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Hiking | Camping boom! Sanyou occupied the helipad camping, and the gate of Donglong Island became a "refugee camp"


The camp on Donglong Island is like a refugee camp, and the Tap Mun grassland is like a refugee camp. As it is impossible to travel outside, more and more Hong Kong people go to the countryside to enjoy the fun of camping. The Hong Kong Mountain Art Association recently shared photos on Facebook, and there are mountain friends even more

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Written by: Yan Minghui

2020-11-30 19:34

Last update date: 2020-11-30 19:49

The camp on Donglong Island is like a refugee camp, and the Tap Mun grassland is like a refugee camp. As it is impossible to travel outside, more and more Hong Kong people go to the countryside to enjoy the fun of camping.

The Hong Kong Mountain Art Association recently shared a photo on Facebook. Some mountain friends camped on the heliport. Mountain art instructor Liang Zihao (Sunny) thought that this might hinder helicopter rescue operations and called on mountain friends to camp in legal places and cherish the countryside. Take the trash, don't burn the ground.

From the photos shared by the Hong Kong Mountain Arts Association, several mountain friends camped on the heliport and set up the sky.

The association’s mountain art instructor Sunny said that this is a photo from a friend, and they urge campers not to camp on the heliport, because doing so may affect the helicopter’s mountain rescue operations.

[Hong Kong Mountain Arts Association writes about helipad camping incident]

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, citizens were unable to travel and camped in the suburbs, and the Fisheries and Conservation Department closed 41 official camps in country parks.

Excluding the private camps that charge fees, there are not many camping locations for the public to choose from, which makes the public go to camping "hustle and whirlpool".

Sunny also noticed this situation. He said: "Last year the flow of people was strong, and the number has doubled in recent years, but this year's flow of people is concentrated in some places."

The most popular camping destinations are Donglong Island and Tap Mun. Every weekend, the open spaces on the two islands are full of camps.

Sunny said, "I've heard that after your camp has a camp nail, the camp next to it can share the camp nail with you, and the two camps can stick to this way!" Sunny said he would not go camping during the holidays. Said: "As soon as I saw the refugee camp, I would never go again. Those two places are so famous, will you still go? I won't go."

[During the long holiday last month, there were many people hiking and camping on Donglong Island]




Seeing the camping crowds blasting Donglong Island and Tap Gate, Sunny expressed sympathy. He said: "Everyone has been stubborn for a whole year and can't go anywhere." He thinks that instead of telling people not to go camping, it is better to educate the public." Live in a tin field" and observe the etiquette of camping.

He specifically mentioned the rubbish problem on Donglong Island and urged tourists to take the rubbish back to the city for disposal. He lamented: "Everyone takes a little and it is not a lot. You have the ability to drag a lot of things in, why can't you put everything in? take away?"

Under the epidemic, Donglong Island is overcrowded and netizens post photos of garbage all over the dock, so scared

Netizen Pauline Chan uploaded a photo on Friday (27th) of the trash everywhere in the public pier of Donglong Island in the hiking group on Facebook yesterday (picture provided by the hiking)

Sunny reminds campers not to light a fire directly on the ground.

He said: "Maybe when watching a foreign movie, the people who enter the scene will find rocks to surround it, and then start a campfire, but have you restored it after playing it? And this will cause permanent damage to the ground."

Sunny also mentioned that he hopes campers pay attention to the volume, especially after 11 pm, please keep quiet.

He said: "Don't play until two or three in the middle of the night, or even all night, because it affects other people. I have tried many times. Someone sings while drunk. You can tell them to be quiet, but they are all drunk. Come down."

He said that the suburbs are quiet and the camp is very responsive. You can already be very noisy when you do some small movements, such as pulling a zipper.

He continued: "Many people don't know that the camp is not soundproofed. I have heard many times that some people woo during camping, some sell insurance, and they talk very loudly. In fact, when the camp was not closed before, there were already such situations. Some people. When camping, I would go to sing karaoke and watch movies, all of which I personally experienced."

Camping hot spot in Tap Mun "desertification" cows have no grass to eat instead of garbage, volunteers worry about chronic suicide

In order to enjoy the environment with few people, some citizens will take the risk of breaking the law and go camping in non-designated locations in country parks.

Sunny explained: "Legislatively, in country parks, camps are only allowed to start in designated camps. In other parts of the park, it is not allowed to set up a canopy, banners, or anything that is covered, but many people don’t know. It's actually impossible to open the barbecue field."

Why are so many people unclear?

Sunny said with a smile: "I blame our mountain art education for not doing well! I think it would be humorous to write this way. We have been teaching for so many years, and people continue to do so, that is, our (mountain art) education is not popular enough. "

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