net earnings.

With such a low hourly rate, the effort for training would be too great.

Elsewhere, however, the help of a travel agency is welcome: The Coesfeld district in North Rhine-Westphalia has been cooperating with a company since the beginning of November.

Up to ten employees help the health department with telephone support for

corona infected people.

The travel agency employees use their own premises, as a spokesman for the district office said.

"That helps the health department so as not to burden their own infrastructure for intensive contact follow-up."

Corona numbers remain high: Söder makes it clear - "No reason to give the all-clear" - the economy is sounding the alarm

Update from November 20, 8:17 p.m.:

The Bavarian



many companies facing the end

in the event of longer or tightened


due to



"In the heavily affected industries, it is already a matter of bare survival for many, as the


have used their liquid funds and equity in the past few months," warned the President of the Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BIHK), Eberhard Sasse on Friday.

Corona in Bavaria: Many companies face the end of the lockdown extension

He cites a

survey of

around 1,000 companies.

"If the current

lockdown light is extended

, around 40 percent of the companies in the travel industry, gastronomy, cultural and creative industries and in the event sector state that they are existentially threatened," said Sasse.

According to him, if the measures were tightened, other industries would be


into the

"Corona downward pull"


55 percent of all companies surveyed have already recorded falling or even completely non-existent demand due to the

corona measures

, said Sasse.

Lockdown in Bavaria: Expert warns of "Corona downward pull"

"If the partial lockdown is extended, almost two-thirds of all companies expect some significant losses in sales by the end of the year." This particularly affects sectors such as gastronomy and the hotel industry, but also the retail sector with its Christmas business.

Originally posted on November 20th

Munich - On Monday, the 16 Prime Minister

Angela Merkel

with her Corona * paper ran up ice cold.

Bavaria is now compiling initial proposals - for

schools, border controls and New Year's Eve


Münchner Merkur

has an exclusive position paper from the State Chancellery. * It serves as the basis for preliminary consultations within the federal states.

These should probably drag on until Wednesday.

However, there are still no fixed resolutions.

Bavaria's proposals are primarily a bitter damper for gastronomy, Christmas and winter sports.

On Wednesday (November 25th) the federal and state governments will meet at the next

Prime Minister's Conference


Chancellor Angela Merkel * expects the federal states to develop a strategy for the winter.

Coronavirus: Söder visits Augsburg clinic: "No reason to give the all-clear"

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder * has already made it clear several times that he prefers a course of "caution and prudence" in the corona pandemic *.

After a visit to the Augsburg University Hospital *, the

CSU boss

made it clear on Twitter: “Unfortunately, there is no reason to give the all-clear.

The numbers are still high. ”The clinics must now be prevented from being overloaded.

"Next week we will assess whether our measures are sufficient," said Söder, referring to the Prime Minister's Conference.

Despite the corona pandemic: Söder sees an opportunity for Christmas with the family

During the visit to Bavaria's third largest city, however, he also made it clear that he still sees a chance of a Christmas party with the family. * “The goal should

be to be able to celebrate with

the family

, but we still have a way to go Distance ahead of us. ”Although Christmas will be different this year than usual, for example because there are no Christmas markets or major holidays, he nevertheless emphasized:“ The more we pull ourselves together in the next few weeks, the better it will be at Christmas. ”

At the University Hospital Augsburg: Unfortunately, there is no reason to give the all-clear.

The numbers are still high.

We have to avoid overloading the clinics.

We will assess next week whether our measures are sufficient.

Thanks everyone for the great work in the hospitals.

- Markus Söder (@Markus_Soeder) November 19, 2020

After corona consultations with Chancellor Merkel: Söder calls a special session of the state parliament

After the deliberations between the country leaders and Chancellor Merkel, the Bavarian state parliament will hold a

special session

on Friday (November 27)


Söder had already announced this at a press conference on Wednesday (November 18).

At the beginning, Prime Minister Markus Söder will give another government statement, followed by a discussion and advice on applications.

Video: Christmas is on the brink: Corona scenario for Bavaria

Corona special meeting in the state parliament: deliberations and votes planned

The state parliament then also wants to advise and vote on the future anti-Corona * measures.

"This time, too, the parliamentary groups have the opportunity to use urgency motions to put their stance on planned measures by the

state government up

for discussion and to let parliament vote on them," said Landtag President

Ilse Aigner (CSU).

These are not legislative resolutions, "but they spark a political binding effect".

"In this way, the parliament virtually votes on the course of the state government and provides the measures with additional parliamentary legitimation."

(Kam / dpa) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editorial network.

You can always read all the news from Bavaria with us.

List of rubric lists: © Sven Hoppe / dpa

Source: merkur

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