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Future in the province? Ivanka Trump has lost it with the metropolis: "New York doesn't want you!"


For Ivanka Trump, the time as "First Daughter" of the USA will soon end. But she might not be wanted in her hometown of New York. There are rumors surrounding a property in New Jersey.

For Ivanka Trump, the time as "First Daughter" of the USA will soon end.

But she might not be wanted in her hometown of New York.

There are rumors surrounding a property in New Jersey.

  • Donald Trump

    lost the

    US election in 2020

    - this also sets the course for the future of his daughter Ivanka Trump.

  • According to the US media, the married couple Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are anything but popular in their former place of residence.

  • Plans of the two in New Jersey cause speculation about a future in the province.

New York / New Jersey - Scorched earth awaits

Ivanka Trump

and husband

Jared Kushner

in Manhattan


Even if

Donald Trump

continues to deny reality, the fact remains:

Joe Biden *

won the

US election in 2020



“First Daughter”

and her family

now have to come to

terms with this.

As an article in the

New York Times

and other US media makes clear: The metropolis of

New York is

not exactly excited about

a possible return of

Ivanka Trump


And so the view of the Trump-Kushners is apparently on

New Jersey


The outgoing US President has

always integrated

Ivanka Trump

and his son-in-law

Jared Kushner

into his politics.

This and the loyal following for

Donald Trump *

have shaped the image of Ivanka and her husband: For years, liberal circles in particular could keep their doors closed to them.

And thus her former home in

New York


But also your current one:




quoted a senior Republican as saying, "You only know the DC from the perspective of the rulers" and "Wait until you find out that no one is answering your calls."

New York does not want Ivanka Trump back: Sharp opinions are circulating in the US media

The US media platform


Daily Beast

recently ran the headline: "Haut ab,

Ivanka Trump


Jared Kushner


New York

does not want you back." The tone of the website, even if it is a bit sharper, seems to reflect the general response.


Trump daughter and her family lost it


New York


As with

Ivanka's childhood friend, who caused a sensation with an explosive essay


Check out this post on Instagram

$ {caption}

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"We detest the whisper-voiced Princess Ivanka and the slum lord Jared, as many have called the two least qualified people who have ever



White House

," said Michael Musto in the

Daily Beast


A brand mogul from 

New York

spoke in

New York Time

about the two as "poor followers".

In his opinion piece, Musto asked why the two

should want to come back



at all

- especially after Donald Trump threatened not to have a corona vaccine delivered to the democratic stronghold.

And after

Jared Kushner


New York's request for medical material when the

corona pandemic *

raged in the city in the spring as their problem.

Trump daughter: plans with Jared Kushner for New Jersey - expansion of her property



, the majority of the population in the

2020 US election *


for Democrats

Joe Biden


Kamala Harris *


In the middle of the

corona pandemic

, telling scenes took place after Biden's election victory.

Because New Yorkers received

Biden's election

- figuratively speaking - with a deep sigh of relief.

People drummed on saucepans, motorists drove through the streets honking their horns and cheering people could suddenly be seen outside.


is Team Biden, not Team Trump.


wrote at the time: "If the celebrations that took to

the streets of

New York City


Joe Biden's

victory made

one thing clear, it is that the


are not welcome here."

It is therefore not surprising that

Ivanka Trump

and her husband prefer to make plans for

New Jersey *


According to the

New York Times

, the couple are planning to change their cottage on the grounds of Trump National Golf Club.

In addition to extensions such as new bedrooms and a bathroom, the following are planned in the longer term:

  • Five more cottages

  • a spa

  • a supermarket

  • four fields for the sport of pickleball

  • a helicopter landing pad

What exactly the Trump family intends to do with this major construction project is still unclear.



also reported

that the couple were planning

to spend

more time in

New Jersey

, citing

an internal source.

According to other information, the state of

Florida *


Palm Beach be

an option,

Donald Trump

had already

moved there.

Mar-a-Lago, where Donald Trump himself lives, should not be an option, however.

The relationship between

Ivanka Trump


Melania Trump *

is considered very tense.


First Lady

is currently struggling with sharp criticism after a Christmas tweet *.


, the New Jersey plans definitely do not suggest

a return to

New York


(aka) * Mercury.

de is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

This has

Donald Trump

did not like: In social media, users make an unfavorable image * funny.

The President reacts violently.

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